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Reindeer Pups 3 wks. old

Happy new year to everyone that I have had the opportunity to share time with this past year! Thank you for crossing my path, touching my heart, sharing your stories, and giving me the opportunity to be even a small part of your lives as you open up your hearts and home to make room for a little more fur. I hope for you all that this year ahead be filled with new adventures, renewed hope, fresh starts, boundless amounts of furry joy and enough puppy kisses to last you not only through this next year ahead but simply onward, forward and well.. forever.

Each and every one of the Reindeer Babies send their love your way today as we enter into this next stage of this journey.. the count down to growing your home by 4 feet and endless amounts of puppy wiggles and happiness. For those who are looking on and will growing your home by 4 feet as well a bit later this year, I hope by watching these current babes grow, your heart is melted, warmed and healed. I look forward to what's ahead now and later this spring for you all.

Fur is in abundance around here and the energy of new life is packed into every nook and cranny of the nursery.

These pups have really woken up this week in all aspects. I am challenged in the best way possible in keeping up with not just their care per se, but to stay on top of how fast they are progressing each and everyday. 'I'll introduce that perhaps in 3-4 days' 'they'll be ready for that next week' or 'not quite yet' all turns into shifting, upgrading and introducing the big kid stuff all at once.

The whelping area got broken down, the nursery got expanded, solid food and water got introduced, the potty tray got added, toys got given, enrichment items got placed, and the puppy slide got activity. Within 2 days flat little unsure legs turned into full blown confident running bounding strong big kid kicks.

Solid food sent everyone shaking and quivering with excitement, their little tails buzzing with elation. Water snuffed up their noses, teaching them quick not to dive in so enthusiastically. The potty tray got used incredibly quickly, go babies go! Toys got licked and nibbled on and the slide got tentative toes testing it out.

Eyes are almost now in full focus as I notice them fixating on more each day. Ears are picking up different tunes and noises every moment. The consensus isn't quite in whether classical, jazz, pop or Christmas music is their favorite. I'll continue to rotate and take a poll daily. The nature track is my favorite over the traffic tracks but I continue to play them all for their wee senses to pick up everything.

Mama Meiko is definitely starting to withdraw from the babies right on cue, just like she should, just like I knew she would. Her elevated bed gets extra risers on it so she can get up away from them as needed. They are getting so big and so 'ferocious' you can often see a look in her eyes of being overwhelmed with their recent gusto.

The week ahead the pups will really turn into running, romping, playing, furry little puppies. Their baby faces will loose their rumpled squishy looks and will gain a look of pure pup from here on forward. By the time these pups families come to visit them next week they will have the chance to actually interact with them as well as getting their fill of snuggles in of course. The time to 'gotcha day' now is getting oh so near. Christmas trees got taken down with the thought crossing your mind ... 'I hope by next year this pup will be behaved enough to leave this tree alone!' Decorations get put ahead... 'maybe next year I'll hang these up higher' and puppy playpens and toys start to accumulate in the corner 'I can't wait' fills hearts.

I hope all your 4 leggers did ok with the fireworks last night. The dogs here perked up but that was about it. Everyone woke up this morning with a spring in their step and smiles across their faces to welcome a new year ahead.

A new day, a new year, new life and new stories are to be had.

We all send our very best to you all as you step out into this new year today.


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