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Laid back & Cruising along

Very much a laid back,  mellow,  cruising along week filled with plenty of beautiful days for furries and non furries to lounge around.  No updates of any kind to pass along really other than everybody is healthy happy and loving life. We continue to be at the mercy of mother nature with heat cycles here.

She is definitely testing our patience this time round.  The girls continue to be on B- strong supplements which is a hormonal regulator that keeps natural cycles on track the way they should be.  So now we sit back,  try to relax and know without a doubt that everything is the way it should be.

Everyone here has been incredibly happy zooming around the yard chewing on each other's legs, ears,  tails and of course Leia. There is no shortage of entertainment or reasons not to laugh around here.  It's nearly impossible not to smile on their presence. 

They entertained a couple of visitors this week who came in to see them.  Meiko flashed her beautiful smile,  Tonka turned on his charm, Isla batted her eyes and Leia leaned in with her sweet little self.  Won everyone over of course in the blink of an eye.

Tonka has been filling out more and more lately getting wider thicker broader and more mature looking in his over all look. He continues to blow me away with his sweetest demeanor ever,  checking in with me constantly still asking to crawl into my lap at every chance he can get.  He's only 64 lbs. But now way too big and heavy for me to pick up anymore.  He is loving the girls in all ways a male should which is great, telling me we really shouldn't be that far off now for nature to shift.  Another massive benefit to having your own stud on property! 

My weekend is filled with joy from my girls as they gather to send their little sister and my right hand girl off to Tanzania tomorrow. Giggles, smiles and perfect chaos was had. This summer I will be taking on the dogs completely on my own. By the time Arai gets back at the end of July, I'm hoping pups will be close to showing up if things kick into high gear here soon.  Maybe mother nature is playing out in my favor and this is 'the way things should be'. Being blessed with 2 litters as soon as I have my right hand girl back! We all send our very best out to everyone as summer now comes in full force.

Stay happy and healthy and keep doing those happy heat cycle dances for us here!


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