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Tonka Time

Tonka profile pic1.jpg
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Resized Tonka profile pic.jpg

Introducing our main cornerstone of our program here

It is my great honor to have this exceptional boy as our stunning Sire here in our program

 Hoekema Homestead Tonka Time

Tonka comes from impeccable lineage with champions, strong longevity, in his lines, excellent test scores from multiple generations back, proven demeanors and temperaments and a strong solid background.

Tonka has a disposition that melts your heart your touches your soul in an instant.

He is remarkable in every way beyond imaginable. His demeanor is as calm as it gets and his will to sink into your heart at every chance he gets is strikingly obvious every moment you are in his presence.

He has a thick dense coat, wide blocky head, stock build, strong confirmation, perfect movement and a temperament as sweet as I’ve ever seen.

I am ecstatic to have him here in our program as our on-site stud. His pups will be nothing short of exceptional with the highest quality.


Tonka's test results-

OFA Heart: Normal

OFA Eyes: Normal

OFA Elbows: Normal

OFA Hips: Good

PennHip: .44/.41

(Top 10% in the world)


PRA1: Clear

PRA2: Clear

ICH: Clear

DM: Clear

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