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Sweet Pups 3 wks. old

Big wide eyes look up at me wanting to gobble up the world. Their eyes opened at a record breaking early age of 9 days old, which led to their next early milestone of getting their bellies off the ground only a few days later, which caught my attention and transferred my awareness to watching them even closer.

The quiet peaceful pile moved a little sooner each day and a little longer every moment. This is no ordinary pile of pups. Talking earlier, vocalizing sooner, locating mama quicker and now playing at such a young age. I'm very aware of how tuned in I have to be every second. I sit in their box in the evenings and just observe who twitches first, who yawns the most, who sleeps the least. I turn them on their backs, who resists, who falls back asleep. I take it all in as my music plays into my space behind me.  I take note of it all.

These pups will have very special jobs ahead. Half this litter will be going on to do Service and Therapy work. Out to change the lives of so many. Alerting those in need, soothing a broken soul, pulling out a laugh, gifting a smile, retrieving a fallen item, communicating without words, sniffing to locate and bringing a presence that only a dog can manage to reach a heart untouchable. I know not all of them will have official jobs but I know without a doubt that all of them will change lives and touch the hearts of every single one the people that they come into contact with. Each one of these Sweet little pups has a part of me that will go on and make me proud. 

Caramel is still the darkest but Agave has taken the lead now in size creeping up on on

6 lbs. quick. Sugar and Honey, the little girls aren't that little anymore sitting at 4.5 lbs. They are making massive strides every time I turn my back. These pups were born to do great things. I'm ecstatic to follow their journey as they go out into the world and start to write their stories.  

We jumped into the big kid phase early, following their lead on their speedy development and their needs at hand. Their baby box got broken down a few days ago and their potty tray got put in. We'll give them a couple of days to get used to this change before introducing food. The fun part!

The curtains on the 2 nurseries have now been removed so all the pups and dogs can observe each other. Play sessions with the Mountain pups will start to take place now that both litters have gotten their feet under them.  Having the bigger Mountain pups to lead the littles as role models will be highly beneficial and I can't wait to watch these relationships unfold.  This is Leia in the photo above having some baby time. She will be having pups here in the spring so she's contemplating if she thinks this is a good idea or not! All the dogs are starting to get more time with the babies both inside and outside. Closely watching what they can handle, how much how fast. They are exceptional at 'telling' me and I follow their lead as these cues surface. We've been able to be outside quite a bit this week but will buckle down the hatches the next few days at least until this cold front blows through. I'll ask the Mountain babies if they can share their slide with these babies to get their little legs a moving!

Don't blink everyone as by next week these beautiful sweet pups will be almost looking like wee rumbling tumbling real life pups.


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