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Flower Pups 2 wks old

My squishy squashy potatoes are starting to get wiggily! Bellies are coming off the floor, legs are starting to be under them more and more and heads are up and looking around. and yes, their eyes have peeked open and are taking in the outside world.

Their ears will be last to open, within this next week but my music will start to play for them now. The day that this milestone is crossed I can see the shift in the way that they move. Was it Classical? Folk? or Indie that they checked this milestone off during. Will it continue to be their favorite? or will they take to something else as the weeks move forward. Always fascinates me.

As their little legs become stronger I watch the power behind their little toe beans as they fight for lead position at the milk bar. I have a couple of these pups with spotted toes that flash out at me as they push and wriggle around. So cute! They are finding their voice more and more as well every day. Squeaking and squawking looking for mama.

Meiko is doing fantastic. She is incredible at what she does and knows exactly what these little ones need and at what stage of the game. Minutes get removed from each session up to the milk bar and more minutes get tacked onto sunbathing outside.

Petunia continues to be the biggest and Lily the smallest, but Petunia is definitely the laziest and Lily for sure is the mightiest. Zin gets around, Poppy follows, Bluebell is content, and Buttercup is an observer and everyone else partakes in the big pile of potatoes in the middle. Of course this is way too early to tell if all these traits will stick around but it's still interesting to note.

Pups got out for a few car rides this week as well as a few stroller excursions around the property. The weather for this has been nothing but spectacular. Everyone got their first round of meds and nails trimmed numerous times. Oh how fast they grow! A few baths took place as I think the brothers got mad at the sisters one day and decided to be revengeful and poop all over the tops of them. Naughty boys!! Everyone got their big kid collars as well sporting them with pride.

The week ahead everyone will be up and running after each other and looking for more space. Their nursery will be opened up a touch for this growth to take place. Outside playtime will also take place closer to the end of next week. Milestones to cross and boxes to check off. I know the big dogs are very eager to meet the new babies. They have met them briefly as I pass through their yard with them sniffing the newcomers.

Once the pups get the opportunity to play in the puppy space the big dogs are ecstatic. I'll give them another week before I let Tonka play with the 'new toys' as the Flowers are still small and Tonka is so much bigger then he was when he was playing with the Gems. For now we'll stick with playtime between a fence. ...ok, maybe just a sniff or two.

Tonka continues to blow me away with his calm demeanor and content nature just to be sweet without hype. He's eager to please without a high drive to push his limits. He's slow and steady and sure on his feet. His feet are growing faster then the rest of him, giving me a clear indicator that he's going to be a big boy. So looking forward to watching his dapper self grow into his lanky body and through into a strong handsome stud of a muffin.

All the Flower Owners are excited beyond belief and as updated pictures flood out to them the 'itch' to get their hands on these incredible little love bugs is getting very very real. The time is passing by so quickly but when you don't have your hands on these gorgeous babes daily, I understand the clock ticks a little slower. Visits aren't too far off though and I'm very much looking forward to sharing these nuggets with a few of these very special families.

My puppy team here is once again complete as my right hand girl, Arai is back from Tanzania. We hired a caretaker for the Dogs and 'Flowers' here for a spell and enjoyed some time away to ourselves to recover, refresh and get back on track as the amazing team that we are. Her passion for what we do here is just as strong as mine so I love the transfer as we work in unison side by side. My days flow better now that she's back, not just because she is my main helper but just because I don't have a piece of myself missing. She's a big part of who I am so my heart beats better now that she is back.

I will get this out to you all as I know I am one day behind in updating everyone!!! All my best.

Here's a few extra photos for everyone!

ok just a couple more.... that's it! I promise!


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