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Anticipating a great year ahead

Everyone here on the Homestead sends their very best to each and everyone of you. We wish we could share the fur, the slobbery kisses, the hours of snuggles and evenings of running with the horses. We think of you all oh so often and how many amazing families are very much looking forward to having bundles of fluff in their own homes very soon.

My heart pours into these dogs as I know what a great privilege I have in helping to bring this joy in and back in to your hearts and home. All the stories that I now have become a part of warms my heart making the days ahead brighter and a touch more itchy with anticipation.

The days tick by continuing to remind me that mother nature is in control and that everything will line up when it is most intended to. Dogs are always on their own timeline and we just roll with what we are given. I did want to make sure though to cross all my T's and dot all my I's just for peace of mind that Sola was indeed still on the right track. If I am not right smack in the middle of puppy time, rest assured I am doing everything in my power to pour energy into keeping everything up to par and exactly where it should be. My most trusted Vet as always, squeezed us in to see Sola on Fri. to check her out. She said she looks absolutely fabulous, her weight looks perfect and her body score spot on. Her Heat Cycle is near as all the pre checks she did are showing signs of her being very close. She confirmed my suspicion of my 2 girls trying to sync up. She said it happens more often then people think. The visit gave me peace of mind to continue to just do what I do best and take care of these mamas for you guys so happy healthy pups show up to pass along to you. By the time you all come to visit it very well looks like we might have double the pups, double the fun, double the craziness for you all to immerse yourselves in. Oh the Joy! I've starting to do some double puppy nursery shopping, bought new whelping boxes already and will buy more playpen panels soon. Gearing up for the 'fun' chaos ahead. I think I shall also start double sleeping now while I can!

Our little Isla Nae is not so little anymore, packing on the weight by the day and her big girl coat is finally coming in more dense and curlier than I expected which is a very huge bonus. She continues to be good as gold passing every test I put in front of her. Her training earned her a trip to school and to a special lunch-in event. Everyone doted on her and she did incredible with the whole day. We'll see how far she can go. Her structure is impeccable and her last evaluation with her structural specialist was phenomenal. I'm thrilled beyond belief to have this girl on board with us here.

Meiko is still my go to girl for snuggles and love at every turn. Her smile is plastered across her face in every single photo I take of her. I really do believe has been put on this earth for us to brighten every moment around her. She has the well known retriever 'lean' down to a Tee. If I'm not moving she's right there against my leg making sure she attaches herself Just perfectly. Touch therapy is what I tell people just another quality these dogs have. She's always loved the neighbors horses but lately has really developed a close fondness for these fence line friends. The horse is the one that actually started the friendship and Meiko realized pretty quick she wanted on board. The horse starts the chase and the 2 run up and down the fence line racing each other until they run out of space. The horse romps and frolics off in in frenzy while Meiko lays quietly by the fence waiting for him to come back to start the game all over again. Sola continues to shove her squeaky ball directly into my hand insisting I throw it for her for the hundredth time while Isla sits quietly and contently on my legs watching everything deciding who and what she wants to be when she grows up.

Water for my dog yard just got a little closer and a touch more convenient! Yah! A crazy deep and long trench got placed last weekend below the freeze line, drain rock got brought in and the water spigot got installed yesterday. What we get excited about around here! Yah for easy access to water!

All this rain has made my gardens greener than green can be imagined and all the canopy trees lower than desired. No hesitation or much thought is given to intensely whacking back the impending foliage. In this area you turn your back and the forests engulf you before you put up your defenses. My yard trimmers stay on the ready. The ferns in the dog yard are growing up strong and mighty giving it their very best to stand strong in anticipation of the masses of short furry ferocious munchers that are on the horizon that decimate their frons like candy. They do their job to entertain each season though.

The rain falls outside once again now in buckets as the dogs look outside as if they are being punished. They love it out there under the sheets of rain, down amongst the mud and rolling in the soggy grass. For now it'll be a quiet Sunday. All our best, of course we'll be in touch very very soon.


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