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Ultrasound & Double nurseries

A couple more milestones crossed this week getting closer by the day!

Sola captured my heart from day 1 and I knew it was her the second I saw the litter. We waited the next couple of months out but it was always her. She's been very special from the very beginning. I like to believe because of this that she is being very selective on how many pups she puts out into this world. Choosing only a handful of special families to bless with her special pups. The pups of hers that are out in the world now are all doing amazing. With the families that they were destined to be with, being spoiled rotten just like they deserve.

and so... it is my great honor to announce that 5 perhaps 6 very lucky families get to have the great honor to bring one of these big beautiful pups home soon.

I will rise up with these Mountain babes and make them the best they can be by the time they go out into the world to conquer great heights with amazing families.

We are in the last stretch to welcome these pups. So a smooth labor and healthy pups is our next milestone that I have no doubt we will cross with great accomplishment. These pups are due on Fri. give or take a few days of course. Almost there!

Here's a few of Sola's past pups looking as gorgeous as their mama.

Isla is cruising right along as well, packing on the pounds by the day. She's quiet and peaceful as she contently bakes her babes at a slow pace. I can't wait to see what shades of honey these pups will have. Another handful of very lucky families ahead who get the honor to be blessed with one of these sweet pups. 'Honey' 'Sugar' 'Maple' and I'm sure many more.

Double nurseries got set up this week, prepped, prepared, cozied and organized for the frenzy that is ahead. Sola has settled right in but Isla is a bit antsy in her new space as she's still not fully grasping what is ahead. Hence why some extra time in her whelping space will be good. She checks out her whelping box but insists on digging out the blanket immediately. She'll settle closer to whelping time and we'll re organize her box then. I still need to put up her curtains on her side which will help settle her more to block out the distractions of the other dogs. For now the other dogs are still in the house as they hate to be separated but we'll see how that goes as time passes.

Tonka is still sticking close to both mamas everyday. The week has been soggy but we've had some brief moments where some glorious light has graced us with its presence.

I made some time to get out with my girls to enjoy some Christmas lights before I hunker down for the fur fest ahead. It was a chilly excursion but well worth the trip.

What's ahead even further - Meiko has not yet come into heat but is on close watch everyday. For those on my list that I won't have the opportunity to assign a pup to from these 2 upcoming litters, know that more pups are not far off! If Meiko shifts soon then we should have more pups going home April/May. Spring babies!!!

I'm very much looking forward to the next year ahead as a few things are shifting around here for the better. The stud I've been using is retiring soon, Leia will be matched with a special outside stud in April and I'm hopeful after Tonka's health testing early next year he'll be up to the plate soon after! I am antsy like crazy to have this amazing boy on board here with us. I know I dote on and about him constantly but he really is that incredible in everyway. Can't wait for Tonka time!

Stay well everyone. Stay safe with whatever this mysterious illness is that is going around. I will you all the very best and all the dogs send their love and kisses your way!


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