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Creating a new chapter for Sola

Again, more moments to be grateful for sunshine and warmth. I can't help it as I eagerly await the warmer months ahead. Sola sits in the sunshine this morning soaking up the mere bits of warmth while getting mobbed with mass amounts of sunshine. SO nice! The ground is frozen and their paws are red from the chill but they would stay outside basking all day if I let them. Leia dives to the bottom of the water bucket breaking up chunks of ice to munch down in mouthfuls. They all love this game so it's become a bit of a morning ritual lately. I scoop big pieces of ice out of their buckets for them so they don't have to soak their whole faces in the ice cold bucket, even though it doesn't phase them in the slightest.

Sola has a body score to drool over, Meiko still trim but lovely as ever and the younger girls are filling out in structure and in coat each and everyday.

More and more birds are coming by lately to chat to the dogs. This is what they are looking at in these pictures, singing away 'just for them' by the looks of it. Spring is trying to break through! Bring it on! We are ready!

Sola cruises along being quite mellow and a touch more clingy this week. It's what is to be expected in this next chapter for her with her breeding window right around the corner. Silas sends his love, telling her all about how he can't wait to see her again in this upcoming week. It's been a minute he says.. a long minute. I know Si. I'm sorry! It's going to be a busy week but well worth all the trips to go see her stunning boyfriend.

The months ahead from here on out always fly by. It's the fact that we'll have dates to shoot for and to look forward to. I'll update everyone more on exact dates after this week ahead is completed and successful. If everything goes as planned though, we will have another bushel of beautiful Sola pups on the ground once again by the beginning of May and ready to go home to a few very blessed and lucky families by the beginning of July. If you are one of lucky few who are lined up for one of these phenomenal pups I am ecstatic for you, as I know you will love your Sola pup just as much as I love my Sola. She's a big girl with a big heart and a soul and spirit of gold. I have no doubt that she'll pass along all these qualities to more amazing pups in her future here with us.

Here's a good photo showing you the massive size of Sola's paws, almost as big as my palm in this picture and almost 50% bigger than the younger girls'. More sunbathing photos, their favorite thing to do lately, Meiko hanging with the goats and the horses and of course the young'ns still trying to chew each others legs off.

I very much am looking forward to getting to know a whole new bunch of families ahead as we step into a new chapter and new life.


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