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Sweet Pups are now all in their new 'fur'ever homes

I could dive into the cliché 'time flies' 'where did that time go' or 'in the blink of an eye' or 'in a flash' but more so my focus is heavy on ever single moment that I spent in awe that I got the privilege to raise these amazing pups. Gratitude. Overwhelming immense gratitude. 

Moments were consumed as I sat in their pen with them either with music playing in the background or yet another podcast filling the air.  

Shark teeth on my toes, a ball of fluff sleeping on my lap and entertainers splooting down the slide head first. Eyes searching, paws asking and endless tails helicoptering.

Minutes turned into an hour easily,  hours turned into days constantly and the days blended into the weeks that lead them all one step closer to them now being in their forever homes.  

All their milestones were blown out of the water and their skills and eagerness for more was astonishing. This was a down right impeccable litter of pups. 

3 of these dear sweet pups are going to be forever loved on by amazing families and not only are the other 3 going to be forever loved as well but they will also have the opportunity to lay their heads on those in special need.  

Finding these 3 special pups for me was a weight on my shoulders like I've never experienced but these pups were so incredible that they lead the way and helped me greatly with this decision. I was extremely honored to be in this position. 

Assessment after assessment were made,  observations after observations were noted, test after test were given and in the end it all became clear.  

I am extremely looking forward to watching the journeys of all these pups and the wondrous lives they will all lead. Big jobs ahead dear pups but I have full faith that you will conquer them all and love every single second.   

Goodbye sweet Sugar, rock being Mallory and give kisses daily to those around you.  You are going to be loved and doted on like you deserve.  Be good and try your best always. 


Goodbye darling Honey who goes out into the world now as Princess Cooper Kai. Snuggle your people with eagerness and fill that void in the house once again.  Being new joy where it has been lacking.  


Goodbye sweet sweet Caramel,  a boy who stole my heart.  Remind your people daily that you deserve to be spoiled rotten.  Try to contain your growing puppy wiggles and remember you truly are a calming soul and a heart capturing boy. 


Goodbye my gorgeous Stevie who is now known as Finneous. Sweet Finn I have no doubt is going to fall in love with Ladybird and the 2 of them are going to be fast friends in no time.  Be good to Ladybirds tail, I know it's magnificent and highly irresistible to latch onto. 

Love hard and listen the best you can. 


Goodbye my big beautiful Agave who is destined to be in great arms as he will rock his new name,  Tofu. Your heart was supposed to be connected to this family who I have full faith will lead you onto great things. Lay your head onto those in need and connect to their heart in ways only you will be able to.  Love hard sweet boy as you go out into this world to change lives. 


And then there was 1...

Dear sweet darling Monk Fruit who has the weight of the world on his shoulders but my hope is he doesn't feel a thing.  

Now known as Olaf has big plans to not only change the life of one very special human but has goals to be a rock star leader for so many others.  

The goal is for him to be a fully Certified Service Dog for a dear friend of mine and certified dog trainer. She has needed this boy in her life for too long so I am honored to have this opportunity to get this pup into her life. 

Leading the way in her training he will hopefully be a great role model and demo his skills, tasks and knowledge to so many future families out there. 

May the disability of your human be lighter because of you and your presence make her day easier because you love her with everything you've got.  She needs you,  but I know you need her as well.  

I so very much look forward to working with these 2 in the future as they take my new families coming up under their wings and help them get a strong stable foundation under them.  

Goodbye my darling sweet Monk Fruit.


And so it's a wrap, a beautiful glorious heart felt wrap. All bundled up in floof, fur, toe beans, slobbery kisses and heart clenching goodbyes as they are all now exactly where they should be.

Tonka, my tuned in lover of a boy brings me back to being grounded.  So aware so clued in to everything and everyone around him.  Always a gentle nudge, never a mouth laid on a hand.  Always a look and never a jump.  How did I get so blessed by this magnificent creature.  

Isla has her full energy back now and plays and rolls with Leia as if they were puppies without a care in the world again.  Dodging the spools, darting around the stumps and flying into the tunnel as they run laps around the yard in the sunshine that we've been graced with recently.  

I think we all are happy to have a bit drier weather. Crocuses are sprouting, rhubarb has surfaced, grass has been mowed and the squirrels scamper through it all.  


Meiko tucks herself under my hand like she always does contently observing the commotion around here.  If she's not under my hand she's up a top her stump just taking in her surroundings. She always hopes for sunshine and flops down in the window of warmth where she can find it. 

My sun basking mama.  

Yes, once again a mama. 

She now has been confirmed with pups indeed on the way, due at the end of March. Perfectly perfect gorgeous Meiko babes will bless another 'litter' of families and hearts and homes will be changed forever.  

I have another group of phenomenal families ahead that I get this opportunity to work with. Families who have waited for that perfect timing,  that perfect moment in their lives to take this next step.  To fill a void,  to start a story,  to add a chapter or to turn a page.  

Hesitant hands will become confident and heavy hearts will be lifted at that first wiggle of fluff. 

Special needs will become easier with this pup in their lap. Eagerness with the children waiting will be a challenge and a lesson in patience will be at hand.  I promise kiddos,  it'll be worth it. 

So we now wait for this 'Bird' litter to arrive,  little 'chickadee' will steal a heart, 'Phoenix' will capture a soul, magnificent 'magpie' will pull laughs and 'King Fisher' will lead the way for them all.  So many new stories ahead!


We'll hopefully see you all so soon my sweet Sweet pups! 

Our yearly gathering of our 'sea of white' is very much on my mind and one that is going to be worked into the schedule very soon. I hope to make this next gathering bigger,  grander, more fluff and have many more families join us for this extremely fun event this summer!!!

LOVE TO ALL from our pack to yours!


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