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Sunshine in waiting

So many things to be grateful for this week, but for now I am grateful for 4 beautiful doggie behinds, the beauty of a curl, the glow of honey, the filling in of density, and the wave of a good blow out getting ready for spring. Each and every one of these gorgeous behinds are shedding out like summer is going to be upon us tomorrow. Hair in clumps is flying in every directions like someone is sickly but really it's just beauties getting ready to take on the warmth that's ahead that we're all anxiously waiting for.

Meiko was my sun bathing beauty this week, lounging in every spot she came across. Melting in the heat of the day getting ready for more. Squinting in the brightness of the mid day sun begging for it to last just a day longer.

The rototiller runs in the background turning my garden over getting ready to plant for the year ahead. Kale gets thrown into the dogs food at a great expense lately so the kale seeds will go in in great abundance this year to feed the herds around here. Carrots, zucchini, and beans also get thrown to my pack in handfuls and get consumed in masses. Yes, I am ready for summer. For those that are on my summer lists, I very much look forward to the months ahead with you of warmer days, drier ground, playtimes into the later hours of the evenings and getting you your bundle of fluff amongst it all.

Leia played the 'chew on my sister' game most of the week, Isla complying leisurely. Such a fun game...until I realized that Isla was being TOO compliant and was being injured in the midst of this 'fun' game. Shows you how easy going and go with the flow this breed really is. Add Betadine to your first aid kit everyone!

It was a challenge this week trying to get photos without any 'action' in any of them. ha! With both Sola and Isla in heat it was a very 'festive' week indeed! Sola migrates into her next chapter and Isla proceeds into what's ahead for her in the fall. Sola is big and beautiful as usual, holding her body score like a champ getting ready for babes ahead. A short couple of weeks will confirm pups on the way but that twinkle in her eye today was all I needed to tell me she is set for the months ahead.

I will leave you all with a bunch of photos of my beauties as this week was just filled with hours of playtime, romp time, sun bathing, and squirrel 'hunting'.

All the dogs here send their love your way as they romp into the evening hours as long as I will let them stay up into the wee long hours of the night. "more squirrels come out at night mom!" "Do they? Do they really? or are you just batting your eyes like you normally do so I won't put you to bed for the night?"

For all those on my current Sola list, I send the best of the best of puppy good wishes your way as you prepare for what's ahead. Please don't hesitate to reach out for tips, tricks or just to share your excitement for what's ahead. I welcome it all always.


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