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Reindeer Pups 4.5+ wks. old

The time is flying by faster than I can keep up with!

My weekend was back to back so I had to delay this post by a day, BUT this way you also get all the amazing updates and photos of the baby visits!

Yes, it was the first weekend where the Reindeer Families got to come in, meet and play with their new future snuggle bug. Hearts were exploding with Joy at every moment despite the chilly weather and rain falling around us.

By the time that these babies are isolated for a couple of months due to not being fully vaccinated, the weather will just be turning nice, the babies will just be getting big enough to join in some trail walks and by the time summer rolls around babes will be the perfect age to swim in the river, romp at the parks, and hit the beaches.

You can see the love in the eyes of these families, the pure adoration in the both the people and the pups and the happiness amongst all of them. Being just big enough to have outside and awake long enough to play with, all the pups did amazingly well just like I knew they would. They didn't last very long to show the families the way they like to romp and play with each other but the snuggles were long and the visits were filled with excitement ear to ear. By the time everyone comes back out next weekend the pups should be awake a bit longer and be able to show off a bit more. Personalities will be blooming and individual traits will be surfacing. I'll be taking notes this week to add to all their charts to pass along to the families so puppy picks can get started. Everyone was over the moon to get in their 1st snuggles and are very much so looking forward to coming back out to watch them turn into big dogs in the short week ahead.

Potty training is coming along fabulous, each and every pup is taking to the new grid top brilliantly. Smart babies. More and more toys get thrown into the puppy area that were gifted to the babies by one of the reindeer families. They continue to chew on each others faces working on their 'Bite Inhibition' training that takes place between them. It's one of the important lessons that siblings and mama teaches as they grow up together, not to bite too hard.

The continued sleeping throughout the day will continue on for months but they stay awake a bit longer each and everyday. The moments that I can catch them sleeping or just waking up are simply the best! Sleepy face at it's finest. Photos from here on out are also harder to get in focus as they move quicker and don't sit still for that long. Oh the challenge.

Blitzen continues to be my smallest and Rudolph still leading the pack. Everyone else is respectfully right in the middle. They all will be pretty similar once they are grown though.

Food continues to be backed this week and loved by all. Meiko has now been separated from the babies and only let me at scheduled times to nurse. She is throughly enjoying her peaceful nights not have cling ons all night long. She's not laying down anymore to nurse so the sessions are relatively short as the demand is still fairly high. The process from us to you is taking place in more ways than one. They only have 1.5 wks. left of nursing and then they will be completely finished. where does the time go.

The pups got visited by the other dogs a bit more this week to ease them into the full blown play time that they will eventually get outside with everyone else. They got to go outside this morning as well to catch some fresh air, new wind passing through and a romp in the baby yard. It gave everyone a chance to say hi without yet getting bowled over by the big girls.

Hopefully by the end of this week everybody will be accepting and babies will be big and strong enough to be outside playing all together. For now we continue with our brief trips to the baby yard, out and about into town (I think we're due again here soon) and snuggles in every other inch of our day.

Thank you to all that came to visit this weekend. I hope your houses are now getting a touch closer to looking like your new addition is right around the corner...because right around the corner is going to be upon us oh so soon.


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