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Happy Mother's Day!

Often I marvel at mother nature and its unique adventures it has in store for us. So unbeknownst to us. Mother nature is so very supreme and often extreme as I stare out through this sheet of rain. It puts you in a sort of trance. All this water lately brings so much fresh mud to the surface but shades of green you never imagined. Adventure they say? or a real big mess! It rips aged tile from the roofs but makes up for with replication of life surrounding every inch of the ground. It leaves scars upon on earth but perhaps we need to see those scars to remind us how tiny we really are. Everything always changing, always rearranging but sitting so perfectly still in the middle of time. But time I have as I sit quietly on the porch with 1 dog's head in my lap and the other 2 dogs wrestling on my feet. Their energy switches all the time from fast and ferocious to calm and endearing between each dog.

Every single relentless rain drop that pounds down reminds me to bring in another load of wood chips for this yard. Mother nature devours every single one of them as my dogs help give them back to her, turning them over as offerings. Digging, a way too favorite game of a retriever.

Time ceases, blossoms sing and yet again holler at the blue skies at how small of a piece of this puzzle we all are. And I try to walk with my dogs attached to my feet to shake the water from my hair and know without a doubt that I am blessed with it all. We all are, watching tiny blooms peek their heads out from between a crack we didn't even know was there. Rains and scars, hues of green and homeless tiles. It's all a mysterious adventure playing out in front of us as we find our place within it. Time, breath, fur, silence amongst the buzz of it all.

I smile as I feel eyes plastered to the side of my head, a trait so engrained deep within these retrievers. They catch me trying to figure out this puzzle and how to make it all fit or not fit at all. My gears turn. They know, they know it all. They find the thought before it's formed, the tile you won't find for weeks, the heartache still immensely looming, the blade of grass unmoved, the illness underlying. Whatever it may be, they always know. They are part of this puzzle. Perhaps in a way a bigger piece than us in the way their instinctual behaviors play out each day. A soft paw on my leg, a nose to my hand at the perfect moment, a soulful look out of nowhere and a full blown attack when the timing is perfect.

Each dog in their own little world tied together, while mother nature chuckles from behind. She has her own plans as we continue to wait for Sola to come into heat and begin this new pathway for so many. At this point I wonder if the 2 dogs are naturally syncing up and waiting for each other to shift. It all makes me smile knowing perfectly unclear how this plays out in front of me. Energy pulls and phases turn and all we can do is find our place within it all. This adventure of living, laughing, wrestling and rolling. The dogs turn their own hue of green and brown this morning as they pick up the earth. What color are these dogs?! I think at times they turn this color game into a personal goal, spend more time green and brown than white and mission accomplished. The battle is real you guys. For those not on this adventure quite yet, you will find out all too soon how to appreciate a green dog and brown paws. Those already living this along side me, I know you share my 'joy'.

I love swapping these 'Joyful' stories of color changing days, fur flying moments, lost balls, broken hearts and peaceful moments. When I get caught up in it all I smile at the puzzle piece of a family anticipating fur on their floors and love in their face. A phone call breaks my focus of me being deep in research of endless pedigrees. I am always grateful for this connection that comes in at the perfect moment.

A voice of eagerness and anticipation. Perhaps a touch of hesitation to 'replace', a story of a heavy heart, thoughts of great longing, or a constant pull towards a steady dream.

All these stories have been poured upon my heart as I got the opportunity to have some more in person visits this week. This whole picture is so much bigger than just a puppy in a set of arms or the dream of owning a first dog. Filling hopes and dreams is what drives me forward.

Off on a thoughtful tangent this week I know. Trying to figure out so many things while realizing others. So many things ahead, wonderful things for so many. I'll try to come down out of the clouds.

Sola and Isla had their OFA eye exams cancelled last week due to the specialist catching Covid. The Dr. Is recovering and our exams have been rescheduled for next week. For Sola it's just a yearly re check and for Isla it's her initial exam. All fitting into the puzzle. I'll snap back into the now as a dog licks my face and reminds me of yet another meal that needs to be had and another round of chase that is absolutely mandatory. More gardening gets done with ‘help’ from the dogs as I transplant a piece of rhubarb and Meiko takes off with part of the root. The Comfry is as fuzzy as ever and the parsley is the first one to sprout out of the thick wet mucky garden. Who’s next? What’s next? Sola? You tell me girl! Silas is waiting for you! It’ll be right around the corner I am sure but for now patience is in place on this beautiful day. Yes, the dogs are still a bit wet, dirty and mucky from playing ball in the brief moment of no rain we had yesterday but they are extremely happy. For now I wish for you all a window of sunshine on this wonderful day to celebrate all the amazing mothers out there. I hope for you to find your moment in time to capture your piece of this glorious puzzle. Happy Mothers Day to all!


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