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Reindeer Pups 5 wks old

As Shakespeare said, 'the swiftest hours, as they flew' or Alexander Pope 'swift fly the years'

The days turn over and babies get bigger. It's what happens but as I sit in the nursery consumed with yips, barks that truly sound real now and squeaks that don't seem quite real yet, I reside in moments of fleeing time. I soak up the minutes that tick by around me knowing moments like these will cycle back around but this moment will pass and be behind me. I have been swimming in puppies this week as I step into their nursery with a white sea of abundance swarming my feet. The eagerness is heartwarming, completely and utterly amazing on every level. Food is a drive for them of course but really they just want into my lap, up in my face and their eyes into my heart and soul. It's their whole life, their mission, their destiny to sink into you and melt into your being. They all have displayed this very strong retriever trait this week and I am overjoyed to see it come out in each and every one of them. It's my goal to watch these little bundles turn from my previous little potatoes to loving well behaved eager to please perfect little fluffs of life changing creatures.

I've thoroughly enjoyed every second of sharing them with so many of you last weekend and throughout this weekend. The hearts that I see melt, the eyes that I see light up, the souls that I've felt being turned over in the best way possible make letting these babes go in the end, a touch easier.

I've walked through immense challenges in what I do here with my dogs but always knowing that the people I work with, the paths I get to share with so many, the journeys I get to add to and the lives I get to help change make what I do a great pleasure every day. As I watch Comet fighting for his chance to be picked my heart strings combust. As I see Rudolph snuggle in a lap like he's found home is truly heart melting. Or watching Prancer peer up into a set of eyes as to ask 'are you mine?' Vixen, Donner or Cupid crawling up into a face licking someone like they are trying to figure out if this will be theirs. I could go on and on truly.

The pups have blossomed and grown so much this week beyond just in weight and size. Their personalities fly in the air and flit around their area left and right bouncing off the walls. A spin, a 2 legged hop out of nowhere, a chomp to a sisters back leg or a clamp on a brothers ear because he just did the same thing back to her. A loud bark comes from a tiny body too loud for such a thing to own. A squeak arises from one of them that I can't identify until I go and ask them 'who did that?!' And one pipes up 'it was me!' You will talk to your pup as well and yes, they will answer back. Many of them are testing out their soul touching looks just like retrievers should. I've help them and guided them along the way to be mindful, thoughtful, gentle, willing and aware. This is all instinctual to a degree but with special care I have aided in their confidence, helped them to focus on their awareness, guided their focus in honing in on their amazing traits that I know it's within each and every one of these amazing babes.

The food has increased this week and Mama time has decreased. The nursery has expanded in size once again and Mama Meiko has moved to the other side of the house, no longer sharing a wall with the babies. By the end of this week mama time will be concluded and they will just get visits knowing they are perfectly fine with this transition. The baby crates got put in today, BUNK BEDS! so time alone will happen more and more in this last phase of their time here with me. They will start out sleeping in the crates wherever and with whomever they choose to and then during the day it'll become more structured. They will start out in pairs with alone time to build confidence in being separated and alone. From there they go in as singles with 1 of the snuggle puppies that so many of the families have left with me to spend time with their new babies. They will gain this confidence in full strength by the time they go home that they can do this, and do it well. That's all they want, I've seen it every day, it's amazing.

The rain has come down in abundance this week but always opening up small windows to be outside. The pups have finally gotten a chance to go out into the big yard with the other dogs. The babies prance and hop around showing me that being outside is a huge hit for all. The calmness of the younger dogs around the babies is incredible to watch. The instant stillness from Sola as she stops and flops into the ground for them to have them crawl all over her is overwhelming in the most perfect way. Watching Meiko perk up this week grew a smile across my face a mile wide. She's getting her needed rest to feel like she can mother but not be consumed by the white sea of baby sharks! Oh the struggle of baby sharks latching onto you like it's their last meal on earth!

Meiko romped with Sola this week, rolled in the sand and played tug of War with Isla and Leia. The pack has their day to day flow but they all know that pups come and go and it's phenomenal to watch the support for this amongst all of them. They've all been there for each other and will continue to do so as this year progresses.

I go through all these photos of this week and can't seem to widdle it down to under 30 photos like previous weeks. There is a story in every photo, in every set of pictures. I can't leave any out so I post them all here....

Sola and Isla are still on close watch for their heats to arise. Sola will pair up with Silas again and bring drop dead gorgeous pups to so many of you I'm sure. Isla hasn't yet cycled for her 1st time coming up on turning 1 but she will in her own time. This patience has been tested before and I've learned with you all that it has to strengthen all the time because mother nature runs off her own clock.

In between all the puppy visits this week I brought Sola in for her OFA finals and additional Pennhip testing that I have now decided to take the leap to add to my program this year. OFA health testing is the most common health testing to run but it's opinionated leaving room for question.

Pennhip is strictly measurements. Sola's #'s came back phenomenal and I couldn't be happier. I have added her results to her profile and will also soon add a better explanation of the Pennhip testing itself for those that are unaware of this newer additional testing.

Isla runs through all her OFA and Pennhip testing later this month, setting her up hopefully for nothing but success her in my program ahead. She'll bring amazing honey colored sweet as pie pups to us here later this year.

It's only been a week since I’ve checked in here but it seems like with everything I have to pass along to you all that's it's been a whole lot longer.

'The swiftest hours, as they flew' is oh so true.

The week ahead for these Reindeer pups will be filled with much more playtime, more car rides to town, perhaps a stroll around the local hardware store (in my arms of course) more vaccuuming, and water introduction! I didn't quite get around to it this week like I wanted to but they will indeed be SWIMMING this week. So fun!

The time to pass these sweet Reindeer babies along I know is right around the corner so I soak up all the time now that I with them. They grow and show growth, continue to build confidence and touch my heart and soul just like I knew they would.


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