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'Gotcha Day' Another Chapter Closes

Another chapter closes and another one opens for one very special family. My heart will always be with this pup and he will always be 'Trooper' to me but I embrace 'River' with everything I am and my heart is bursting knowing that finally, he is where he is supposed to be.

As his family showed up yesterday and he ran to them wiggling his whole body around and around greeting them very 'retriever' like, I had to reel myself in. This was the moment I worked so tirelessly for, so much effort, so much hope, warding off fear and trepidation, pouring my heart and soul into this dear baby. This moment made it all worth every single second. Joy washed over me as I watched him transition from Trooper to River and wiggle his energy instantly into the hearts of his new family. This beginning was perfect in every way. So many firsts are ahead for them, so much to learn, so much to enjoy and so much to soak in as they start their new amazing adventures together.

As I watched them drive away my heart was a bit tighter than it usually is but also a bit fuller, if that's at all possible. I knew without a doubt he'll be just fine, more than fine, spoiled rotten is my hope.

Good-bye my sweet boy, be good, be entertaining, be a little naughty to teach your people to put away their socks more often, don't chew on too many sticks, be the best lap warmer, do what your told, lick often, love always, keep a hand on top of your head as much as possible, listen to Lila, follow Frazer everywhere, win their hearts and capture their souls.

I know we'll see you again down the road. I hope you'll be gorgeous and sweet as ever. Until then, get going boy, do your thing, try to sleep in their bed, don't let them out of your sight, and make me proud... I know you will.

The nursery got cleaned up quickly to keep my body and heart aligned in the right direction. It actually didn't get broken down all the way like usual but just changed up a bit. The box got switched back to whelping size, the gates stayed up, the camera repositioned and noses were amongst me at all times. I tried to clean the floors with the dogs under foot but I don't know what I was thinking! That's not possible, out they went. Plenty of leaves to chase as this stormy weather rains down plenty to play with.

There's not going to be much down time around here. New life will be upon us here again very soon. Just enough time to breathe a little, kick the leaves a bit then hunker back down to soak it all in once again.

Meiko is always extremely sweet, an under my hand kind of girl but this week the 'umm mom... I feel funny, I think I'll kick into clingy over drive this week' behavior really went into effect full bore! Sure enough everyone, we have new life coming soon. The ultrasound I ran confirmed this without a doubt. I am over the moon, thrilled beyond belief. I am hopeful with a touch of apprehension, but pulling in strength and positivity from every corner. I am more than ready to turn a new leaf, to bring in new life, new fluff, and new energy. I am more than ready along side with so many eager waiting families to welcome new little warm perfectly wiggly white fluffy babes here soon.

Isla and Leia are growing into down right gorgeous big girls. I am beyond ecstatic at how they are filling in recently. Getting a bit wider, a bit more lovely each and everyday. They play with each other constantly, making me wonder what the obsession is with attaching themselves onto each others ears or their legs and not letting go. Tails get chomped on, bodies get rolled, sand goes flying and everyone has me entertained for hours. I'm excited to see these girls as they grow into this next year getting ready to join the big girls in what’s ahead for them.

Sola is happy as ever not skipping a beat around here. Being goofy, being snuggly, being ever so good. She's just a big ball of beautiful energy that radiates through not only me but keeps everyone else on their toes and an extra pep to their step.

She stole our hearts from day 1, yes from day 1 we picked her out of 6 and by the time she completed her last assessment at the 8 wk. mark it was still her that stayed at the top of the list. I am hopeful she will stay here with us for many years ahead bringing us new beautiful Sola babes to bless more families with little fluffy balls of Sola love. By the time Christmas rolls over I hope Sola will be up to the plate once again because she deserves a comeback. Send your well wishes over to her, your prayers, good energy or whatever is your 'superpower' that you have to give.

I thank you all as I've already received so much love and support to us both through her last recent chapter. I will take this with me as we hopefully will write a beautiful new chapter in Sola's journey at the beginning of this next year ahead.

Enjoy the flying leaves and the fresh crisp air lately! Go for a walk and enjoy the thought of the Holidays right around the corner.


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