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Pups 1 week old

Time flies by without notice these days as I'm engulfed in the sweet smell of puppy bliss. Each pup has a cherubic sense to them and my heart overflows to have the honor in helping to build these babes up in so many ways.

It's been astonishing watching instincts kick in and what's all involved in all the small details that seem to run through a mother's dogs head when carrying for new pups. I always swear dogs can count and know without a doubt that all pups are accounted for each moment she has them safely tucked under her nose. Sola scooches slowly and gently around in a circle in a scooping method to pull them all towards her for the pups umpteenth feed in a day. So dedicated, so patient, so willful to give up so much of her own time to pour everything she has into these wee ones.

Cosmos is still the chonky leader of the pack with all the rest trailing in weight close behind in a very similar gain. Galaxy has my heart but Supernova was the thief to my heart strings recently. Gravity crawled up on my leg the other day as I sat in their box with them and calmly cooed himself back to sleep. Oh so small and oh so sweet. They all are doing exceptional, all strong and persistent which is exactly where we want them at this point.

They got their dew-claws removed at the 3 day mark by me in the comfort of their nursery. The minor procedure went well without a hitch.

Sola is eating like a horse on its last day on earth since the birth of these babies. I keep her bowl constantly filled but also cooking up chicken, rice, pumpkin and beans daily to keep up with the demand nursing brings to her body. Her water intake is also through the roof. I'm by her side constantly though tending to her every need so she can do her job without skipping a beat. She likes her brief romps and rolls in the grass but doesn't want to be out for more than 10 mins. At a time yet. This time will lengthen this upcoming week by a touch as she slowly loosens her attachment to these pups. She'll realize the care demand won't be as high and she'll relax a touch more.

Meiko is eager to play with the pups but has been respectful of Sola's space when she gently tells her to be patient. She was an excellent nanny to the last litter of pups here where she would lay closely with the new babies while the mama got up to stretch her legs. She as well is going to be an exceptional mother.

Her prelim health testing is under way actually anticipating her being up next as a proud new mama close behind Sola. A couple of my team members stayed behind yesterday as the other 2 came with me with Meiko in tow and trekked down to Puyallup for those health tests to take place. Health clinics have gotten canceled left and right these last 2 yrs. So it's been an added challenge to stay on top of these clinics. I take it all in stride though and simply make it happen. It was a long day but my pups at home were well taken care of and our trip south was a great success with great results.

The week ahead for these new pups will be a lot more of what they've been doing this week, nursing, growing, sleeping, repeat. Their 'singing' is becoming louder and their activity is becoming stronger. Their eyes should open this week which is always a darling milestone. Their ears start to perk up, open to the outside world and their reaction to all this is noticeable.

I hope everyone who has the honor of bringing one of these sweet pups home is doing their research, having fun shopping and starting to think about how to baby/puppy proof their home to get ready for this new bundle.

Enjoy the pics. Everyone and I wish you all impeccable health and immense wellness into this new year ahead. Sola sends her love and of course so do all the 'Space' babies.


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