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Sweet Pups 6 wks. old

I can't believe these pups are only 6 wks. old! So much has gone on this week with so much growth and progress it boggles me daily on how advanced these Sweet pups are.

'Light bulb' moments happen faster than I can keep track of as they fly off of them every second. Thoughts, ideas and creativity whirling around in their heads is very obvious. Problem solving is happening at a rapid pace and getting better and better every day.

Where's the food, how can I get it quicker, how can I get over this slide more efficiently, over the stairs without embarrassing myself, off this moving contraption of a swing without face planting, how to chew through this rope, how to get my older brothers off my back and how to get the most kibble when they scattered in our area from the heavens. Heaven is good to us.

Lots of amazingly warm weather this week brought lots of playtime outside. Leia and Tonka were very happy to volunteer to play with all the pups. Tonka is doll as ever, letting them climb all over him and gently playing. Leia is testing out her mama skills and showing me how amazingly sweet she'll be with her own pups this summer.

These 2 have been the perfect balance of sweet, rumble tumble, slow, willing, gentle and patient with these pups as they make their transition away from mama and onto other dogs. Lots has been learned and even more is to come.

Visitors, smiles, hugs, kisses, snuggles and playtime were abundant this week. Hearts melted and souls were touched. SO happy to finally share these amazing pups with some of their forever new families. Each one showed their personality, connected to individuals and won over everyone. The reality what's ahead is sinking in for these families. So much love is very close .... and a lot more golden glitter!

The Sweet pups will say goodbye to their Mountain brothers and sisters right around the corner and make yet another transition towards life with their new families.

All these pups are doing exceptional. I couldn't be more happy with their progress. More learning in the upcoming week, more playtimes, more blossoming and plenty more snuggles. A field trip out to the vet office is also coming up for these babes. The Mountain pups did amazing and I expect nothing less out of these 6 darlings.

These photos are post visitors. Completely worn out from the extra playtime.

All the Sweets send their love to each and every one of you as the days tick past. Their families are eager, waiting and can't wait to get their hands on these darlings. For now, I soak up every moment I can with these heart changing creatures. Completely knock me off my feet each time they look up. Time has flown by way too quickly.



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