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Upcoming Special Events

The upcoming whirl of the speed of life is definitely creeping into my site as the days fly by at a rapid pace.  

Dates of more than a few special events are becoming very real and very close.  The excitement is high and the antsy eagerness from many is lofty.  I share in these moments from all too tickled pink families knowing very well of the nearing arrival of their forever after.

Stories continue to pour in, phone calls are happily long, laughter is shared and sorrows are briefly touched on but quickly filled with joy hearing about their upcoming new floof once again filling their home.  

Meiko is doing fabulous,  truck'n along like a Trooper. Her growing belly bump continues to make her legs shorter and her frame smaller. She is taking full advantage of these gorgeous days to sunbathe up on the spools soaking up the heat.  Her belly is out in full force in all its glory.  Her puppy count x-rays are this week to give me a count of how many wee ones to watch for on arrival day.  My guess is definitely more than a handful.  Arrival of these babes by next week is now very much right around the corner.  The nursery will get put up this week,  organized,  made comfy  cozy and made available for Meiko to start her nesting process to get ready to welcome her baby floofs. 


Isla's and Leia are both within their pre breeding window now and we are preparing for what's ahead for these 2. 

We made an outing to visit our vet this week for their pre breeding check ups and Brucellosis testing. They staff at the clinic loved them both and they sailed through their check ups with passing flying colors.  One step closer for these 2 in their next next chapters ahead. From here on forward they will move into their 'on watch' window and new Isla & Leia pups hopefully will be on the upcoming schedule soon! 

I will be holding back a pup from Leia's litter for my next incoming breeding prospect for my program here so I have a personal investment in this litter that I'm more than ecstatic and excited for.  

Tonka also holds a couple of special dates on my calendar in the next 2 weeks. This week and next week he gets his last 2 clearances done to hopeful get his official entry certifications into the breeding program here.  This is beyond a huge move for me,  him and our pack as a whole.  It's unity.  It's independence. It's pack completion.  

This has been years in the making with great patience,  careful selection,  and dedicated effort to make this all come together seamlessly. 

My hope is that all this time,  careful research and precise calculation will immensely pay off and my plans for this phenomenal boy will go as close to my set up plans for him as possible.  

My nerves run high but my confidence in these clearances ahead are higher so my heart soars. 

He continues to exceed all my expectations in all areas.  His structure is shining without question.  His movement is flawless.  His personality is sweeter than I've ever seen in any dog.  His demeanor is settled,  aware,  tuned in and calmer then I've ever seen.  

He's captured my heart from day 1 and has crept into my soul like I couldn't have dreamt possible.  I am beyond honored to have the opportunity to pass along his pups hopefully very soon.  They are going to be remarkable beyond question.  

Nothing is official yet of course but my hopes are flying high for his future.  

I hope everyone is getting out today somewhere beautiful. A mountain top, a forest trail, an open beach, a friendly park or any wide open space to run and spread your wings. 

Capture the fresh air. Soak in the heat. Run in the surf. Tear up the trails. Stretch your legs. Dance like no one is watching and let those smiles run wild.  

Stop time.  Slow your roll.  Be in the moment.  Be immensely grateful and continue to dream of extra golden glitter ahead.   


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