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Sweet Pups 1 wk. old

Today marks the Sweet Pups 1 week milestone... already. Little toe beans get kissed, squishy bodies get squeezed, fat tiny ears start to airplane outward and my nose gets stuffed into each one at every chance I get. 

All the pups are strong, capable, happy, vocal, healthy and cruising into their 2nd week with vim and vigor. 

Their ENS work continues into this next week and each pup is doing amazing with the handling. Each tiny foot gets a work over, perhaps for the ENS work but perhaps because I'm obsessed with their itty bitty beans. 

Their growth is soaring upward on the charts without a pup lagging behind in the slightest. Packing on the weight everyday giving them that chunky monkey squishy look already. 


They have greeted the sunshine even though they probably weren't clued in in the slightest that they were even outside. Their coat coloring really comes out when the sun hits them.

Caramel led the pack in the darkest coloring with Monk Fruit coming in pretty quick behind. Now little Stevie and Agave look like they are trying to pick up in this department just by a hint. So fun to watch the changes in this coloring day by day. 

To mark their 1 week milestone the sweets got immersed in the beginning of their car/stroller/motion exposure training. By exposing them to motion starting as early as 1 week, it has been documented that pups do a whole lot better long term with their motion sickness that some dogs struggle with. This exposure will continue a few times a week until they go home. 

The trail around the property welcomed us with windows of glorious sunshine so we were able to enjoy our outing a few extra minutes longer even though Isla was not pleased that they were gone. 

Isla has been phenomenal tending to these new little ones. Her demeanor is spot on so I never had a doubt that she would take to these new loves but it's still incredible to watch. I'm taken every litter watching the instincts in these mamas who were so meant to do this. Itching to shift their weight because they have been in one position so long but don't move a muscle fearing they will harm a babe.

Gingerly crawling forward so their nose just touches a lost pup that has wandered off so it can find its way back to the pack. Not wanting to put their 4th foot down thinking there isn't a safe place to do so. and asking ever so kindly if they could be fed their breakfast in bed instead so they don't have to leave their pile of love. It all mesmerizes me. 

So as Honey crawls over agave looking for a cozier spot, Sugar snuggles up contently right next to Agave soaking up the warmth of his brother. The puppy pile is perfect whether it's active and wiggling or quiet, content and peaceful. 

Each pup will get plenty of handling this week and mama will get plenty of extra love. Pups get their nails trimmed every couple of days and mamas get their feet tended to just as much. I sit in their box with them trimming up mamas toe fuzz as she dozes off with me doing so. She couldn't care less as long as she is doted upon.

They always get a full brushing at least once a day if not more just to give them a good itching from the heat of the nursery and to shake off being down and still for so long. They soak up all the extra grooming that gets lavished upon them. Isla smiles up at me constantly letting me know that she is in heaven with her new role. 

So much fresh new energy whirls around the nursery space this week. Tonka always checking in with his girls and doing his rounds.

Squeaks and squeals fill the air and everyone is content and happy. 

Another week flies by.



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