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Waiting and Living

Everything passes by as we live through life; kids come and go through the open doors, critters fly under foot as you find your path from one room to the next, nature blows around in your eyes as if you aren’t aware of its presence. The days gets friendlier, the skies get happier, the animals around us get smiles plastered on their faces as they come up from the bottom of a water bucket with a ball in their mouths. New sprouts start to show their growth after kiddos have spent long hours diligently planning each row. Each new rabbit and each new kitten that emerges into a new corner of our patio or takes on a new space in our shed brings a new light to my girl’s eyes. New things create new spark in their eyes that didn’t use to be there. Things ebb and flow, evolve and change. We watch certain thing with mass love as it happens in front of us and then we also wait for other things in hopes of a new chapter.

All this is living. So we live.. and we wait, but the key really is to live with huge awareness while we wait. To wait - ‘the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens’ Well something else will always happen so my hope is I live each of my days with no delay in any of my actions around here as my I continue to pour my heart and soul into each and every little detail that I do around here. Great things are ahead for sure but great wonderful things are right in front of our eyes every second of our day so I live in gratitude as we wait and as we live.

So as my pages turn and chapters process, Sola has now just passed her 6 mth. Mark expecting her next heat cycle. I am at natures mercy. She is on close watch though and gets checked everyday for that next step in this journey. I have been in contact very recently with the stud’s owners and they are anticipating her upcoming visit with open arms. Who doesn’t like a week long sleepover with a good friend right?! Breeding will commence very shortly I’m sure and this next page will turn into the next chapter then which will turn once again to waiting and living.

Sola and Isla get their eyes OFA updated (yearly) this upcoming Sat. so we’ll play that by ear around Sola’s cycle. Right now we are very much ‘play it by ear’. In the meantime, we are enjoying every day. The dogs hang with their fence friends both soaking up the sunshine.

These warmer days have been spectacular. Isla has taken to the pool immediately and has begged me to buy her a bigger one pronto. With her eyes I caved quickly. Sola still has an immense love to attack the water as I try to fill up the pool which makes me chuckle each time. It’s also Sola who will ‘hide’ her adored ball at the bottom on her water bucket so the other dogs don’t get it while she is getting a drink. She then easily retrieves it coming up with a completely soaked head. Even Meiko who didn’t really love the water last year has taken to the pool a bit more these last couple of days. My hope is that I will have lots of warm days this summer to expose these next pups to the water. The vote is in, bigger pool! I know of one of the pups from here that has learned to dive for toys to the bottom of a pool so maybe we’ll get some dock divers or river lovers out of the next bunch.

Meiko has been sweet as pie, showing Isla the ropes around the place. Teaching her that she's not allowed in the newly planted garden and that the tree line is as far as she's allowed to explore. Sola shares her bed with her even though Isla has her own space. Sola plays completely differently with Isla than she does with Meiko which is phenomenal to watch. Isla continues to blow me away in how good she has been these past few weeks. She's not mouthy at all and is more than respectful of personal space. She comes to school with me each morning and outgrows my lap more and more each day. I’m going to miss her so little.

She’s starting to fill out more and grow into her gorgeous self all the time. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her. I am so very much looking forward to getting many of you your own pup just as gorgeous and brilliant as my new little addition here. A fur baby to call your own, a bill for a fancy vacuum, too much money spent of toys, new trails to explore, a new furry texture to your couches to love and a new motivating purpose to go for a sunrise walk each morning. So, for now I pass along all my best to you as we wait for this next step in this journey.

All the critters here send you their love. I’ll be in touch of course. Happy waiting but more importantly, happy living.


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