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Focusing on my pack

The transition week between when a litter of pups goes home and getting into the groove of our own pack again is always a bit odd, slow and the energy always takes some time to shift. The mass energy that recently filled our space with little ones yipping and crying in demand for sole attention are now gone and the air around us settles into a quieter state. The thick air that a whole litter of pups creates is now also gone and a fresh breeze blows through the open window as spots of rainbows from the sun catchers in the window hit the walls around us. It's a reminder of beautiful things ahead.

The dogs rush in and out of the house not really expecting treats, only to check up on me as I continue to organize their space. Puppy collars get washed and put away, medications get pushed to the back of the drawer, records get filed and puppy towels get stored. I know all these things can't go far when I think of what's ahead. Even though new life isn't quite on its way yet, I know I'll blink and wee cries will fill this space again before I know it. We sit back and patiently wait for nature to shift for Sola. Isla is just entering the world of joining the big dogs of sharing her little ones with the world. She has a sense of what's ahead for sure even though she really won't quite grasp the whole concept until that 1st ball of fluff gets under her chin. I know she'll do incredible. Our little hopeful Leia has just recently been put on watch waiting for her cycle to come around for the 1st time. All milestones for these girls one step closer to where they were meant to be. And then dear sweet Meiko has regained all her weight + some since pups and her body score couldn't be better. Her energy is top notch as she rolls, wrestles, and tears up the yard with Sola, her favorite playmate. She may only have a month before she also gets put into the window of watching for those first signs of nature shifting again. If it's a couple extra we sit back and let her enjoy her solo time basking out in the sun that is gracing us a little more each and everyday around here. All the girls are extremely clingy, if that's at all possible for a golden retriever! as I know their hormones are flipping gearing up for what's ahead. I pour every ounce of love into each of them as I run and play with them all a little longer this week as they have my sole attention at this point.

Isla and Leia team up and try to chew each other's legs off, eat one another's heads, try to detach a tail or remove an ear. It's a great energy outlet for them but also endless entertainment for us here.

I back up against the house protecting my knees from being taken out at the ankles as Meiko turns into a zoomie queen this week. Sola keeps up with ease with the power of a freight train coming over the hill. The sand in their yard also eats their energy for breakfast and before you know it all the dogs are piling into the water bucket repeatedly. Their favorite friends, their favorite playmates. My smile is wide and my heart is full watching my favorite fur friends combust their love onto each other just like a well meshed pack should.

This year ahead is a year I've been working towards for years now. Great anticipation for great success and mass excitement. I've poured my heart and soul into my program here for years building a strong, solid, sound foundation in these dogs to create this year ahead here and all that it will not only bring us here but bring to you all. I have the great honor of helping to create new stories, rebuild loss, add to hopes and dreams and fill hearts and homes for so many hopefuls eagerly waiting for their very own ball of fluffy, naughty, clingy, loving little goodness of a pup.

For now, we let the energy around us float down and settle into a day to day routine of some extra love, some extra attention with a taste of hidden training, catching up on pedicures and some new photos of just the girls in their pack being pack girls.

I know all the Reindeer pups are where they are supposed to be but hearing all their updates warms my heart to no end. In this week transitioning from one moment to the next, I am blessed to have such amazing families sending me updates of so much love, so much joy and much success. I am a touch more confident that each and every task that I have committed to doing here for my babies is paying off. By the end of their first week they are all sleeping through the night without a fuss in sight. Potty training has been almost completely smooth sailing for all. Every little moment of goodness that one of these pups has shown of their perfect retriever personality is captured instantly in everyone's heart. I didn't doubt this connection for a second but it always touches my heart to hear it come back as feedback. Here's a few updated pictures of the Reindeer pups in their new homes.

I am eager to start this journey once again with not only 1 'litter' of new families but 2 new 'litters' of families ahead. Sola should be shifting any day now and Meiko isn't too far behind. They didn't sync cycles last go round but it's super common to have this happen to girls that live together. The longer they are together living in the same place, the higher the chance is of this happening so it's very much on my radar! So for those who are waiting for a Sola pup, thank you for your patience and those that are waiting for a Meiko pup, your time might be earlier than expected. Either way we all know that time flies and puppy breath will be in the air again here before we know it. Enjoy this sunshine that has been brightening up our days and the new warmth as it brings up new shoots of flowers and plants everywhere. Before long, flowers will bloom and babies will be in your arms ever so soon. Until then, we all send our very best as always.


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