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For those that have been following me for some time you would know of my 2+ year journey in my desire, my efforts and dedication in bringing in my own Sire here into my program. The research was extensive, the passing on certain litters due to not matching was painful, patience was tested to max and the fear was high of it not panning out in the end.

Well now the research has paid off, the patience that was needed has been worth every minute, the time and dedication in jumping through all the hoops necessary has also paid off. 


It is with immense excitement and overwhelming relief and joy that I am able to now officially add my very own sire here to my program.  

It is now Officially Tonka's Time.

Time for him to lead my pack, Time for him to shine.

Time to pass along his extremely heart warming demeanor and his calm soothing energy.

Time for him to have the great honor in being gifted the privilege to have the opportunity to pass along his genetics, his to die for personality and his gorgeous dapper looks to boot. Such an exceptional boy!

He has now indeed passed and cleared with flying colors all the tests I required of him to meet my highest standards of being my main corner stone here in my program. 

It's been a journey to say the least but I am ecstatic to announce that my darling sweet Tonka Time now takes the lead. 

I simply cannot wait to pass along little Tonka's to those that have been so eagerly awaiting their very own tiny Tonka!


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