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Waiting for pups to arrive!

No pups yet everyone! But Sola says she's ready now. Soon girl soon!

Mamas are baking right along and doing great. Sola is feeling her weight these days and she is very much ready for these babies to show up. Her past pregnancy lengths are longer than average so I am not concerned in the slightest that she is holding on to them a few extra days. 

Isla is getting thicker and wider by the hour. She has a longer body and is holding these pups really high up under her rib cage. You can see it in the pictures where her whole torso is filled out and not just her tummy. She's doing amazing and now loving her new nursery space. Her puppy count x rays are this upcoming Wednesday so we will have a final double count here very soon!

It's been a challenging week here to put it lightly. I am blessed in many ways that it could have been a whole lot worse but it had me challenging my sanity at times!

This down pouring rain has been thick, mighty and relentless. The dogs love it but with it coming down in sheets it soaks them pretty quick. Their heater in their house is turned up pretty high now though so they dry fairly fast. 

Our road into town completely flooded over closing down the road for the day. I had to make an emergency trip to the vet with our cat and was able to cross our road early in the morning but was indeed trapped on the other side by the time I tried to get home. Thank god for my team at home which at this point only consisted of my daughter.

Sola's temp was stable and normal so I wasn't worried of incoming pups at that time. Even so, she has birthed pups before and I have full confidence she could do it again if need be. After a 3 hr. detour to get past 5 mins. of road I was to be home safe and sound, dry and cozy trapped in for the day. Mother Nature calmed down by the next day and I was able to continue my fight for my cat, making multiple trips back and forth to the ER as his health increased, decreased and eventually led to surgery but is back home again now recovering like a champ.  My sleep is compromised but with my daughter by my side we were able to tag team through. We both have become master nappers. 

Sola cruised through her due date on Fri. probably knowing full well I had my hands full with other tasks at hand. Someone I guess thought I wasn't challenged quite enough this week and threw into the mix of bringing down my husband with Covid. I am mastering my breathing techniques and practicing my daily chanting. If I didn't chant before today, I certainly do now! "This too will pass!" "I've got this!"

SO excited for these 2 piles of pups ahead! Yes I have my hands full but we all do the best we can with what we have at the moment. We all go through ebbs and flows in life even though sometimes life gives you an extremely long line of ebb ebb ebb ebb ebb ebb's before your 'flow'. 

There is nothing quite like squishy squashy sweet smelling potato bodies to lift the spirits and bring a smile to a face. I will update everyone again here immediately (no I won't make you wait until next Sunday) once the pups show up with the grand news! and then not too far behind, Honey Sweet pups! My daughter and I share a birthday tomorrow so maybe we will be lucky and get pups before the close of our celebration day.

Stay safe everyone, be well, stay healthy and we all send our very best!


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