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Introducing our Newest Addition!

Each and every dog that I decide to bring into my program, takes extreme consideration, a mass amount of research and many sleepless nights of deciding who the next girl will be to add into our hearts and home here.

I am beyond ecstatic to welcome in this next phenomenal girl.

Introducing to you all, our newest addition.... Isla Nae.

She comes from exceptional European lineage that has been clear of any genetic issues for multiple generations past.

She brings a touch of color for everyone to find the perfect balance for each and everyone of you. She has already passed her structural evaluation with top notch results by a world-renowned AKC Judge and structural specialist.

She has immediately displayed the sweetest demeanor and eagerness to please that I love to see early on in a pup. She is tuned into her people here like I have never seen. She is calm, controlled and an absolute doll. It was a 2 day trip to go and get her but totally worth it. The trip was extremely fun and my girls and I had a blast the whole way. We stayed in the cutest tiny home Airbnb space that also had a giant hot tub to soak away the travels. She did exceptional on the way back and is now settling in here like she already belongs.

Everyone is finding their groove with a new baby around. The other dogs each are building their own relationship with Isla and are figuring out how to weave her into the mix. It's really interesting to watch the process actually. We aren't wasting any time getting her introduced to everyone and everything around here. Meeting the chickens was a calm success, the horses she wasn't sure about but we'll work on that, she loved the goats... not sure the feeling was mutual though!

It was a gorgeous warm day out yesterday to explore the property and have plenty of play sessions out and about. She jumped right into the kiddie pool like she owned it. She did incredibly well in her crate for her naps and hasn't skipped one bit of food. So we are off to a great start with this little one. She'll go get established at my vet tomorrow to give her a once over. She didn't mind the car ride back here so the trip to the vet office should be a breeze. My daughter works at the vet office now so she personally will be able to give her own baby it's first check up which is crazy fun for her.

It will be some time of course before little Isla Nae babies show up but we all know that time flies by way too quickly so little golden Isla babes will be running around here before we can blink an eye. I know she will throw some outstanding pups.

For now my focus (already again) is on Sola and getting her set up to bring another beautiful litter to us here. She is on very close watch as she is within her heat window now. I have many very excited new families on board that I have the honor to work with this time round. I can't wait to drop a furry love bug once again into the arms of a smiling ear to ear new puppy owner. It never gets old, it really doesn't.

I hope everyone is enjoying these beautiful warmer days, staying healthy, staying happy and connected and enjoys their time as we head into this next chapter.


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