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Pups have flown the coop

And in the blink of an eye all Meiko's 'Bird' babies have flown the nest. They spread their wings and have flown onto their next chapter of their beautiful story.

Where did that time go?! Perfectly perfect smiles for miles darling Meiko babes have once again easily wiggled into hearts and homes.

Chickadee is now Remington aka Remi.

Robin is now Oh Hi Jane aka Jane

Phoenix is now Pippin.

Magpie is now Wally.

Canary is now Riley.

Raven will stay Raven.

Wren is now Francesca aka Frankie.

Finch is now Maggie.

Oriole is now Finnegan aka Finn

Sparrow is now Wrigley.

Each pup holds a special place in my heart and will continue to do so forever.  These last 2 weeks were full whirlwind mode, hence why I skipped last week's blog update.  Sorry everyone!  Taking care of 10 growing, eager,  fast and flourishing pups takes a crazy amount of time, dedication and a special kind of patience!

More of just about everything took place this week.  More playtime in the side yard playing with each bigger dog individually gave them a different kind of exposure.  Meiko's weaning suit let her relax and really get down and have some good romping playtime with the babes.  They even got out in the big yard with the other dogs to fully fly full force. Sand was joyfully kicked up in every direction.

Field trip out to get vet clearances was so good for the pups! They settled right in to the car ride and did exceptional the whole time.  Awwwss and ooooooss took place from every staff member there.  Nothing like a puppy day to start a vet offices day.

Lots of new music and soundtracks continued to pump into the nursery space giving them plenty of time with all sorts of different music and sound types.  Confidence soared and sky rocketed from every angle.  Such an entertaining and fulfilling time.

As 'Gotcha day' for each family neared,  my focus on every puppy was honed in. Watching every reaction,  every behavior and every quirk and special demeanor.

My puppy matching process is always lengthy and took a great amount of time,  contemplation and careful thought. In the end I knew without a doubt that all the pups were matched extremely successfully and every family went home with who they were supposed to end up with. I know they all were destined to be together.

Kizmet connections were made and hearts strings were pulled.

Nerves in new families melted away as soon as they got their hands on their new addition. These babies are magical like that.  Pups completed families and as they drove off my heart was heavy but extremely fulfilled knowing what joy I have helped to create.

Chickadee/Remi fell in love with his new fur sister Bailey and Oriole/Finn is winning over his fur sister Blu. The connections are being made quickly. Little sweet Wren flew off (literally) to CA and did exceptional on the plane.  My darling pups make me so incredibly proud.  Meiko thoroughly has enjoyed her last 2 weeks of playtime with these pups but will be ready for her next chapter to just kick back, relax and take a break for awhile.  I very much look forward to hearing updates on these Bird pups as they navigate their new lives ahead with their incredible families. 

Next chapters ahead... personally the break ahead will be nice but whatever mother nature blesses me with, I am more than happy to adjust to and welcome in with open arms.  I am eager for what's ahead but again know these tentative plans are out of my hands. Isla and Leia are due to shift any time and plans for starting next 2 litters ahead are in the works. 

Tonka tells me they are right around the corner for cycling and at which point will enter into their breeding window.

Since Leia's litter will hold my next breeding prospect girl, this litter is a touch above special. But since Isla's litter will have Tonka as the 2nd half,  this litter is also extra special! 

Next level pups are very much expected and I can't wait for these 2 girls to shift and get their journey started with pups oh so soon! Leia's step above special litter will be themed her LUXURY litter with pups names such as 'Prada', 'Gucci' & Armani.

And Isla & Tonka's litter will be themed CLASSIC Toys with their pups names such as 'Lego', 'Slinky' & 'Play-doh'.

I have a chat with them daily about what's ahead for them and they stare at me with contemplation looking as if they know exactly what I'm telling them but then send it out to the universe without a care in the next moment. 

Very much 'in the moment' creatures. 

I take this from my dogs and inspire to be more like them everyday.  My teachers,  my grounding beings, my soul settlers, my healers,  my happy place. 

As I switch gears around here my heart soars for the new families that are just starting life with their new fur baby and also soars for the families ahead waiting for their new life changing journey to start here with us.

To everyone.... from us all here... all our flying fur and best fluffy love is sent your way.  


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