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Reindeer Pups 6 wks. old

Everyone's line between heaven and earth is quite different indeed, but I am really quite certain that 1 thing for sure abides in this line for everyone.. is puppies.

Whether this line is steady or vague, certain or hazy, puppies I'm certain is the one thing we can all agree sits pretty, right on this line, certain and solid, between heaven and earth. There's not much to argue with really when you look in their eyes and your heart skips a beat, your soul flips when you weren't even prepared. You aren't quite ready, 'I'm not there yet', puppies aren't really your thing or you didn't even know you could be stopped in your tracks, flipped and turned by such a wee little floof. Puppies are simply common denominations. They are one of those life altering beings that help construct that line that keeps us all centered and sure.. whether you want them to or not.

I see it happen all the time, that sparkle of what heaven is made of creep out of someone's eyes the second they connect. Someone so strong, quite gruff and a little brusque, melt.. utterly consumed completely unaware get caught off guard from this little bit of heaven. It's all just a front. That's what makes me certain without question that puppies are magic.

This week Blitzen tries to catch up, Donner bats his eyes, Vixen tests out his heart stopping abilities, and Dasher sits solid and pretty. Prancer flips and turns then stops knowing she's cute, Rudolph saunters, Dancer naps contently, and Comet hops and jumps entertaining us all. I sit and get piled on by these beautiful baby sharks making sure I don't move too quickly in fear one will get under foot. They are busy, they are fast, they are consuming my every waking moment but capturing my heart to make up for all the attention they demand.

Many more milestones and skills got conquered this week by these babes.

Food has been separated into individual bowls, fed in a tray at times or at others, in a crate. They learn that they don't have to protect what is theirs and to eat at their own pace. Their weight takes off, their anxiety subsides and their bellies get rounder.

They had their 'last supper' from Meiko Thurs night and conclude the mama chapter. Meiko is grateful for my help in sending these fully capable kids onto their next chapter. She loves them dearly but like any doting mother, she is happy to watch them fly... fly baby Reindeer fly.

Swimming lessons took place this week or what is really only water exposure because who needs to teach a retriever to swim anyway. Yes, 6 wk. Old puppies can swim. Vixen and Prancer were my first volunteers and the look on their eyes was a mix between love and annoyance. Love for the water, the warmth and attention.. annoyance for the time away from their siblings and confusion why they needed this 'exposure' at all. Their heads rest in my hand as their fluffy butts float straight up and they simply think they are being treated to a spa day. I nudge them off and watch them calmly paddle around the tub like they've been swimming many times before. No fear, no anxiousness, just contentment and calmness as they do laps just doing their thing.

Unfortunately the rain rolled in yesterday in sheets forcing me to make the difficult decision to cancel visits for the day. So sorry to everyone that was eager to come in! Playing in the cold and down pouring rain doesn't bring much fun to anyone. The pups stayed cozy and warm tucked into their spaces for the day. I'm crossing my fingers for brighter skies and a touch of warmth again by next weekend. The pups at this point are real little dogs just getting bigger by the day. By next weekend they will pretty much be the same as they are this week, only plumper, more confident and blooming personally in every form possible.

Keeping my focus balanced around here, I took Sola for a boyfriend playdate this week. She's going on 7 mths. From her last heat, which is still vet much within normal range But getting her around additional hormones always aids in speeding up the process. She had a great visit with Silas and with another dam in heat there so we'll see if this helps spark her next cycle. SO excited for Sola and this next litter ahead for her! The families that fill this next litter list are eager to hear any new shift in events. Mother nature always works on its own time but I'm definitely supporting and aiding everywhere possible to get this journey started for oh so many new families ahead.

The week ahead holds the pups field trip out to their 1st baby check up, always such a fun outing for everyone.

Their Volhard puppy aptitude testing is also getting performed next Wednesday which also gives me additional info. On each puppy. Interacting with them each and everyday gives me the most insight on these pups but I take in everything I can to make the best assessment possible in my matching process that is being narrowed down by the day.

They will continue to learn manners and bite inhibition the next 2 weeks. Crate training is well under way and will be completed by the time they go home.

More outings will take place, more swimming will be had, leash training will be started and more alone time will happen. We are definitely in the home stretch from one chapter to the next.

My heart is full, I stop in my tracks, take in the fluff and know those may be close to the end for me and these Reindeer babies but just the beginning for their grand lives ahead with so many phenomenal families I have had the great pleasure to get to know these last few months.


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