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Mountain Pups 4 wks. old

I am consumed in all the best ways possible with fur, fluff, wiggles, squeals, yipping, snuggles and puppy kisses. 

My Mountain babies are now 4 wks. old and only get more stunning by the moment. Their personalities are in full bloom and they make this very apparent to me each and every day. Everest is my laid back, chill, content boy that is aware and observes everything but is game to play with someone else initiates. The initiating usually comes from little 'Kinney' who loves to play and has taught her brothers the 'chew on each other's face' game very early. She's content to snuggle with Andes as he's my middle of the road boy, willing and eager to play and romp but loves a good snuggle when my lap is offered. They are winning me over more and more every second I'm in their presence. 

Everest is packing on the curls and yes, packing on the lbs. as well!

Trying here to break the 8 lb. mark. What a Chunk! The others aren’t too far behind.

Video calls are in full swing around here. I decided to wait a couple more weeks for in person visits because of the unknown illness that is still in question out there. I have so much enjoyed sharing these big beautiful pups with their families. I know the desire to snuffle into their fluff is high but visits are only a couple more weeks off so it'll be here before they know it. 


We have had the opportunity this week to go on many excursions out in the stroller, in the car and one by one they get the opportunity to snuggle into my sling for an independent walk about the yard. The other dogs got the chance to gently give kisses to all the pups this week which of course they loved. We also had an open day with the sunshine shining a bit warmer so these pups got the chance to have a brief play session out in the toddler yard with their slide.

They all did fantastic and as their little legs shook with uncertainty at first, they soon got them under themselves more strongly and you could see their gears turning a mile a minute figuring out how to get over that slide again. The other dogs rolled and romped next to them very curious on what was happening but focused on their own play session on the other side of the fence. This is great for these pups to observe at a distance and to see how big dogs should behave. If the weather allows in the next couple of weeks we will graduate to the bigger toddler yard with possibly 1 other adult dog as a role model. Tonka is always volunteering to play with the babies but he is still very aloof with his giant body and doesn't realize the power behind it yet. Leia might be a good intro playmate on her own. For now we'll see if this weather cooperates. Everything around here is getting winterized for this snow and chilly front that is rolling in. SO looking forward to the snow as these dogs absolutely LOVE when it rolls in! The puppy nurseries are cozy and warm so these pups will watch the snowy day activities through the window until they get a chance to immerse in it themselves, not soon babes not soon. So Sorry!


Other milestones that were crossed – Their potty tray went in and they all caught on extremely quickly. These ‘light bulb’ moments are amazing. Food got introduced a couple of days after their accomplishments with their tray. Licking at their food at first turned to actual munching and quickly to consuming. The frequency of meals is almost at it’s fullest as the introduction days play out. Sola is doing exception with the pups but as this next step in their journey unfolds she is naturally removing herself more and more. She knows exactly what, how and when to do this. She is no longer with the pups at night, again, she has done this on her own. She is choosing to be away from there for longer periods of time and will soon remove herself completely finishing off this last chapter of her story once these pups are 6 wks. Old.

Water exposure/stress and recovery training started this week. Giving them early exposure to water gives them an exceptional head start to their love of water long term. Also putting them in an uncomfortable situation briefly is hugely beneficial so they learn the stress and recovery method. They all recovered brilliantly with even a few licks of water in between for good measure.

Doorbell training also got implemented so now they get a warning of this doorbell as I enter. So much growth in these babies recently!

The weeks ahead around here will be hustling and bustling with excitement coming in from every angle as plans get figured out, buckled down and fine-tuned. I SO look forward to getting more little hands on these gorgeous Mountain babes. 

Love from all the pups here!


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