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Sweet Pups 7 wks. old

Sweet darling mama of these amazing pups glows with pride as these pups have crossed milestones faster than any other litter I've had, are drop dead gorgeous and smarter than probably their own good. Floof and fluff scamper under my feet challenging my balance and foot placement every inch that I move. Eager to lock eyes, searching for direction and waiting for a lap to show up. Every pup has blown me away and completely stolen my heart.

My chest starts to tighten knowing that soon the same will be happening for the families that will be coming in for these amazing pups. In different ways we shift but all in the best ways possible. I am beyond proud of these Sweet pups as they have shown me that goals can passed and not only can milestones be broken but smashed into a million pieces.

Days, hours, minutes and moments flash past in a whirl of commotion as baths are had, last meds are given, field trips out to the Vet are had and glorious weather shines around us. We soak in the last days with this Sweet pups.

Their Vet visit was extremely eventless and went flawlessly. Everyone passed their exam with flying colors with ooh's and ahh's from every angle.

The weather turns a touch warmer and so I get the pups get outside as much as I possibly can. Tonka continues to be simply perfection with them and Leia loves to pretend she's their mama. Everyone is having a grand time as we are on our last chapter here.

Honey is as sweet as her name. Sugar is full of attitude and a desire to win your heart. Stevia wants to connect every second. Caramel looks for your lap every chance he can get. Agave only wants to make your day better and Monk Fruit

is eager to please at every hip hop and happen'n step. and Isla, dear sweet Isla is thankful to be their mama. and also just as thankful to be snuggled up tight against my leg. Our moments ahead with these pups are shortening but our chapters are being added to. So I welcome them all with open arms, a heavy heart but a heart full of love for what's ahead for so many happy families that I'm so happy to be part of their beginnings.


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