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Our dog space
Sand filled dog yard for for the highest level of cleanliness
Gardens surrounding the dogyard
Perimeter Gardens
Surrounding art space
Middle of the night whelping with my cot set up so I can stay with the new mom through the whole lab
Whelping box space in the puppy nursery
Very proud Mama Meiko
Whelping box space
Sweet Meiko with her 10 'Flower' pups
Meiko's 'Reindeer litter'
"Look at what I made!"
Newborn 'pigrails' in the whelping box keeps new moms from rolling and squishing new pups
a very happy mama! Smiles for miles!
Meiko being a very attentive mama
Simply me showing the world a brand new pup
Pups spending some time outside the dog yard
Introducing new pups to a different enviroment
The dogs love the heat that the sand holds
Sand for cleanliness and muscle development. Spools, rocks and stumps for enrichment.
The pups exploring the yard
Everyone lounging on a hot day
Stall mats outside their house for a clean platform for waterplay, ice munching and more
All my dogs love their spools
Hanging bungie rope toys for enrichment
Young pups start playtime in a secondary separated pen
Getting used to the outdoors
Dog yard
Both my pens, tunnels, mats, stumps and more
Small astro turf yard for wee pups and mamas
The dogs basking in their 'beach'
The spools add enrichment, joy and entertainment
One end of my dog yard from up above
Young pups get out into the yard
Great place to start exploring
All 5 of my dogs in one frame. A serious feat
Young pups playing with the big dogs outside
An abundant amount of fun things to do
Water exposure and to cool everyone off on a hot day
Pups exploring new surfaces
impending birth so mama hangs out in the side yard
Once pups are 3 wks old they start their outdoor playtime in the astro turf area
Swing builds confidence
Swing is a great confidence builder
Young pups play yard. Stairs for mobility practice
They catch on very quickly. Growing confidence by the day
Secondary side pen for the intermediate aged pups
My older dogs showing them how its done
Lounging around on a hot day
Grated top potty stations in the puppy nursery
They take to the potty stations very quickly around 3-4 wks old
My puppy nursery space filled with lots of enrichment toys
Our puppy nursery space
Inside our doghouse
Puppy Nursery with crates for crate training
puppy nursery area with an additional weaning pen on one end
Snuggle puppies for individual crate training time
Crate training in process with snuggle puppies from future families
Crate training starts at a very young age
Puppy crate tower for nap times as crate training is well established once pups go home
Crate training going great!
Confidence building on their slide
Young Tonka is incredible with the young pups showing them the ropes
Pups start out with their first few meals in a common food tray. Separate food bowls so everyone get
Pups always get fed independently so to diminish the possibility of litter food aggression
The big dogs look on into the nursery
Wobble board, toys, slide and chews give pups lots to do
puppy nursery space
Tonka playing with a young litter of pups in the nursery
Handling the wobble board very well
3 wks. old and already trying out the slide
Tonka showing the babies how it's done
Leia watching over young Tonka
the puppy space
2 wk. old Sola pups out for a beach/field trip day
"Can we meet him please?!!" Controlled introductions
Leia showing Tonka the yard
sleeping outside waiting for visitors
The dogs love being out in the yard when it snows
All 4 girls looking as cute as ever up on their much loved spool
1 week old pups getting out for stroller exposure on our property trail
1 week old pups talking a tour of our yard gardens
Desensitizing new pups to motion and the noise of the road
pups start water exposure and learn how to swim at 5 wks old
Introducing water at 5 wks old
They think it's a jacuzzi! They LOVE it!
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