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Sweet Pups 5 wks. old & NEW PUPS ON THE WAY!

The squishy squashy appearances have now completely faded from all these little faces and more defined big kid real dog looks are plastered all over these confident little mugs. Taking on the wobble board with a glow of achievement, getting right back up after a tumble not skipping a beat and fighting back when a brother or sister suddenly attaches to a tail. 

These Sweets have gained 3 more littermates this week.  

Their nursery got broken down and all 9 pups got combined into one space.  Confidence shot through the roof.  Determination soared. A drive to be just like their bigger brothers and sister was sky rocketing. The crate tower got higher and put into full use this week.  

Each meal is now being fed exclusively in their crates and nap times are getting a little longer every day. Snuggle puppies are making for great nap companions and getting thoroughly scented for their new families. They are doing exceptional with their potty tray training without an accident in site now.  

I now sigh in a moment of gratitude that 'that stage' has now passed.  

My couch potato pups are cooking contently,  my face lickers take their job seriously and my observers keep me guessing all the time.  My middle runners are always under my feet but off playing the next.  I sit in their pile and try to pull in all and any new input they have to give me.  Their time to fly away from me seems to be impending way too quickly.  

The sunshine pulled us out for way more walks, stroller rides,  car rides and field trips this week.  Lap after lap my perimeter property trail got lots of visits.  The bump and jostle of the stroller exposed them more to the life truth that the outside world is not always a smooth ride... but oh so beautiful if you put yourself smack in the middle of it.  The warmth of the hibernating sunshine that I thought had forgotten to wake up came out with a smile and we all smiled back.  Honey grinned,  Agave basked, Caramel melted,  Sugar snuggled,  Stevia romped and Monk Fruit searched for even more warmth.  The natural lighting brought out the hues, under tones and beauty of their darker coats. Caramel, Honey and Monk Fruit are now proudly flashing their Honey colored curls with pride.  Stevia,  Agave and Sugar are sporting white brighter than white.  What a mix. 

Agave got the opportunity to go into town with me on a solo trip and Monk Fruit got his chance the next day. I don't dare to go into town 'real quick' anymore with a pup stuffed in my sling. Oh the attention a wee white ball of fluff attracts! 

Each and every pup got a chance to swim this week.  Do we float?  Do we paddle?  Do we drink this warm water that makes me want to dose off oh so badly? I'm just going to sleep here on your mat until it's my turn,  I don't mind this warm cozy bathroom one bit. No one complained,  no one whined and everyone was very willing to be put through these steps of what do you call it? Early Exposure? The pups seemed to call it the best place to nap. I'm hopeful they will in their spoiled lives ahead, love the water and remember it's a great safe place to be.  

And so the days ahead for these babies will tick past with more tail attaching and trail trekking. One more week with mama and then the transition begins to fly on their own.  Where does the time go?!

And so on that note.. I'm so very happy to announce...>>>>>>>>

That we now have MORE PUPS ON THE WAY! 

Meiko's Spring Baby Birdies ('Birds' - Litter Theme name) are expected to show up late March! So thrilled to get these pups to families that have been waiting for these magnificent babies. Meiko and Silas make drop dead looking pups that are sweet and smiley all wrapped up in one fluffy bundle. This is Silas's retirement litter so I am honored to have one last bunch of pups to pass along of his. CONGRATS to all the Meiko 'Bird' Families!

Here's some photos of some past Meiko/Silas pups

Some adolescents ....

and some young adults....

It was an interesting week of shuffling Meiko and Tonka around within the holding yard to ensure a breeding between these 2 didn't take place. Sad eyes were shot through the fence and Tonka presented his lonely laid back ears to try to get his way. Soon boy soon.

On to lots of NEW Chapters ahead this year that I am ecstatic to take on!


I send out my very best to all my Mountain families, my Sweet Families, My Bird Families and of course each and every other family past, present and future that has been, are currently and will soon be a part of this tight knit furry family. 


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