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New pups SOON!

Everyone has been soaking up the few moments of sunshine that have come down and we've all been stalled in time under these brief moments of light. Not quite put your feet up with your tea on the porch kind of weather but definitely hang out with the animals a touch longer each and every day kind of weather. The dogs basked in the sunshine while I filled up another couple of pages full of photos of the girls looking amazing, lovely, beautiful and very queen like taking in the sunshine up on the spools. The goats got a new trampoline recently to lounge on and soak up some rays. The dogs gave them the side eye look wondering why they got the fun new trampoline and they didn't. Next time girls.

All the Reindeer pups continue to thrive, grow at their rapid pace, find their groove, and work their incredible magic. Small routine things day to day got altered as the families worked through what made the most sense in their household. All part of the fun of new puppy ownership. Some reached out on my fb puppy page looking for ideas on what to switch up which was amazing. I am simply astonished in the best way possible at how tightly knit this Hoekema puppy family has become. Offering to care for each other's dogs/puppies, sharing stories and photos, past litter pups connecting with current pups and visits amongst many of us.

Speaking of visits, I got to visit Webster (Dancer) today! I knew if I wanted to go visit a couple of the Reindeer pups I better get on it quick before I became crazy busy here again. Webster was SO incredibly chill, very well mannered, didn't jump up at all, was very content in his space and an all over just a phenomenal little guy. Thank you to Ellen & Upendo for having us today!

International Biscuit appreciate Day came and went with dogs being given stick 'biscuits' which they loved and kept them busy for some time.

The air shifted around here left and right this week but the girls still hold strong with their cycles and well... not cycling. It's all part of mother nature and her 'lovely' way to teach us patience and to let go of the things we cannot control. I ran some tests on Sola this week though at our local vet clinic just to double check her #'s as they would tell me if for some odd reason she pulled a 'silent heat' (no signs whatsoever). I've never had a dog do this on me but anything is possible in the dog world. Fortunately and unfortunately. I gave no energy at all to anything but good news to come back, and sure enough Sola's #'s and functions are completely healthy, on track and exactly where they should be at this stage leading up to her breeding window. I'm sure it'll be any day now. I keep thinking she's just being kind and waiting for sweet Meiko so they go through pregnancy and pups together this time "wouldn't that be fun!" (send help now) ha! Double the.... pups for people to choose from is what I fall back on.

So... I wrote this part last night trying to get ahead before my Webster visit today. As it turns out, as of this morning, Sola has actually started the next chapter for us here towards welcoming new pups soon! Yes, we have entered into a new chapter here with breeding, waiting for pups, and new arrivals soon! I am ecstatic, over the moon, tickled pink and any other saying you can think of really. This will be my 'Gem' litter. More precious than anything else. Something to cherish onward towards this journey that has started for so many. For those on this litter list, I can't wait to begin this next chapter with you all as we embark on this wonderful journey ahead. I will continue to watch Meiko closely to see if she will be 'pulled' into season with Sola. She's a bit early but as I know full well, anything is possible with these dogs. So we'll see. For all those on my upcoming next Meiko list, I will of course keep you informed of any new news and any updates that may happen along side Sola as time goes on.

The sunshine was amazing this week opening up many photo opportunities to capture these amazing pups in their full glory. As the snow melts away and the blossoms start to bud, I am welcoming it all.

I send all my best to everyone this week as you all start your own 'next chapter' in your own story so close to home.


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