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Preparing for a future pup

So much to look forward to ahead, so much to anticipate, dream about, get antsy for, and to prepare to get ready for your future pup.   

As the weather turns nicer and the sun shines down upon us warming every inch of the earthy space below, I remember from my dogs to stay in the moment.  

As many of you wait for Isla and Leia to shift, I as well greatly anticipate these pups ahead as Leia holds my next breeding prospect pup. Days tick pass sometimes without notice and other times on a snails back. I breathe into this break between litters and thank mother nature for this space of time. I recharge.


My days go from running back to back at 150mph to a slower pace and room to refocus. I reassess what each one of my dogs need and if anything requires updated, changed, strengthened or improved. My vet updated a few things for them and gave them all yet again healthy and clear green lights for what's ahead. More appointments are scheduled to update clearances and my calendar gets thicker.

The nursery got broken down this week and the dog house got cleaned into every nook and cranny. Ahh the lovely aroma of vinegar filled the air. Sunshine bolted through my newly cleaned window and bounced off my many window crystals filling my space with tiny rainbow dancers.  

The dogs dash outside into the warmth of the day top speed only to flop down immediately sideways as if something hit them from the behind. Full spread onto the warm sand and eyes immediately close. My heat dwellers, my sun suckers, my live in every current moment creatures.

I sit down with them and snip away at their hair on their toes making their darling paws look like it's show day. They don't budge a muscle. Grooming dog feet to a tee has become a bit of an obsession of mine but it is also is an extremely relaxing bonding opportunity for us just to sit quietly in a moment.

My shadow, Meiko beside my leg, dear sweet Leia laying contently at my side, darling lovely Isla watching me beside Leia and sweetie pie Tonka of course is snuggled right up into my lap. How do I get anything done when I could be doing this?!!! 

My property perimeter trail gets much needed attention, new chips and all the love for more puppy stroller walks this summer.  

My garden also got caught up after being neglected the past few weeks because of demanding furry little creatures nipping at my toes demanding love at every single moment. What love bugs they are.. sweet as all get out.. clingy, but lovers to no end.   

While different branches of space around here get caught up and we all get prepared for the summer months ahead, I will put out some thoughts for you all.  


Anticipation is dreamy, eagerness is oh so fun, thoughts of that fur bundle in your arms test patience. But time flies. Let's use it wisely.  

Often times families get very caught up in the moment when they get to bring home their new bundle and then.. only then do they question the nitty gritty of how prepared they really are. 

They have the cute collar, the personalized bandana, the giant expensive bed (that they probably will ditch for the cool kitchen floor) and for and water dishes.  


Let's look a bit deeper into some things to research now on how to prepare in advance for your pup ahead.  


Things to consider, talk about, discuss and agree on as this new addition is in the works.  

Pups are no joke. Don't get me wrong, they are worth every second you pour your heart and soul into them and they will give back to you 10x over. They will touch your soul, warm your heart, save your life and walk with you with zero expectations through this crazy thing called life. 

Basic daily Routine - 

Does your work schedules allow for time off when you being your new pup home? 

Who's going to be responsible for pup in this time? 

Where will you set up your 'Puppy zones'?

Where is the crate going to be? 

No matter what your routine looks like and how you run your daily tasks, make sure everyone is on the same page and very consistent. 

Puppy/Dog Training -

Will you hire a puppy/dog trainer?

Are you up for training yourself? 

Who do you want to hire? 

What style of training will you be implementing?

Group. Private. In home. Online. ?

Do you want to have a pre-puppy consultation? 

Zoom room locations also offer training but are great for socialization as well.

Start your research on this now as the options are abundant.  

Establishing a Veterinary - 

If you have an established Veterinarian that you trust and love, great, you are way ahead of the game. If not, make some tea, kick up your feet and get on the phone.  

Finding a trusted vet is no small feat. 

You will see this Vet and their staff multiple times in your pups first year so it's important to work with someone you trust and like. 

Can you get referrals from family and friends?

Do they have good reviews?

Are they somewhat local? 

Ask them about costs of some basic care as this varies by quite a wide margin. Ex. $40 - $198 for a basic office visit.  

Are they OK with you requesting to break up/spread out vaccines? 

It's a daunting task to find the right office to care for your new pup but one that is incredibly important.  

Insurance -

Will you buy insurance for your new pup? 

Reputable companies-

Pumpkin. Healthy Paws. Pets Best. Trupanion.. just to name a few are great.  

These companies also range widely on what they cover (prevention or/and accidental) and how much they charge ($50 - $170 on average)  

So lay out a few options and see what makes the most sense for you. 

Veterinarian offices often offer wellness plans for the first year including all office visits, vaccines, medications and spay/neuter. Ask them for prices on these packages. 


Food -

What do you want to feed your new pup? (after their initial first puppy bag)

It's a controversial topic with endless info. Out there on what is 'best'.

Kibble? Raw? Canned? Home made? Additions? Supplements?

Do what you feel is best but look into it now as it's a thick and lengthy topic. 


And then you may want to go over some basic house rules to make sure everyone included is on the same page - 


1. Where will you allow puppy to go in the house?

2. Is pup allowed on the furniture?

3. Who in the family is responsible for what?

4. Decide who does the early morning routine?

5. Who does the daily puppy care?

Does this coincide with work schedules?

6. Where will pup sleep? On bed, beside bed, separate room?

7. Are we going to allow the pup to take food from us at the dinner table?

8. What words are you going to use for basic commands? 

9. If you have children in the home - 

Do you know how your child is going to behave around a new pup and do you know how to guide your child in proper puppy handling techniques?

Not many people grasp this concept so let me fill you now - 

Goldens are VERY MOUTHY!  

On you, on your children, on your lawn, on sticks, on rocks, on anything on the ground, off the ground and everything in between. Get in the habit NOW of not leaving anything out that they can consume, because they will.  

Assess your yard and see if you need to put up fencing, barriers, rock guards, separate potty areas or all of the above. Many families have completely re done their yard before bringing home their new pup to accommodate this very mouthy new addition. 

Just in case.. not to freak you out or anything.. just so you have it in your files for that 'oh oh moment, we never want, but is a possibly' ... Find out where your closest ER Vet is, add their # into your contacts just in case your pup/dog consumes your toddlers corn on the cob whole at your 4th of July B-B-Q party! Heaven for bid! 


I pass along all this info. Not to overwhelm you by any means but only food for thought to ponder while you are dreaming of extra fur.  

A lot of this info. families don't put enough thought into pre puppy and then get overwhelmed with this whole list while taking care of their extra fur. 

Now that I have given you this 

'How to be better prepared' list ..

let me reiterate...

This new bundle of extra fur, love of your life, hold back nothing creature, soul searcher, heart string puller, unconditional love giving being is worth every second of research, all the time you dedicate into learning and figuring out what's ahead.

If you pour your heart and soul into them and they will give back to you 10x over.. and more. They will touch your deepest depths of your soul, warm your heart, mend your heart, change your life, change your current pets life, save your life and walk with you with zero expectations through this crazy thing called life.



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