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Belly Bump!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Here's the ever so anticipated Belly Bump post everyone! Yes it has arrived in full bloom. I see it almost growing daily at this point. 3 weeks to go but so much growth still to take place. Sola is gaining weight slowly just like she should and laying around a touch more just like she deserves to do. She looks up at me as if to say "how much longer, I'm tired?" but I know her better than that, she really is saying "How much longer.... till I get to meet my little babes." She's an amazing mother, incredibly attentive, very careful, gentle and more than willing to spend endless hours just laying and caring for all her bundles of joy. Her last litter was nothing short of cared for to the tee by her. I don't doubt she'll follow suit yet again.

I also have extremely high hopes for Meiko as an upcoming mama. She was tolerant beyond belief with Sola's last pups. I have pictures of those babies crawling all over her, pinning her down and her just looking at me with a complete and utter amount of joy on her face for every single second she got to spend with them. I understand this feeling as it's the contentment and joy that also washes over me when I get to spend every waking moment with my kiddos. Meiko is pushing out dates still.. as each day passes and she has yet to go into season. *sigh* oh Meiko. I was so hopeful it was going to be so soon as she was throwing me little signs here and there. These dogs! It makes me wonder if it's been this heat that is throwing off systems a bit. Who knows but once again we accept what is with maybe a quiet mild grumble in the back of my head. Sshhh! You didn't hear that.

Speaking of spending time with my own kiddos, 2 of my girls went through a rough couple days this week with the flu. I wished at every second I could take it away from them but I just had to let it run its course. I say what I always say, "It's extra time I get to spend with my girls" I've always looked at raising my kiddos this way. I blink and the baby stage is gone, blink again and they are toddling across the floor, turn my back and a boyfriend is sitting on my couch, job applications are spread across my counters, and dirty scrubs fill my laundry bin. and I GET to spend this time as each one of my girls spread their wings and I am blessed to be part of every second of it.

Here's some growing babe pictures for you all. The 'babies' of the bunch, Isla filling in more and more recently and Leia still gangly but gleaming with future potential.

Isla is still trying to drill into Leia how to be a good girl. Isla has always been good as gold and Leia has always had a streak of naughtiness in her. It's interesting how their personalities are very apparent and clear, similar but different for being half sisters. I'll try my very best to have a strict talk with Leia that if she is going to have the privilege to play with the new babies that she is NOT allowed to show any one of them any naughty tricks! I have a feeling I will be using the new puppy pen just to separate Leia a bit!

On the home stretch with the puppy pen. The dogs have been great supervisors every step of the way.

They look on approving our work as they dive into their pool showing off their dolphin maneuvers and their ability to dig up just enough dirt from below the chips to roll in to cover every inch of their body. I think it's a cooling routine and one that they seem very proud of! gggrrrr, lovely. They seem to all be dry (mostly, except Sola's chin and behind her crimpy ears) by the end of the day though and all that dirt magically falls back into the earth. Their coats once again gleaming white or in Isla's case, golden honey colored. Here's the babies showing off during 'golden hour'

Oh! I got the pleasure of meeting up with one of Sola's babies from her last litter! He is huge, beautiful and oh so sweet. You can tell he is going to a exceptionally gorgeous boy when he grows into his full potential.

As we count down the days for Sola's pups to arrive and try not to count the days that Meiko is delaying her babes! ... we fill our days playing with other critters here on the farm. The goats always entertaining, the chickens have a new boyfriend that they are admiring, the kittens are starting to scamper over the patio now like little ants and 4 little gorgeous baby bunnies arrived for us 2 days ago healthy and happy.

Everyone here from the 4 leggers, all the 2 leggers, the fur filled calls from all the critters.. they all send their love.


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