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Pups 5+ wks old

Such an exceptional week here we had! So much growth, so much accomplished, so much conquered, so much learned and consumed.  

The best part of this week is the personalities! Every single moment multiple days a day eyes will flash up, paws will touch, voice will change, heads will turn, pups will settle quicker or slower in repetition. Sweetness has been shown, 'Spice' has surfaced, 'awareness' has repeated, soulful eyes have connected and playful nature has blossomed with them all.

The week ahead of these personality differences are really going to shine strong. I love watching these wee babes transform into their very own indivual little beings. By the time families come in again this next weekend I should have a very good idea of who is who and the differences they have all shown me. Such an incredibly fun process. 

Their 'settle' and patience has increased this week by leaps and bounds and their need to demand attention immediately has decreased exponentially. I push them slightly further to practice this every time they have crate time and they are responding very quickly to this training. It's amazing how fast this breed learns if you just show them what you expect out of them. Their 'Yup got it, what's next' mentality is mind blowing.  

I try to capture as many photos of them resting or sleeping as possible as these are the ones that have the highest chance of being in focus! Photos are getting harder and harder as their speed is getting faster and faster!

Conditioning of all kinds takes place every minute of my day. I feel the clock ticking down every moment towards Gotcha Day. Potty tray/location training came incredibly quickly to this litter. Crate training is improving daily. Outdoor play time has been consumed and spit out. We have a few sensitive souls that I am working extra with but for the most part the pups are taking on obstacles full speed ahead with confidence and gusto. Falling sideways off the top of the stair set, shaking it off, looking around to make sure no one saw and bounding onward. The rainbow swing spins and pups nose dive. Yup all good, carrying on. 

The big dogs rotate through all taking a turn to condition and rough the babies up. Each one brings slightly different energy and teaches them something new in a different way. 

Food is being taken back by the bucket loads and increased slightly daily. A little less soaking and a topping of ground Flax is yet another reminder we are growing up so fast. By the end of this upcoming week the weaning process will be completed. Fat little bellies and wide bright eyes win me over every time I get to spend time with them.  

The rain has posed a challenge this past week for outdoor playtime and to our puppy visits. It makes you watch for open windows of sunshine and really reminds you to be grateful for every moment of your day. We jump when the sun comes out and dash for the doors when we get caught in a sudden hail storm.

Wasn't planning to condition the pups to being out in the hail! We roll with the punches around here. I added some thunderstorm 'music' to their space and it was a full blown storm party!

The much anticipated SWIM LESSONS/Water exposure took place this week. Canary and Oriole were my video model volunteers but every single pup got a chance to swim. They did SO good, weren't hesitant at all and loved every minute of their water time.

We also did ice baths a couple of times this week which is a great stress and recovery exercise. You put them in an uncomfortable situation for a couple of seconds and show them that they indeed can recovery all on their own perfectly fine. A couple of them were actually trying to climb IN to the tub!

Very much looking forward to having all the families come in individually this

up coming week/weekend. The planning to get to this stage has been in the making for me for a long time so to be able to share these amazing wee babes with others is one of my favorite stages of this whole process. To hear all the joy being fulfilled, all the grief being mending and all the stories being added to is just simply beyond fulfilling.  

Thank to all who sent their Congratulations my way on my most recent official addition to my program here.

My darling boy Tonka officially was crowned leader of my pack and I couldn't be more relieved and overjoyed. I appreciate you all for celebrating this milestone with me.

This goal has been years in the process so to have it come to this moment is a massive accomplishment for me. To now have a complete program without having to 'out source' is huge. I am ecstatic for Tonka's future and what it means for so many.

I can't wait to get gorgeous little Tonka look a likes out to so many of you to sink themselves into your heart and soul just as Tonka has done for me.  

So as the days count down here to Gotcha day, I hustle my bustle and bustle my hustle.

Making sure not one minute is wasted and not one opportunity left unclaimed. We make the best out of every day, every moment, every second that ticks past.  

Oriole sends his snuggles, Canary sends his kisses, Robin passes along a happy hop, Raven sweetly says hiiiii and the rest of the pups of course pass along all their love to you all! 


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