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Ultrasound Confirmation

The dogs knew at every step at every bound at every moment that the windows of sunshine this week were precious and needed immediate attention before the floods of rain came back in once again. Flopping down in a patch of warmth immediately like they knew it was going to vanish unless they pinned it down. It's been a crazy week for these sunbathing beauties.

Blinking in the brightness, swaying in the heat and then wrestling and romping far into the evening filled our hours and topped up our souls. But of course we're in Washington so as we look up through the sun rays, the dogs snap at a giant snowflake out of nowhere or spin through a flash rain storm. Dogs truly teach you to live in the moment, make the best of every second and to appreciate anything that is thrown at you.

As Isla and Leia continue to spin and turn with each other, Meiko darts after them catching Leia's tail in her mouth trying to slow down this all time favorite 'chew on your sister' game. Isla is such a happy go lucky, easy going girl that she doesn't really care if Leia chews on her constantly. Meiko cares though. She has a great sense when to step in, how much to mediate and who needs to be mothered when and to what degree. She's had this skill from a very young age and it's only improved and sharpened over time. It's incredible to watch this progression.

Sola has been quite subdued this week hanging out with me, watching the antics of the other girls from a distant. Looking on and then looking up knowing full well is not worth the extra output. She throws a 'punch' at Leia as she flies past disturbing her peaceful bubble of space. This 'punch' being a simple attempt at a passing chomp to the back of her leg or the end of her tail. The attempt quickly fails without much care as she settles back into the side of my leg. She once again takes up the heavy lean into me as if she can't sit straight on her own accord. A common golden trait. Being calm and collected, chill and subdued, content and clingy, are all great signs for what's ahead.

The anticipation to confirm life ahead was just too high this week so I jumped the gun and ran the ultrasound over Sola a bit early. I just couldn't wait another second. The images indeed showed little tiny bubbles of life, little specks of beans of future life changing babes. Next weeks images will be a bit clearer and with a whole lot more of a solid confirmation, but this is enough for me to tell me that renewed life for Sola is indeed on the way. I'm over the moon, the stars, and mars.

I have some incredible families on board with intense stories of challenges, highs and lows and reasons that this pup coming into their lives will be nothing short of life changing for them. The anticipation is high, the expectations are real and the special added tasks laid out before me to put into place, I welcome with eagerness to succeed to make all the cards fall into place to the best of my ability. The contact I've made with the families on board this go round has given me great hope for what's ahead, that we can pull together once again just like the 'Reindeer' families have and continue to do every day still.

The families that are on my Meiko list, time is getting near. Meiko is on my radar constantly and I have no doubt it will be your turn right around the corner.

Beautiful gorgeous Isla Nae is attracting attention more and more each and everyday. Her long fluffy filling in honey colored coat is amazing and her personality is to die for. She is not only a show stopper but a people stopper. She had a couple of admirers come this weekend to play with her and got on her next litter list immediately. I am so looking forward to little honey glowing pups in the fall.

Speaking of the Reindeer pups, they get a little lankier by the day, a touch more curious by the moment and in my opinion more gorgeous every week as their puppy fluff thins and their big dog looks try to peek through that sneaky side grin of a kid that they flash to their person.

These pups are doing incredible in their new homes and every family is adoring of them all. Small common challenges have been had, figured out and overcome with confidence. Loose leash training is already having success, no crate training is conquered with ease, crate training for others is solidly in place contently, moss continues to be consumed and holes get a bit deeper. Puppy hood all at its best, the short span of it that is lent to us flies by and will be gone in a short couple of months. In the moments of a challenge, take a second to remember the mass spin of energy that whirls inside this little one all just wanting to bust out in any way possible to show you how good they can be. This energy sometimes bursts out in an un desired form and you just don't catch it in time to put it to good use. It's all a matter of figuring out how, when and where to place this energy. Your new pup is just wiggling with eagerness to have the opportunity that it so desperately wants to look up at you as if to say "did I do good? How can I do it better? What can I do for you now?" All in good fun of this puppy journey.

From the 5:30am sunrise swamp bogging hike my daughters and I embarked on this morning to the warmth of the mid-day hours, from early, to late, and everything in between. Be well, don't get sucked into bog holes, let the sunrise engulf you and puppy kisses cover you.


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