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Welcome our newest addition!

This announcement is over 1.5 yrs. In the making so as I write this, my heart is all in and I am consumed in the best way possible with love for this little guy....

It is with the most exuberant enthusiasm ever, that I have the utmost pleasure to introduce to you all, the biggest move for me yet.... it is my honor to introduce, the one that completes my program...... Hoekema Homestead Tonka Time.

For those that have been following me these past few years might have remembered me mentioning him over 1.5 yrs. Ago and how I was trying to complete my program with my own stud so I could work completely independently. I tried to match up pedigrees, find the perfect pairing, have test scores high enough that my chances of him not clearing would be next to nothing. I was trying to bring in this perfect boy. Well easier said then done. 2 pedigrees would match, then 3, but never 4. Pregnancies failed, genders in litters were imbalanced, ect. Over and over. I soon refrained from talking about him further, fail after fail and kept this hope, that was fading with time, to myself as I had enough disappointment in this journey.

So without wasting anymore time in finding the perfect pup, I made the perfect pup, special order per sae. So here we are as of yesterday, my time is now, Tonka's time is now, it is ... TONKA TIME.

My daughter, Arai and I were on the road from 6am to 4pm yesterday going south and then directly back again to pick up this gorgeous beefcake of a boy. My other team members stayed behind to hold down the fort and watch over the gem babies. It was MY Gotcha day, one I had been waiting for, for over a year and a half. It couldn't have have gone any better. With stories from ear to ear from my daughter all the way there, the time flew by. Soon white fuzz covered every inch of us (due to being freshly bathed) and sweet puppy kisses were in the air. He has a phenomenal pedigree with exceptional longevity and testing scores on both sides to blow you away. His blocky head is to die for, his dense thick coat is going to be stunning down the road, his structure is perfect, his demeanor is sweet as pie, and his big thick body is as strong as a Tonka Truck itself.

I'm over the moon for this little big guy. So far he's been such a love! so eager to please, super smart and very attentive. He slept through the night form 9pm to 5am like a champ. His vet visit this morning went exceptional and passed all his assessments with flying colors. My daughter did his exam and then passed him around her clinic where of course he stole the show.

I look forward to working him into my pack here and seeing how he grows into his role here to take on my girls. I guess I didn't think 4 teenagers, 4 kittens, 4 acres of land, 6 puppies, and 4 dogs was challenging enough!

I now take on this amazing pup with confidence, whom has a massive role here with us and I have no doubt is going to bring nothing but a bright brilliant future here for us all.

He has the added bonus of being my shining star, my model puppy, the one to lead the way and to help show these GEM families how it's done. What a benefit! I look forward to sharing his journey with you all.

Go Tonka, my sweet boy. Love everyone, love your girls, be sweet, be good, be strong and mighty and love like no other. Make this your's Tonka time.

He has my whole heart already....and I think Arai's as well.💖


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