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Gem Pups 1 wk. old

Each step of the way I embrace what's ahead, what's been laid out in front of me and how and when it's being presented. I accept the flow of mother nature and work her wonders into what I do around here. Whether its dogs shifting or new puppies on the ground or the stud puppy coming in that you've waited for for so long. It's the nature of this journey that I dance everyday. And dance I shall as the joys around me are abundant and magnificent. To the 6 miraculous Gem Babies that I get the honor to raise, to the darling Stud prospect puppy that I finally was blessed with, and to the down right phenomenal families that I get to share all these joys with. What's joy if not shared right?!

The Gem pups are doing amazing. I share bushels of photos of them with their forever families each and everyday. I sit in their box and give mama Sola extra love and extra rub downs as I simply bask in the energy of these new beings. The sunshine falls onto part of their space and lights up their bright white coats. The crystals hanging in the window drop pieces of rainbows all over each baby blessing them from above. I run their ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) on them everyday, not sure who benefits more from this activity, me or them. I love this extra time I get to spend with them.

They are all between 2 - 2.5 lbs. Now which is blowing me away everyday as I see them pack it on. Meiko's last Reindeer Pups were only 1.5 lbs. At this point. These are going to be big dogs! Big, beautiful, gorgeous, more to love dogs. They are motoring around with their strong thick tree trunk legs exploring every inch of their space, their siblings and of course mama.

They briefly met the other dogs this week or should I say, the other dogs met them. They have been incredibly respectful of mama Sola's space even though it's obvious they are eager to meet the 'new toys'. Soon dogs soon.

I took them on their 1st car ride and stroller ride this morning to start in on their car/motion desensitization training. Not sure they loved the car but it was short and were back with mama shortly. The stroller was more of a hit it seemed.

Meiko is on her way with her new babes, bringing a whole new bushel of love to hopefully a handful and a half of eagerly awaiting families. She is as sweet as ever and I look forward to passing this demeanor on in her upcoming pups.

Tonka, my shining star around here, my darling snuggly block of a boy, is doing exceptional. He is still in quarantine but loving the individual time he gets to spend with his people. He'll meet the other dogs soon enough but for now the distant greetings will have to suffice. A slow introduction is what I'm aiming for anyway. By the time he gets introduced the high newbie energy he holds will have worn off a lot and a calmer pack energy will be created. He's sleeping a solid 8 hrs. Through the night (snuggle puppy for the win!) and being the perfect model pup for the Gem Families to show them what a new pup is capable of. He's under my thumb getting strict guidance in working the littermate energy out of him and transitioning him to a slower more confident calmer state. He gets hand fed 100% of the time to assist in this process. I couldn't be more thrilled with his progress.

The week ahead will hold more ENS work for the Gem pups, hair dryer exposure, more car rides, more stroller rides, more handling, and of course lots more snuggles.

Sola gets constant mama care in making sure all her needs are being met so she's able to give back 110% to her precious babes. She's such a good mama with the perfect balance of everything she's suppose to be doing. The heat this past week was a big rough on her with her dense coat but she just removed herself from the baby box to cool off when need be. The pups all spread out as well to find a cooler spot. The constant puppy piling that usually takes place hasn't been as high this week.

Their sweet squishy squashy faces capture my heart every time I stuff them into my own face. I can't wait to bless these families waiting with these chonky beautiful pups.

My summer will be full and busy but with a strong passion, (and a strong team) the workload is light.


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