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Mountain Pups 5 wks. old

These Mountain pups are no longer babies! No! They are rumbling and tumbling, wrestling, running and rolling. Faces have changed so much and expressions surface left and right. So entertaining!  Personalities are combusting and bouncing off each other as they explore who they are.


Confidence gets encouraged, built,  strengthened, guided,  adjusted and strengthened some more. Legs gain power as they motor over the slide structure and bodies quiver with excitement the moment they realize they have conquered this task. I am able to test these glimmers of moments and assess how ingrained they really are. I pull, I test,  I influence and see how much I can guide in one direction or the next. These photos below are shots of testing done on the Sweet Pups, but shows you a few of the intro level assessments that I do on all the pups here.

The weather has not allowed outdoor playtime this week into their toddler yard with bigger structures so we went to play with the 'Sweets' next door instead! The Sweet pups didn't last very long in their play session before getting tired,  but oh what fun these Mountain pups had! They all got along great and were obviously ecstatic to have an extra face to chew on! We'll have to make playtimes more frequent from here on out now that everyone is fully cruising around. The other dogs also filled some of their extra inside time with play sessions with all the pups.  So beneficial for everyone involved. 

Potty tray training has been completed and they show off their new conquered skill now with pride. Their nursery got re-vamped, re-organized and shuffled around to accommodate crates and a new side weaning pen for Sola. New happenings all the time around here! 

They took to the crates instantly and puppy piled all into one. So cozy!

First crate time is by choice but soon will be followed by short closed sessions for naps and mealtimes. Always as a positive place to be.  

Mealtimes are much anticipated with these food craving fluffballs. Ears dip into their dish and get thoroughly painted with mush. Time to get the scrunchies out to hold up their ears in a top knot! 

Oodles and bushels of photos and videos go out daily to the families that are itching to get their hands on these amazing fluffy pups. The curls coming in on these Mountain pups is excessively increasing by the day.  Everest has the most but Andes is gaining more and more every moment it seems.  McKinley doesn't have quite so much but still very much has Sola's dense thick coat. 

By next weekend families will roll in and finally be able to snuffle their noses into these amazing pups. Until then I will gladly do all the snuffling for them.  

The weather may be colder than cold this week but by mid afternoon the sunshine is out and one of the pups always gets to go for a walkabout in my puppy pouch. Even on the coldest of days the pups will at times pant with becoming too hot in my pouch. They love this cold weather!  We only got a brief dusting of snow/hail here which the dogs were thoroughly disappointed in. They looked at me as if totally confused why on earth they weren't gifted with more. 

I made sure I didn't show them photos of how much snow others got in surrounding areas! 

The week ahead will continue with more play sessions with the Sweets, more car outings, easily more walkabout and hopefully a few outdoor playtimes but not sure the weather will cooperate. 

This is the week that swimming lessons start! A perfect cold weather activity to fill in the gaps on these chilly days.  The hair dryer also gets introduced at a gentle distance. 

Such a fun week ahead!  Can't wait to share it with you all soon. 


Stay warm and safe everyone!  Mountain babes send their love to all! 


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