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Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pups
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Meiko/Silas Pup
Swim lessons take place at 5 wks old and onward
Puppy Pile
Outdoor puppy playspace
Meiko/Silas Pups
Isla/Silas 3 mth. old pup
Loving being outside
Fuzz head Sola girl
A Sola pup
One of my daughters out with a babe
Tonka has the looks but also the patience to take on the pups climbing all over him
kisses for the babies
Meiko pup
Beautiful baby
A big floofy Sola pup
Isla pup getting some fresh air
2 wk. old Isla pup showing off his dapper mug
Cozy Sola pup
Not too sure about this snow
out on a snowy walkabout
Tonka being rock solid patient with the pups
I always have one pup stuffed inside my jumper at all times
Walking around in the snow
A Gorgeous Sola pup
totally content being outside with me
alert little Isla pup
Washed and primped and ready to go home
happy pup
Meiko pup
A Bundle of love
week old potatoes
simply beautiful
Gorgeous Sola girl
Nothing like a perfectly perfect row of pups
7 wk old Sola pup
Very dapper young Tonka
A Sola pup
7 wk old Sola pup
Tiny Meiko pup
Young Sola
A very fluffy Sola baby!
Beautiful pup
Gorgeous Sola Pup
1 week old Sola
Our young Tonka Time
A perfect wee pup
Nothing quite like a brand new litter of pups
New pups
A perfect pile
Sweet Meiko with her 10 'Flower' pups
'Flower pups'
new pups
Meiko's 'Flower pups'
Meiko's new pups
the perfect pup
inside getting ready for a swim!
Newly bathed pup
the perfect pile
A Gorgeous Sola pup
7 week old Sola pup
7 wk old Sola pup
Introducing water at 4 wks old
Our very Dapper Tonka Time at 8.5 wks old
Proud mama Sola showing off her Gems
Gorgeous 2 wk old Sola pup
Tonka out for a car ride
A pile of Meiko pups
spending some time outside
eyes almost open. "Can you see the light?"
new pile of pups
a little potato
Meiko feeling very proud of her 1st litter of babes
Loving her new pups
Meiko being a very attentive mama
Our queen of the land, our Sola May
Beautiful Sola
Young Isla and Leia starting to fill in as they grow
one happy girl
a down right stunning Meiko pup
a petite little girl having a snuggle
another stunning Meiko baby
7 wk. old pup
"me, me! pick me!"
Big sister Leia showing the perfect level of tolerance with the babies
Isla Nae is looking like a million bucks
Perfect Poser
Big stuff!
My beautiful Leia always has to have something in her mouth
The babies playing with the big dogs
Out on a field trip
Very dapper boy
Isla & Leia posing during 'Golden Hour'
Meiko and I out at a testing facility
Young Leia is such a poser!
My gorgeous Meiko Girl yawning away the day dreaming of puppies
Gorgeous Sola during 'Golden Hour'
Gorgeous baby!
The perfect pair
Baby Sola May
Young Isla looking lovely as ever
My daughter Introducing the pups to water
One of my daughters and one of our pups
Socialization at it's finest
2 washed and fluffed Sola pups waiting for their forever families
Our Isla Nae 8 wks. old
One of my daughters with an 8 wk. old pup
The perfect Retriever Pup
All ready to head home
3 wk. old pups
A massive male Sola pup 8 wks. old
Sola makes some BIG pups!
A gorgeous Sola pup
Vet checkup at 7 wks old
My daughter helping with the well puppy checks at the vet
Waiting so patiently for their check up
a Meiko baby at her 1st Vet check up
A perfect boy at the vet
a pup completely sacked out at the vet office
a big gorgeous male pup at 5 wks. old
Beautiful baby Sola
3 wk. old Sola pup
Getting some serious socialization time with one of my daughters
3 wk. old male Sola pup
First time outside
After a bath and a bow, she's ready for 'Gotcha Day'
Snuggles with a new pup
1.5 wk. old Sola pup
Baby Seal!
Stunning Meiko
First time out of their 'nest'
Textbook Male Retriever
One of my daughters getting some puppy snuggles in
Bathed and ready for her forever home
Snow exposure for this winter litter
My daughter with baby Sola
Attempting the Radio Flyer picture
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