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Pups have arrived!

It is with overwhelming excitement that I bring you the utmost most tremendous news that...


Meiko's 'Reindeer babies' showed up last night all happy, healthy, strong, and amazingly stunningly beautiful. All 9 of them. I am over the moon in love, elated beyond belief really that everything went as smoothly as it could have gone.

All pups arrived within a record breaking 3 hrs. flat which is incredibly fast for a birth. Meiko was a champ and did everything she was supposed to to a tee and continues to be the best mama anyone could ever ask for. I didn't have a doubt in the world that she would not only live up to my expectations but surpass them, and she is indeed doing so this morning.

She bumps each one with her nose 'counting' them. I remember Sola doing this as well but watching it is breathtaking really. It's amazing. As one pup crawls behind her she carefully lifts her paw and puts it behind it as if to shift it forward. If too many are behind her, she gets up and lays back down on the other side of them and skootches around them in a scooping fashion until they are all back in a perfect pile once again right in front of her doting eyes.

Meiko tries to get some rest but can't resist the temptation to put her head back over her pile of beauties making sure they don't go anywhere. She lets her eyelids drop for a minute as her head slides to the side...perks back up again laying her chin back into her pile of baby reindeer. 5 males and 4 females. The perfect balance.

Welcome the Reindeer Babies!

Dasher/female/pink collar/12.2 oz

Dancer/male/grey collar/15.1 oz

Prancer/female/green collar/12.7 oz

Vixen/male/male/yellow collar/15.7 oz

Comet/male/orange collar/13.8 oz

Cupid/female/purple collar/11.1 oz

Donner/male/blue collar/13.5 oz

Blitzen/female/white collar/13.4 oz

and of course .... Rudolph, the most famous puppy of all! /male/red collar/coming in at a whopping 17.1 oz

The other dogs are insanely curious on who or what just arrived, but Meiko tells them off pretty quickly! She wants nothing to do with them one bit. I try to keep them outside longer and then when they come in, I cover their crates with blankets to keep them quiet for the new arrivals. It'll be an adjustment but Meiko will gain their trust soon and we'll have pups under legs all over the place in no time.

I've slept out in the doghouse with the whole gang the last 2 nights and I'm simply in love with them all. I had a hard time sleeping last night only because I didn't want to take my eyes off them all. I shared pictures with a girlfriend of mine at 2am instead. I'll continue to be by their sides for awhile until I am 100% confident that they are all nursing 100%, mama is confident and the other dogs are behaving. I'm in heaven every minute I'm out there anyway.

I am beyond excited for all the 'Reindeer' Families on board and what is ahead for each and everyone of you. I'll be in touch of course along this journey with you all with loads of pictures and tons of updates.

For now I have to go back and gaze upon the babes.


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