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Words cannot express how I feel about my experience with Cinnamon. I reached out to her after meeting a family that had purchased a puppy from her over the summer and had taken me on as their trainer. I'm a certified trainer (KPA-CPT) and have worked with hundreds of puppies including pups from well-known service dog agencies for over 20 years.
I have never seen more well-adjusted, socialized, crate trained, healthy, confident pups. We realized quickly that we shared an intense passion for dogs and shared the desire to shift older perspectives of dominating and using aversives with dogs to a more care-centered approach for both dogs and their families.
Together we want to encourage and educate others to shift their perspectives from seeing dogs as something that should obey our commands to seeing them as amazing creatures that choose to work for us and our duty to educate others as to the most ethical up to date methods in regard to animal training.

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By using these techniques, it leads to better relationships between families and their dogs and work with people from the start instead of dealing with troublesome behavior accidentally reinforced down the road that requires more training and relationship repair.

She took all of the information I sent her way and absorbed it all and wanted more. She has such incredible knowledge of each of her pups and works tirelessly with families to make the right match. In addition to being a trainer, I'm also disabled. She has worked with me to find the perfect pup. Now I want train this pup to help as many others as possible in the areas of service/therapy dogs as well as families that want to continue to give back to others as well as train him to be my service dog. I didn't think that a match like this would ever be possible, and very excited for our adventures ahead!

You can't go wrong with choosing to get your pup from Cinnamon!

-Ginger Morris, certified trainer (KPA-CPT)

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Where do I begin? A *Golden* Experience with Hoekema Homestead Goldens and Cinnamon
We recently welcomed a furry bundle of joy from Hoekema Homestead Goldens into our family. I cannot express how exceptional our experience with Cinnamon, the breeder, has been. (But I'm going to try!) Both my parents and I have now had puppies from this program, and we are absolutely overjoyed that we chose to work with Cinnamon.
From the very beginning, communication with Cinnamon was nothing short of perfection. She was prompt and detailed and made sure all our queries were answered. It was evident that she valued open communication, which continued throughout the process. What sets Cinnamon apart is her genuine love for the puppies and the families adopting them. She is not just a breeder but a master in all aspects of Golden puppy raising. She might as well have a Ph.D. in Golden Retrievers. (I realize that doesn't exist, but she'd definitely have a few degrees.)

Blanchard Testimonial photo #1.jpg

Cinnamon's system is flawless, from initial communication to establishing a litter group chat and creating a bonded owner community. Cinnamon's personable, friendly, kind, and humorous nature made the experience even more enjoyable. Virtual and in-person visits were seamless, reflecting Cinnamon's commitment to creating a positive and supportive environment for her clients. The personalized touch continued with a commitment to intimately connecting us to the puppies' personalities. She sent daily videos and photos, giving us an inside look into their playful antics and unique traits. This heightened our excitement and helped us bond with our puppy before bringing him home. This insight empowered us to decide which puppy would best fit our family and lifestyle. When it came time, selecting our puppy was collaborative and delightful, ensuring his personality aligned perfectly with our needs and desires.

Cinnamon's transition emails were a treasure trove of insights and helpful tips, showcasing her commitment to educating new families. It was evident that she had put an incredible amount of care into preparing each puppy for their forever home. The constant flow of information and Cinnamon's genuine desire to match each puppy with the right family made the adoption process smooth and incredibly enjoyable. It further highlighted her commitment to creating a strong and lasting connection between the puppies and their future families.

In addition to the remarkable aspects already mentioned, another standout feature of our experience with Cinnamon was the meticulous attention to detail in tracking the puppies' development. Cinnamon went above and beyond by providing weekly updates on size, weight, and personality, allowing us to witness the growth and progress of our future furry family member. This is a testament to the exceptional care and thoughtfulness that defines the Hoekema Homestead Goldens experience.

"Gotcha Day" was a well-orchestrated event that highlighted Cinnamon's dedication to setting each pup up for success from day one. She prepared all of our puppy AKC registrations, and ensured we were covered logistically. From initial vet visits and vaccines to socialization, personality tests, and desensitization, our puppy had everything he needed to succeed after adoption. It is clear that Cinnamon loves these dogs with all her heart, and her family's involvement adds an extra layer of warmth to the entire experience. Our puppy (Putter), a shining example of Cinnamon's breeding expertise, was nearly crate-trained and potty-trained before we picked him up – very uncommon from what I've heard!

In conclusion, our Hoekema Homestead Goldens puppy is not just perfect – he reflects the extraordinary care and expertise that Cinnamon pours into her breeding program. If you're looking for a breeder who goes above and beyond in every aspect, look no further than Hoekema Homestead Goldens and the exceptional Cinnamon. Our family is forever grateful for the joy and completeness Putter has brought into our lives.

-The Blanchard Family

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When the time comes to finally welcome a puppy into your home, choosing where to find your perfect match can be daunting. The choices are abundant, however, there is a breeder that walks alongside you to help make that decision easier. Cinnamon at Hoekema Homestead Goldens is dedicated to helping match Golden Retriever puppies to their forever families. Her knowledge and passion for raising these gorgeous English Cream Goldens is evident from the moment you have your first interaction with her. I was elated at the level of guidance and preparation she provided for the puppies from the time they are weaned up until the time they leave for their forever family and beyond. Not only will you welcome home a perfectly matched puppy but will also be connected with Cinnamon for as long as you desire help along the way.

Lewis Testimonial Photo #1.jpg

I could not be more grateful for all the energy, passion and love she has put into my puppy because it has made all the difference in the world, from crate training, potty training, sound acclimation and people and dog socialization, Cinnamon has provided each puppy with the best possible start for their forever family. If you are looking to find a forever puppy, consider Cinnamon at Hoekema Homestead Goldens, she is truly an exceptional Golden Retriever breeder.

-The Lewis Family

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Cinnamon Hoekema is a lovely person, ethical and transparent in her discussions, disclosures, and transactions. And best of all she raises the prettiest English Cream dogs. Her breeding pairs are beautiful, thus are their off spring. Cinnamon starts information flow to the puppy family as the dam becomes pregnant. Through videos, pictures, and words she helps you know the puppy’s development all the way. She and her doggy gang start handling and loving the puppies from birth. They are well developed in socialization, love to be handled and touched, and so eager to please. Love shines through their eyes at every step in confidence building and environmental stimulation. We were blessed to pick up our little boy MacKenzie Blue on February 1, 2024.

Sue & Charlie Testimonial photo#1.jpg

A Gotcha day to remember. Thank you, Cinnamon, for all you do and for the bold brave beautiful babies your mamas’ produce. 


-Hugs, Sue and Charlie, Rocky and MacKenzie

Mari Scott testimopnial photo#2.jpg

I first spoke to Cinnamon about a year ago. I had been researching golden retriever breeders in Washington for weeks. I called the number on her website, not expecting her to pick up. Only a handful of the other breeders I called picked up the phone. Most just wanted to talk money. But she did answer. And she talked with me for almost an hour. I knew that my search for the perfect breeder was finally over. The very next day I drove out to her home and met Tonka (he was a small puppy then) and her other sweet Dams. Seeing her program in real life was absolutely breathtaking. I knew that her waitlist was long (almost a year). But now that sweet Malory has become part of our family, I can truly say that the wait was worth it. And I would do it again.

Mari Scott Testimopnital photo1.jpg

You will not find a more diligent, kind, educated, and attentive breeder. She advocates for her puppy’s, ensuring they will have the very best lives possible. She builds a support system and a community. You will never feel alone with Cinnamon. Mallory came to us LOVING her crate. Not scared of the vacuum. Confident. Sweet. And sleeping through the night within 4 days. And did I mention hardly any accidents? All these wonderful things are not lucky. We did not simply happen to get a lucky puppy. We did however, find a breeder that begins working with her pups the moment their feet hit the ground. I couldn’t recommend her and her family more. We are forever grateful. Our lives are forever changed, for the better.

-Mari Scott

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Finn is our third Golden Retriever and the first we have from Hoekema Homestead Goldens.  Our breeder for our first two Goldens was terrific, but we can confidently say our latest puppy from Cinnamon is even more impressive, and we didn’t know that was possible!  Cinnamon Hoekema and her family do an incredible job of nurturing healthy, well-adjusted puppies!  Finn was exposed to all sorts of experiences in such a loving, supportive way that he was very confident in the world and readily came home to join our family.  The whole experience with Cinnamon has been top-notch, starting from the first day we were in contact with her.  She had us come by her house and gave us a tour of the extensive fenced area for her dogs and puppies. 

Ledoux review photo1.jpg

She focuses on every detail, ensuring the dogs and puppies are safe and thriving.  She provides pictures and video updates daily after the pups are born, along with growth charts and other updates.  And it doesn’t stop after you bring the pup home as Cinnamon continues to provide updates and suggestions and answers questions regarding everything to do with your puppy.  Cinnamon is a professional in everything she does, and we have had and are continuing to have a fantastic experience with her.  I highly recommend Hoekema Homestead Goldens to anyone, especially those researching breeders, to find the very best.


The Ledoux’s

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What a wonderful experience it has been with Hoekema Homestead Goldens and Cinnamon as we embark (pun intended) on our new puppy adventures with our sweet girl Luna (formerly Lily).
My husband and I had a wonderful Golden, named Lola ,who lived a long and well loved life and at 15 years, crossed the rainbow bridge in 2022. While we knew at some point we wanted a new dog, we allowed ourselves to grieve our special girl.
Around October of 2022, we started having the conversation of a new pup and what kind of dog we were looking for—it was pretty a unanimous vote to have another golden—this time an English Cream. We started researching and putting inquiries out there for the process of getting one from a breeder. Cinnamon was the first one to call us back. She was so sweet and understood our story with Lola and it felt like talking to a friend. We walked through the process and she invited us over to see her place along see the dogs, which we did in January of 2023.


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Being there in person to see Cinnamon, and meet Mama Meiko solidified our decision to move forward in brining one of these puppies home with us. Cinnamon has been very good and transparent with communications regarding next steps, what to expect, and kept us informed when Meiko became pregnant up until this litter (they are know as the flower babes) were born.
After a few weeks, we were able to visit and play with all the pups. Can you imagine playing with 10 puppies all at once? It was so fun to see all these fluff balls and hold them and give them some love.
As we continued to wait for our “Gotcha Day”, Cinnamon continued with informing us of their weights, their budding personalities and of course lots and lots of photos! We were also connected via message app to the other families who were also going to get a puppy from this litter.
When it was time to pick up our girl Luna, Cinnamon was there to review everything again, get the chip registration and give a wonderful send off as these pups leave the nest to their furever homes.
Luna is adjusting so well in her new home and we are already so in love with her sweet, loving personality. We continue to communicate with Cinnamon and our litter families as we share insights, tips and lots of photos of our pups.
Please consider Cinnamon and Hoekema Homestead if you are looking for not only a wonderful English Cream Golden but someone who truly is passionate at her work and loves all these pups!


-Brian and Alfredo

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This was our first time trying a breeder and we had no idea how much time, energy, and care a good breeder (well this one) invests in their parent dogs, puppies, and clients! She does exposure therapy, water/swim training, and crate training and so many other things before we even get to meet the babies! Everything she does is intentional and educated.

Cinnamon is very dedicated to transparency and communication as well as educating new puppy owners. I love that she gives us an option to be in a litter chat group so we can ask questions of more experienced puppy owners and learn from each other.

-The Huntting Family

The Huntting Family#2.jpg

My wife and I recently shared the joyful experience of receiving our new puppy, Maggie, from breeder Cinnamon Hoekema. Her intelligence and wisdom were evident throughout the entire process which led us through to the actual adoption. Her clearly caring daughters also played important roles in helping to acquaint hopeful people and puppies with one another. The facilities where the dogs are bred, kept, and trained are as impressive as the grounds are beautiful. We are grateful for all the work Cinnamon put in during the first eight weeks of Maggie's life and feel confident we can call on her for any questions we might have in the future.

Don &Janis


Cinnamon is an outstanding breeder and pleasure to work with at every step of the process. We especially loved the way she formed a community with the other families from the litter where she shared tons of pictures and information, and allowed us to share ideas and questions. She also did a great job of matching a puppy with what we were looking for to fit our home and lifestyle. This is the third breeder we’ve gotten a puppy from and by for the best.

-The Kessler Family


We have Rhodi from Hoekema Golden's July 2023 Flower litter (Meiko's).
Working with Cinnamon the last 6 months to identify the right puppy for our family has been both professional and personal. Cinnamon has been in touch with us couple of months before the puppies were born, gives us tips on getting the house ready for the pup, sending us shopping lists and recommendations, sharing experience from folks from the previous litters.
After the pups were born, we have been in constant touch, visiting the pups and Cinnamon going above and beyond to learn about the family and identify the right pup for us.
Though we got Rhodi home at 8 weeks, he was already potty trained, was comfortable with the playpen & crate. Cinnamon does a great job at starting the training early and that is a huge differentiator.


When we talk to pet owners from other breeders, they talk about how difficult it is to potty train/crate train, sleepless nights... with Cinnamon's pups, all the owners feel lucky as they are mostly trained on some of the basics. Furthermore, she has also set up chat channels for the litter families to interact, compare notes as well as providing valuable advice.
During Rhodi's first Vet visit, he also got a clean bill of health. All his papers were in order.
Overall great experience working with Cinnamon the last few months. Will highly recommend this breeder.

-The Regunathan Family


Kate and I had an excellent experience with Hoekema Homestead Goldens! Cinnamon and company were fantastic! Very communicative, passionate, and knowledgeable. Exceptionally dedicated to ensuring that puppy owners (both veteran and first-timers) are well-prepared and setup for success. We are so happy to welcome such a beautiful and well-trained little golden retriever puppy, Cosmo, to the family! I would strongly recommend Hoekema Homestead Goldens!!

-Dillon & Katherine


I recently lost my 5 yr. old dog to cancer when I found Cinnamon’s website & Goldens. I made an appointment to go see her dogs & talk about her program days after the death of Gunnar. As I arrived, Meiko started delivering her flower litter and 7 weeks later I have the most lovable, sweet cream puff of a puppy! Things don’t normally happen that fast, but the universe and Cinnamon jumped in to help heal a really broken soul. She is absolutely amazing with her dogs & the care she takes in breeding an extremely healthy, well-mannered and excellent line of Golden Retrievers. She keeps everyone posted as a group from the day they are born until the day they go home with you. As a group we shared our joy & excitement and watched them develop. This is my 10th dog and I had no idea how much these little guys change from birth through 7-8 weeks old. Cinnamon has the patience, dedication and love of a saint! These pups come home brave, curious, happy and nearly potty trained because of the work she puts into them from the very start.


What a fantastic experience this has been & my broken heart is now full of puppy love 💕. It’s been a blessing finding Hoekema Homestead in a world where people don’t seem to care anymore. A mountain of support & love comes with each puppy! If you’re thinking about a puppy, you’ve found the right breeder and a family friend for life.Note: I put a deposit on a JAN litter. Life happens though and Cinnamon remembers everyone and takes the time to understand people’s situations and gets to know you, so if and when changes happen, she can save a soul. She definitely saved me.


~Cathryn Lahti


Having been introduced to Hoekema Homestead Goldens through an acquaintance (now friend who has guided us through the process), we decided to reach out to her. From that very first call, we knew our search had come to a delightful end. What set Cinnamon apart was her unwavering transparency throughout the entire process. From the moment she put us on the list to the moment we cradled our precious pup in our arms, she maintained open lines of communication, always ready to address our questions and soothe any concerns. And then, there's Jerry (formerly known as Jade). The joy he's brought into our home surpasses our wildest expectations. What's truly remarkable about Cinnamon's approach is the time she invests in getting to know us before matching us with our perfect pup, ensuring that he seamlessly integrates into our lives.


Cinnamon maintained an unbroken stream of updates from the moment these adorable pups entered the world to the day Jerry became a part of our family. We were consistently in the loop, receiving pictures that melted our hearts, details about vet appointments, and insights into the nurturing processes she meticulously implemented with the pups. In addition, She fosters a unique sense of community among those who've welcomed a pup into their lives from her, creating a network of support, guidance, and shared experiences that enriches this incredible journey. Also, her commitment to desensitizing these puppies is truly remarkable. This was especially significant for us because our puppy, Jerry, came home right after the July 4th weekend, and fireworks were still fresh in our minds. Cinnamon had put in the effort to expose the pups to various sounds and situations, including firework simulations. The result was remarkable. On the first night in our home, as the fireworks lit up the sky, Jerry slept soundly through the night, blissfully unaware of the commotion outside.

Now, two months into our journey with Jerry, we still find ourselves reaching out with questions, sometimes even those that might seem a tad silly. Cinnamon is always ready to assist us through this wonderful adventure of raising Jerry. Our experience with Hoekema Homestead Goldens has been nothing short of exceptional. I would confidently recommend her to anyone looking to bring home a golden who would add a lot of joy into their lives.

-Rahul & Lakshmi

Shalynn's review photo2.jpg

We have two amazing Hoekema Homestead Goldens. We feel that Cinnamon and her family are now our lifelong friends because she has gifted us with two family members who are perfect fits for our home and lifestyle. The time Hoekema Homestead Goldens takes to make sure the dog and the human(s) have a synced goodness of fit is phenomenal. She has always been responsive for any questions, worries, or just updates. Recently, she saw a good fit for our family and now we are owners of our second Hoekema puppy. This puppy fits in wonderfully with the first who is two years old. They both are happy, healthy and will have the best lives we can give them.


Thank you so much!



Shalynn's review photo.jpg
Journey #1.jpg

      If you are looking to add an English Cream Golden Retriever to your family, look no further. Cinnamon, owner/breeder, has a warm heart, complete honesty, and expert knowledge. She will always answer your phone calls, text messages and email in a timely matter. Cinnamon goes above and beyond testing her mama dogs and the stud dogs she is using. Her dogs are drop dead gorgeous, her facility well taken cared of and very clean. I know, I spent 3 days with Cinnamon and her amazing family while resting up from my trip from Colorado to Washington. Yes, I drove a total of 2700 miles to get my amazing puppy. I wanted to use the best breeder out there!


Journey #2.jpg

      What a great experience. We contacted Hoekema Homestead Goldens about a month ago after getting some referrals from friends. Immediately we knew this would be a good decision. We had a response immediately and were filled in on all the details on how the retrievers are bred and how they were closely watched over with vet check-ins in order to produce the perfect puppy. We reviewed details on their website and felt secure that this was a responsible and loving breeding program.

Eventually, when we went to meet our puppy, all of them were happy, playing with toys and eager to engage. Picking up the puppy was also an enjoyable experience with lots of good advice and a smooth transition. Now that our puppy is home, he (Monty) is doing very well, obviously already on a schedule regarding house training and extremely receptive to command training.

If you’re looking for an English Golden, Hoekema Homestead Goldens is well worth your consideration. A pleasant, knowledgeable, responsible process with a very friendly breeder (Cinnamon) with a wonderful sense of humor and a caring authentic disposition.

-Mark & Craig

Peach #1.jpg

      Hello everyone! If you are looking for your new family member and want a stable, smart, confident, pre-loved, incredibly well breed puppy? Then you have found the right spot! I contacted cinnamon almost a year ago about getting a puppy and it was the best choice I could have ever made. When I had contacted cinnamon about a puppy I had a big order, I had discussed with her my need for a service dog for a few invisible disabilities I have. Not once was she doubtful or worried, she took this head on asked me in depth of my conditions to learn what personality and traits I needed most. From the moment these puppies were born she was watching them like a hawk to see which puppy showed any signs and since she matches the puppies to the family this was extremely comforting because she had the most time with the puppies.

Peach #2.jpg

After our first visit we had a slight idea of which puppy would be a good match but final match wasn’t made until about 7 weeks. We were welcomed and encouraged to visit every weekend after the 4 week mark. I was matched with amethyst who is now peach and I couldn’t have imagined how amazing this match is. My sweet ‘Peach’ is confident, smart, loving and extremely well rounded from all of the exposure cinnamon does starting from day 1. She only had one accident in the house and sleeps through the night in her kennel from the first night. I’ve only had peach in my home a couple of days but she is already changing my life and I can’t explain how much that means to finally have some relief. I will never be able to thank her enough for this incredible gift she placed into my life to give me my life and freedom back, this is truly life changing for me. Thank you a million times. Breeders like cinnamon are absolutely once in a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with a puppy from this program. Peach will definitely not be our last puppy from cinnamon.


Cinnamon – 

It's impossible to not be ridiculously proud of how well behaved this guy has been out in public.

We went to a Tree/Plant Nursery yesterday and he would sit and lay down right beside me every time I stopped for a minute.

He didn't jump on anyone and met at least 6-8 people and several small kids.

He certainly plays hard and can get after it, but he is remarkably calm for a 6 month old pup.


-Tate & Ash

I rarely take the time to write any reviews but this one is probably the most important one you will read about having a perfect new puppy. I spent time searching the web like you are probably doing. Then made several phone calls. That’s how I found Cinnamon and Hoekema Homestead. From the start I felt like Cinnamon was already a dear friend.  How did she have the time to answer all my questions, offer for me to visit her girls and continue to treat me like I was the only one looking for a puppy.  I was in grief from the loss of my precious Golden companion of 14 years. She not only understood how I was feeling, she listened to my long story about his life and our special relationship. 

Well, now to what you want to know about the experience and results of waiting and bringing home the perfect and the most beautiful, well mannered, adorable puppy with such a loving and playful personality.  

He slept through the night on the third night of settling into his new home. He was practically house broken (potty trained) in a few days and already crate trained.  He Follows me everywhere and on command, comes, sits, lays down, stands, stays. He loves riding in cars, loves all of our visitors and visiting neighbors even in strange houses, is gentle and accommodating with 1 and 2 year olds and he’s only been with us for 10 days and is just a little over 9 weeks…And I could go on. 

You might think that I have just an unusually perfect puppy, but that doesn’t just happen without the tremendous amount of loving care and attention to every detail of caring for litter of nine puppies. They are taken for car rides at a week old so they are comfortable in a car, they are handled by this wonderful family and given every minute of attention from the moment they come into this world. We are kept informed every step of the way from conception to “Gotcha Day” as Cinnamon calls it.

If you are thinking about getting an English Cream Golden then you will be very fortunate if you are able to bring of these precious puppies into your home.  You might want to put your name on the list for a puppy ASAP, don’t delay. I’m one of the lucky ones to have my dream Golden Retriever, a new friend in Cinnamon and a wonderful community of folks who also love their puppies and full grown gentle companions.


Pam and Philip Boulding,

Magical Strings

If you are doing your homework and looking for an outstanding breeder for an English Cream Golden Retriever, you can stop looking. Eureka! You have found it!

I spent several years doing this homework and came across Hoekema Homestead Goldens in Arlington, Washington. Cinnamon, the owner and breeder FAR exceeded our expectations! She immediately replied to my initial email inquiry with heartfelt passion and comprehensive information about her program. She invited us out to visit there beautiful home and immaculate breeding facility in the country where we spent the afternoon visiting the dogs. She enthusiastically answered questions and put my mind perfectly at ease that we had found our breeder!  After placing a deposit for our new puppy, she continually corresponded with me about the progress Meiko was making during the pregnancy. Lots of wonderful photos and terrific information on what comes next

A few weeks after the pups were born, she encouraged us to come play with the puppies and get to know them. We did and it was a blast! A jolt of joy in a pen full of white fluffy puppies just can't be beat! 

While patiently waiting for "Gotcha Day" at 8 weeks, she proudly shared the outstanding veterinary reports, personality testing results, weight, activity and many drool worthy photos!  

Her commitment to quality, and healthy pups is exemplary. She is committed to continuing this support to new puppy parents throughout the life of the dog. She calls them her 'dogs for life' and absolutely wants them back if for whatever reason the family can't keep them. She also has a Facebook page and wonderful blog and encourages relationships and information sharing between the ever-growing group of owners who have her puppies! We are thrilled with our darling little Sophie who is 9 weeks. She slept quietly through the night on her first night, came to us crate trained and well-started on potty training, very healthy and received a perfect score at her first Vet visit. She learned to sit, come and stay during the first week at home and is very smart and sweet!  We are over the moon with our new baby and couldn't be happier! Highly recommend Hoekema Homestead Goldens!

Julie & Gary Oppenheim

The breeder, Cinnamon, invited us out prior to putting a deposit down to see her property and where she raises the puppies. We knew from the moment we stepped on to Cinnamon's property that we were going to get a puppy from her and her family. It's very obvious that she has put a lot of thought and research into not only her facility, but also her breeding practices.
She was very upfront with us from the beginning regarding the health screening of both the Dam and the Stud that she was planning to use for our litter, and provided proof from the vet that they both passed with flying colors. She kept us updated throughout the whole process, from when the breeding pair had "dates," to puppy conception, birth, and all throughout the 8 weeks prior to take home. 

After the 4-week mark, she allowed the families to come and visit the puppies each weekend to feel out which one would be the best fit for their family. Cinnamon got to know the families and what they were looking for in their new family member, and while we all ultimately got to choose who we took home, she provided invaluable insight into their personalities and gave recommendations.
After take home, we have a puppy who rarely has accidents inside (at 9 weeks, who can say that?!) and is crate-trained. We truly feel like we were set up for success with all of the hard work that Cinnamon and her family did throughout the process, and continue to feel supported by her after we've brought our puppy home.
We couldn't imagine a better experience for getting our girl, Sadie, and would highly recommend Cinnamon and Hoekema Homestead Goldens to anyone who is looking for a Golden!


Hi Cinnamon,

            Just wanted to reach out to tell you how in love we are with Miss Sadie!! We took her in for her final set of puppy vaccines today now that she is 4 mths. Old, she weighed in at 27 lbs! We are constantly saying how we can't imagine our lives without her, and it's so crazy to think that just 2 months ago she wasn't! She has left such a big impact on us in just those 2 short months, and we can't wait to grow our family with her! Thank you (and mama Meiko and the whole Hoekema family) so much for blessing us with such an incredible girl!

Gavin & Stephanie McNelis

After the birth of the puppies she sent out almost daily photos and videos to the future parents, which not only increased our excitement but also showed the true love she had for these puppies and the dedication she had for providing them with as much as she could in their short 8 weeks to make the transition to their new home as easy as possible.

I’ve had immense pleasure working with Cinnamon and her lovely team. Her knowledge, insight, communication and commitment to the program is parallel to none other. I was on the waitlist for a year, and it was the best decision to work with her. Our little shark is absolutely the best baby and we’re thankful to Cinnamon to raise him to be a brave little boy.



Hey Cinnamon,

            I just wanted to pass this along to you as Theo is now 4 mths. Old. I feel a great sense of gratitude towards you almost every day.. getting a fur baby and you picking Theo for us has been such a blessing. We love this little boy so much and it just keeps growing by the day. Thank you so much!

Ishan & Anchal Saran

What a magical visit we had. I followed this breeder on social media for the past year. We finally decided that it was time to commit to going on a waitlist for our puppy. The last thing on our list was to make an actual visit up to see them and their dogs. It was emotional and wonderful. Needless to say, we put down our deposit and were excited for what the future brings with a new dog.

The Lugome Family #1.jpg

Fast Forward to ‘Gotcha Day’ The magical day arrived. We brought our puppy Webster home. The whole experience has been amazing. Hoekema Homestead Goldens goes above and beyond what you would expect from a breeder. We had already checked everything out initially, but I was not prepared for how thorough and on point they would be. Cinnamon Hoekema was so thoughtful sending weekly updates with pictures and videos detailing the process that the puppies were going through as they developed.

The Lugome Family #2.jpg

In addition to keeping us updated on vet appointments and their growth, she also educated us about different sensory testing and practices she was doing with the puppies. It was wonderful to see all the different things that they were exposed to. On top of that, in addition to crate training, they were learning all sorts of different things. This made it a lot easier transition when we brought our puppy home and started with the crate training in our home. As if all these things were not enough, she made herself available for any questions or concerns that came up. She was also very flexible, allowing time to visit the puppies once they reached the four week mark. She's very intuitive with these dogs and gets to know their personality along with yours and what you're looking for. I never thought I'd be one to go for matchmaking, but after this experience, I'm sold. She helped select the perfect puppy for us. You can select your own puppy if you want, but I think once you get to the end, you're pretty much in agreement with her recommendation. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

-The Lugome Family

Willette Family #2.jpg

This is our 3rd Golden and by far our best puppy experience ever! While other breeders we have worked with in the past have been good, none of them compare to Cinnamon and the amount of effort and care she takes in working with her dogs and prospective owners. She was amazing to work with. She always kept us in the loop and provided constant updates and pics from before the pregnancy right up to "Gotcha Day".

Willette Family #1.jpg

We were able to visit with the pups from week 4 right up until pick up. This allowed us the opportunity to really get to know each one and see their personalities develop as the weeks went by. Cinnamon takes the time to get to know each family and their experiences and expectations. She uses this knowledge to help guide each family to the best match for each.

Puppies take a lot of hard work to grow into great companions and family members. Cinnamon helps provide a great foundation with her early training and introduction to crate and potty training, different sounds and music and even car rides - yes, car rides! - and more. Each of these experiences produce confident and eager pups ready to embrace their new life with their forever family's.

***UPDATE - 8-11-2023***

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Finley is doing great. He is now 7 mths old and a road tripping champion. We travel to some place new most weekends for a hike in the mountains or trips to the coast. He looks forward to the trips and refuses to lay down in case he misses anything!


He is "wicked" smart and trains very easily. He has a very sweet disposition and is very submissive when meeting other dogs, preferring to let them lead the way. He has never chewed or done any damage in the house and has free reign for the most part in the house. We still kennel him if we need to leave the house for more than an hour, but that is more for his comfort and safety than a worry he will do anything. He has always been pretty vocal, in a good way and now that he is older he will really let you know ;-) 


attached a few pics for you to see how much he has grown. Hope all is well with you! 


-The Willette Family

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I really can’t say enough incredible things about Cinnamon and her program — she is so thorough, communicative, and dedicated. All her dogs are gorgeous, smart, sweet, and just ideal, honestly. My partner and I got a puppy from her — our first puppy together — and Cinnamon was awesome throughout the entire process. She was so welcoming from the very first email with her and from the moment we met her, it was clear that she was the only breeder we could imagine working with — given her experience, knowledge, and passion for the pups she raises and all she does to ensure her program is ethical and produces healthy, happy pups. In addition to her fun and informative weekly blog posts, she was always responsive to emails with any questions we had.

She shared so many updates and pictures with us throughout the process while we were eagerly waiting to get our new puppy. I have heard so many stories of people getting puppies and only getting a couple of photos and very few updates from their breeder throughout the long waiting process. We feel so lucky that we could feel connected to our puppy from the day he was born instead of just at the two-month mark when we picked him up, thanks to the stellar communication from Cinnamon. She really knows her stuff. When our puppy had a little trouble starting to walk (a common puppy challenge called swimmers syndrome), she knew exactly what to do, went straight to work with physiotherapy, and got him past his swimmer-like crawl in only a couple of days! Within a week, he was walking and running around perfectly. The first day our puppy came home, he settled in very well, slept through the night (a full 8 hours!) and was already in the swing of things, peeing and pooping outside, being totally sweet and lovable, and doing everything he was supposed to within the first 24 hours — which is a testament to the hard work Cinnamon puts in from the moment they’re born to get them socialized and trained. We’re so grateful we chose Hoekema Homestead for our dog — I can’t imagine it any other way. I highly recommend Cinnamon to anyone looking to add an amazing fur baby to your family!

- Frazer Bayley & Lila Tyler

She shared so many updates and pictures with us throughout the process while we were eagerly waiting to get our new puppy. I have heard so many stories of people getting puppies and only getting a couple of photos and very few updates from their breeder throughout the long waiting process. We feel so lucky that we could feel connected to our puppy from the day he was born instead of just at the two-month mark when we picked him up, thanks to the stellar communication (and lots of adorable photos!)

Couldn’t ask for a better experience! Cinnamon is so kind and truly wants to provide the best experience possible to all the families she works with. She communicates every step of the way and sends frequent blog postings updating on all the dogs pregnancy progress and puppy updates. Very personable and has such a strong attention to detail and often answered questions I had before I could even ask them. Can’t recommend enough!


- The Campbell's

Cinnamon and her family are AMAZING! She is wonderful to work with and you feel like family.  Her dogs are kind natured, so sweet and just beautiful.  She will go above and beyond to get the right pup in your home. I HIGHLY recommend her as the breeder for your future fur baby!


- The Clark Family


Two weeks ago I got my second puppy from Cinnamon.  Another huge win!  Once again she was extremely communicative and helpful with resources.  My new puppy is even better than the first if that is possible.  Highly recommend her as a breeder and all things golden!  Puppy slept soundly through the first night, is doing awesome in the crate, and potty training was well on its way when we picked her up.  She already has really good response to come, sit, wait, eats beside her sister with no issue.  I couldn't be happier with the integration into our family in such a short time.




Warning: lots of raving ahead! 


Call it a “twinkle in my eye”.  I knew for a very long time  I wanted a cream golden retriever. I joined all the Facebook & Insta golden groups I could find & then started following  several breeders.  It was fun watching adorable pics of  pups being born & checking out each breeders style. 

 I will say, pretty quickly, there was one standout:  Hoekema Homestead Goldens in Arlington. Dog-mom in charge is Cinnamon ~ and she’s FANTASTIC  for sooo many reasons!  Just spend 5 min perusing their website & blog posts (every week!) - you’ll see she’s  the real deal. Her writing style IS her personality. 

 I could tell with one phone call this was who I wanted to work with.  Her love of the breed, her care for her mommas, her insistence on the most thorough health testing and dedication to bringing the best puppies to (us!) was spot on. I’m convinced she knows EVERYTHING about these dogs.  It is her passion and it shows.  

 That “twinkle in my eye” became a reality when my husband & I confidently paid the deposit and got on a waiting list for a future Hoekema  pup. 

 We were provided a play by play of everything ~ from the courtship 💕, hearing that Sola was pregnant ~ all the way until our Ollie was born on January 9th!  We felt so “in the know”. 


Cinnamon has a secret weapon too - 4 daughters who are equally committed to proving families a wonderful puppy.  The family are all great photographers so you’ll see the journey in living color. 

 We fell in love with Sola, Ollie’s mom, got to visit Ollie’s 7 darling sibs a couple times, and we had enough time to have everything we needed. We were so prepared when he came home March 5th.  

 Other Hoekema highlights (seriously I could go on & on!) I mentioned her 4 daughters & their care and love of the puppies.  It’s all hands in  at the farm & you can tell these puppies are adored & doted on! The entire Hoekema  family of 6, a couple adorable goats, and an “auntie” dog too,  seems to be the perfect recipe for the best pups out there.  

 We liked the level of communication with Cinnamon; she was open to answer ANY questions, before you commit, during and after.  (And still today!) I had to know if the “snuggle puppy heartbeat stuffy”  was a no or a go…. Of course she had great advice about it. (*You’ll have to ask her yourself for her opinion…) 

I appreciated seeing where the  puppies are born & raised for 8 weeks ~ it’s an adorable, cozy & clean little “house”. They have a HUGE yard to explore too! 

 Right now, Our butterball Ollie  is amazing! Healthy - a great eater (no food guarding!) calm & chill, and confident. We could tell he was loved and experienced so many important things before we picked him up.  

 It’s a pleasure to recommend Hoekema Homestead. I promise, you too will be so impressed the entire journey!

 -Heidi & Wayne Williams

Cinnamon is an excellent breeder, communicator, and an all-around great person. Talk about making an awesome experience simply wonderful. The knowledge and love that Cinnamon has for this breed and for each and every puppy that she overseas is refreshing. If you’d like to find a perfect and healthy companion with a breeder who you can trust and connect with, look no further. 

Since adopting ‘Nimbus’ he has been an absolute gem. He has loved getting to meet tons of people and is just such a happy pup. Our girls are just in love with him. I’m really impressed with how easy the night has gone. You’ve really done a marvelous job. Thank you so much for your care towards your profession in breeding, and the love that you have towards each and every family and pup.


-Andrew & Kathryn Fisher

Best puppy experience ever!  Cinnamon and her family were so amazing to work with.  She kept us in the loop the entire time from before pregnancy through their 8 weeks with their mom after.  We were able to go visit our puppy ahead of time, which was so wonderful for the kids.  Since bringing home our puppy, she has been so supportive with questions and recommendations.  I trusted her fully the entire time and would recommend them highly!!


-The Lander Family


Since the first phone call, Cinnamon has been nothing less than amazing. She was always available to answer our questions and helps us prepare for the arrival of our puppy. She’s a breeder you can trust will do her best to deliver you the best puppies you can possibly get. Her door is always open, and we were able to visit her place before making a decision to work with her. We were able to make several visits after the puppies were born which allowed us to get to know them. Cinnamon does an amazing job helping families make the best choice, by trying to match the puppies personalities to the family’s expectations. 


We had frequent updates and it was a lot of fun to watch the puppies’ growth and development. Cinnamon and her daughters start potty and crate training their puppies, which makes their transition to a new home a lot smoother. And most important of all, the puppies are showered with love every second of the day. We brought our Juno home, she’s perfect for us and an amazing puppy. As first-time puppy parents, we have so many questions and so much to learn. Cinnamon has been extremely helpful, always making sure she does everything she can to help us in this process, and as long as we need. We’re extremely happy with our Juno and so thankful we chose Hoekema Homestead Goldens.


-The Arlt Family

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Cinnamon is such a great breeder.  She takes special care to health test her adult dogs and is very open about the processes and results.  It is so assuring to know the puppies she produces come from healthy lineage.  The puppies produced have the best opportunity for a great start in life.  They are so well cared for; all are fat and happy!  Extra time and effort go into preparing the pups to be potty and crate trained before going to the new owners relieving the drama of those first nights away from litter mates.  She is communicative throughout the process and extremely helpful.  Her family is very involved giving lots of love to the adult dogs and the pups!


Our new girl is starting off with a solid background and will be the best of the best!



Rainy Magnolia2.jpg
Sunshine Joy2.jpeg

You raised a wonderful mom (Ginger) and she certainly raised beautiful puppies!  Oh my gosh….   
Joy is a joy to have with us.  She has been wonderful, so sweet and good natured.  
She slept most of the way home, she is such a great dog! 
She has adjusted quite well too. She loves being outside , going potty outside too, exploring, running, playing!   
She absolutely loves being on the sofa with me after playing outside! Your super unique way  of raising  these pups is so extraordinary.
Joy is mostly potty trained already! Unbelievable and wonderful.
Thanks again for such wonderful training that you do with the puppies…potty trained for outside, crate trained too….incredible reliefs for new puppy owners for sure.

Thank you Cinnamon!

Chris & Giner Hines

Sunshine Joy (1).jpeg

It was a pleasant and smooth experience working with Hoekema Homestead Goldens. Cinnamon is very responsive to my messages and questions. 
She sends out frequent updates on the status of the puppies and their mom and shares many useful tips such as feeding and health. 
She let us visit the puppies after they were 4-weeks old, which gave me a good opportunity to learn the personality of each puppy. 
Cinnamon and her family are very knowledgeable and provided good suggestions on which puppies might be a good fit for me based on 
my lifestyle and puppies' personalities. Finally but not least, their furry paw babies are just the cutest thing ever!



I found Cinnamon’s contact through a random Facebook group comment and life hasn’t been the same since, quite literally! I am a first time dog parent and had hundreds of questions before finalizing a breeder. Cinnamon patiently answered each one of them and gave me the confidence to take the leap. She was constantly in touch with all the families throughout the process and shared the smallest of the details about the mother and later the puppies. I kept pestering Cinnamon with my questions and concerns after bringing home my little angel Mauie - I still do, to be honest, and I cannot begin to describe how terrifically helpful, patient and supportive she has been. I also love reading the blogs she writes about the dogs and their journey and feel extremely happy and grateful to have been associated with such passionate and genuine breeders. Thank you Cinnamon and family!



Holly Henry.jpg

Hi Cinnamon!


“Written” by a Hoekema Homestead Pup on her way home . . .

When I left you, I got to ride between the grandsons and threw up on them all the way to Bainbridge. I got to my new house and peed on the kitchen floor and made sure I walked in it. The only toys I like so far are the broom and mop but since then my auntie sent me a little Luna and am really good at retrieving.

I sleep in my crate and mom slept on the sofa for 2 nights, so I wouldn't be scared, next to me to get me in the routine of peeing outside. I go once around 1 and then wide awake at 6. Whoopee am I ready for food and play!

I love playing soccer with my grandson and ice cube hockey pup with mom and grandpa! Still scared of a car ride but we'll work on that. Love to bite everything including Grandpa's shoe laces. I get really excited in the afternoon and sometimes go a bit crazy.

I also have a new best friend, 6 year old golden Zephyr. She teaches me nice play but tires of me quickly. I know "no", sit, outside, and pee on command most of the time.

Had my first bath today and smell great. My parents love me a lot. Thanks so much for finding me such a good home! Licks and yips, Luna


The Henrys

Holly Henry2.jpg

I'm sincerely grateful for the care the Hoekema family has given the litter. We now have a wonderful little retriever, with a terrific disposition, and I know it's a result of so much thoughtful time and attention given to early development. Cinnamon knows just what to do for the pups and for the families they'll be with. The visits with the pups were a real treat as our gotcha date approached. From keeping us well informed during the early weeks, to carefully matching individuals to new homes, I was confident we picked the best breeder for our family.

Thank you


Chris, Angela, Molly, Emma & Baker


Kirsch #1.jpeg

When we first decided we wanted one of the beautiful Hoekema family golden retrievers, they were very responsive to my e-mails and questions.


They really take the time to get to know you, your family, and help guide you through the entire process. You get so many updates along the way beginning to end, and the blog posts and photos help you feel connected.


When the puppies were arriving, we got several email updates and photos that told you the sex of the puppies, time born, and their weight. Cinnamon is wonderful about sending picture updates to help you stay informed.

Kirsch #2.jpeg

At 4-weeks old we started weekly puppy visits, and let me tell you, you are warmly welcomed by Cinnamon & her family, and the visit is incredibly fun. Playing with a litter of puppies is AMAZING. It gives you time to learn about each puppy, and get a feel if a certain one will be a right fit for your family. Our last visit was very bitter sweet. My boys keep asking if we can go back for a play date.

Overall, this was the best puppy adopting experience we could ask for. I highly recommend a golden retriever puppy from the Hoekema family. We could not be happier with our new adorable fur baby family member! Our hearts are definitely overflowing.


Thank you, Cinnamon & Family, for such an amazing experience, we just adore you!



The Kirsch Family


               I have started referring to Cinnamon as the puppy angel.  To say that she was a comfort to us through this process would be an understatement.  Bringing a puppy into your home is such a big family change that having a friend like Cinnamon to walk you through the process is a blessing.

               Cinnamon let us come visit the pups, which for our girls was a huge part of their puppy buying experience.  Her pups were in her backyard and we felt welcomed from the first minute.  The puppies have tons of space to adventure and explore and she and her girls obviously had spent tons of time socializing them.  We were able to cuddle and adore them and it was perfect.  Everyone should have the chance to roll around with a pile of puppies.


               Cinnamon maintains a beautiful blog with gobs of puppy pictures so that you can keep up on the puppy progress from week to week.  She patiently answered our questions and followed through on absolutely everything she said she would do.

Our family has every confidence in recommending Cinnamon and her family to you when you are considering buying your puppy.  We have appreciated her hand holding, her warmth and her kindness.  We have been thankful that she answers her emails with thoughtful responses to every question and has followed up with us after our puppy came home.  We adore Cinnamon and wouldn’t hesitate to buy a puppy from her again.

Kreeck Family


                I was looking for a puppy with an emotional support temperament. Cinnamon was not only very knowledgeable about watching the puppies for the right traits, she also communicated with me regularly with updates and photos; she clearly has a passion for making the right match for her puppies and families. 


I love the family-oriented approach they take to producing and caring for their litters too. They go above and beyond to provide early socialization and some training too, so you will get a well-balanced and beautiful pup! 

Killen Family


                Hoekema Homestead Goldens is a wonderful breeder for beautiful English Cream Golden retrievers. Cinnamon Hoekema communicates often and writes a thoughtful blog with great pictures. I love the fact that I’ve been able to share my goals for a Golden puppy and to ask all of my questions and get informative answers. In a breeder, I was looking for someone who furthers the breed through testing and personality traits. On “gotcha” day, Cinnamon was there to help guide me in my choice of puppy, for one that would work well in my household with other dogs. I am thankful to have found this breeder. 

Bouquet Family


                From the first inquiry message to bringing our pup home, Hoekema Homestead Goldens was the perfect example of a business working with heart, soul and passion for the field of raising Golden Retrievers. It’s so very apparent that they love their dogs as family, and want only the same for anyone who seeks a pup from them. I was given personalized care and attention so that my family could feel confident that we were bringing home the best fit for our lifestyle.  Cinnamon Hoekema gives her growing pups the best love and attention. We got an amazing pup and I would highly recommend Hoekema Homestead Goldens time and time again! 

Hinman Family

Himan#2 Joy Girl-Rainy2.jpg
Hinman#2 joy girl- Rainy.jpeg

          We cannot say enough kind things about Cinnamon and her pups.  We were lucky to bring home our new family member and had the opportunity to follow along their journey from birth until the time our puppy chose us.  Cinnamon and her daughters clearly raise their puppies in a warm, loving home and this shines through her weekly blogs and photos.  You will feel like a part of the puppies lives from the very beginning.  I have raised goldens almost my entire life and this was such a positive experience, I highly recommend Cinnamon to anyone who is interested in bringing a new puppy into their home.  Thank you Cinnamon and your lovely family for taking such good care of our puppy!  We are over the moon with our sweet new puppy. 


Love, the Sorensens

Sorneson Norman Penny#2.jpeg
Sorneson Norman Penny#3.jpeg

          What a treat working with The Hoekema Family!  Cinnamon and Travis and their 4 teenage girls always greeted us with smiles.  We never felt we were imposing when we were there. It was very clear the moment we stepped on their property that this was not a puppy farm.  They had one litter to focus on and we were so grateful for the socialization, the interaction, and the preparation they did to get these puppies ready for their forever home.

          They let us see the puppies at 4 weeks and kept us up to date through a beautiful blog with pictures of all of them.  They also let us come at 6 weeks, and we picked up our puppy at 8 weeks.  The transfer process was very organized and they even put a big bow on our puppy to hand her off. Adorable!We've had 3 goldens.  This, by far, was the best experience! (I say that as I have a little ball of fluff sleeping at my feet.)

Maki Family

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