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Pups right around the corner!

The days have slowed down around here as Meiko gets her serious waddle legs going on. She is definitely starting to feel her size. These pictures don't even capture half of the size she really is. So hard to get a photo with depth with a white dog and one that is constantly wanting to lay down.

Almost there girl!

She absolutely adores being a mama and I have no doubt whatsoever that the feeling of the days not ticking by quick enough are going to vanish the second she lays eyes on her new pile of squeakers.

Her famous 'smiles for miles' grin is going to come out in full force and will light up the whole room like it always does. Here's some photos of her and her past pups to fill the void for everyone until these current pups actually show up. Look at that smile! 

***PAST PUPS*** Current pups have NOT yet arrived!

The nursery is fully set up and Meiko is nesting just like she should be. Dear Isla looks on asking if these incoming pups are going to be hers. No mama, not these ones. "Don't worry I'll sit with them if Meiko needs a break" so attentive, so aware, so tuned in knowing what's ahead this time. Looking at me and then back at the whelping box as if counting down the minutes that she herself can give her own kisses to these new incoming bundles.

Leia also knows something is up but it's clear she's searching in general and not specifically like Meiko and Isla are doing. It'll be clear very very soon Leia what all this glorious fuss is about when you lay eyes on your whole pile of babes. She's very much on watch for this shift to happen for her and now it's in mother nature's hands. 

Leia is such a beautiful poser girl. Almost each and every photo I have of her are nearly identical. Perfectly perfect.


Tonka 'met' the ocean this weekend, snoozed on the ferry and walked beside me perfectly as we ventured out to start his sequence of health testing this week. Seagulls caught his attention but his focus stayed on me.

Other dogs briefly distracted him but didn't pull him away for a moment.

His calm demeanor and full focus on me personality absolutely was radiating in every direction off this boy every second.

The day started off in sheets of rain but soon opened up and the sunshine warmed the day just enough to smooth the rough edges.

Venturing out again next week to continue this all too important sequence ahead for this magnificent boy.  


Yes, my team and I will have to be all hands on deck tag teaming this upcoming week depending on arrival times of kits, pups, juggling appointments and everything in between.  

I am simply gifted these moments which I take in with welcoming arms of the days mother nature has chosen. So many things are out of my control, it's my job to turn these into something magical. The testing, appointments and everything within my control to a certain extent of course I maneuver, I alter, I carefully plan, precisely decide and execute to the best of my ability.  

Finding this balance of ever so carefully setting up, molding and influencing the future and giving the rest up to the heavens is extremely tricky and a skill I know I'll never perfect but will continually strive to improve.  

The magic of spring has definitely crept in around here in every nook and cranny you can find. The antsy anticipation waiting for new life is as high as it gets right now. 

The magic of new growth has sprung up as the days warm up. Carefully squished rhubarb leaves slowly unfold to these nothing short of magical crinkly wonderous leaves. Daffodils pop up left and right reminding me that magic is everywhere.

The garden has been prepped and now waits for its own magic to happen over the next few months. I'll find the time in between squeaker duty and well.... squeaker duty, to sink seedlings and to tend to spring life in the crevices around here that I've been so blessed with.  

The clock in my house sings out a new bird song every hour reminding me that Meiko's baby *BIRDS* are right around the corner.



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