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Pups 6 wks. old

So much of a dog's life is curated by human expectations and perceptions.

The natural form of a dog's communication has been so lost over time that we need to desperately bring it back. Be aware more of what our dogs need from a natural standpoint and also by removing our expectations of what we've laid upon them.

The problem comes in though, as our modern day culture has evolved so far beyond being tuned in to anything natural, it is so incredibly hard to pick up on these subtle cues that our dogs are sending us every moment of their day. We don't even 'let sleeping dogs lie' anymore. We construct their lives around our needs and don't take a minute to slow down and listen to how that dog is sleeping so we can tune in to what our dog needs next. The human to dog interactions could be so much more efficient if we just remember that 95% of their communication is silent.

Take a minute to stand still in their presence and see how their body moves beneath their skin. How their eyes blink beneath their lashes. How their tail sways or perhaps twitches differently from the day before. Every night as I tuck my dogs into bed, they lower their heads and I put my forehead onto their forehead and we connect for a moment knowing that I have done everything I could that day to fulfill their needs, balance their centers, widen their smiles and lift their step. By doing this alone my center is settled. I pick up one of these darling Flowers and settle it onto my face and feel its skin under my hands relax knowing it can let go and just be. Traditional training methods of communications to conform a dog would simply flow so much smoother if we just listened a little closer, spent less time on commands and more time with just our bodies interacting with these amazing creatures.

Expectations put on dogs to fit a structure is very real and is indeed needed so we can all live in harmony. But where is the harmony if we don't link together. Lost in a fog of edgy lines and ragged trust, fizzled and fumbled anxiety fumed up with frustration trying to communicate in all the wrong ways. Put your dog on a long leash and just watch them move .. then move around them and see how their eyes change.. how their bodies twist. Dance with your dog and tune in to what happens to their desire to follow your lead. I promise you no dog is going to refuse not to dance with you leading to the greater level of communication to build on your bond and trust that you are creating with each other. To some.. to many.. this may seem hocus pocus bogus input but just stop for a minute in our overstimulated world and feel your center unspin.

You can see this in your dog as well if you just give it a moment of your time to just be a dog. Let it show you how they are more than willing to live up to your expectations if only you would give it a chance to exchange how they function naturally the best.

So as so many new puppy parents are on board with me here eagerly awaiting to get this ball of fluff into life, I try to transfer this idea the best I can. The unspoken silent way of communication.... with words.

Families shuffle in this weekend for their 1:1 puppy visits, itching with oozing energy trying their best to contain themselves down to this lower level that I have taught them. Buzzing joy, ear to ear smiles, enthusiastic happiness for all that is ahead.

These fluffy whiter than white Flower pups swarm legs, circle feet and invite themselves into laps left and right. The stories shared at these visits gain detail, depth and add emotion that make what I do a little more filled with love and passion. Knowing that I am fulfilling so many dreams, filling homes, renewing lost placements and adding in unconditional love once again. I am truly blessed to be working with such a great group of families.

Each of these Flower pups are doing extraordinary. This is the most consistent litter I've had to date which is great! It's what I strive for in each litter. To make sure I have everything from health, structure and demeanor all in line way before pups even show up. These pups have shown nothing short of near perfection. It's made my puppy matching process so much easier as the pups that are interchangeable have been higher. The families on board have also been over the top respectful and understanding of my process, trusting me the whole way to point them in the right direction to make sure the right pup ends up in their arms.

This week has flown by with tasks, outings, lessons, exposure and guidance.

Each pup got 2 swimming lessons throughout this week which was a massive hit. They caught on quickly and were soon begging for more laps around the tub. My hope is that by this early exposure they will learn to love the water and grow their confidence by leaps and bounds as time goes on.

Outdoor yard time with the big dogs takes place more and more. They are extremely happy to romp out and about showing off their big kid skills. Their confidence in their footing is through the roof and how they present themselves to the rest of the pack. Tonka watches over ‘his’ babies like a hawk and Isla and Leia are getting the idea that they need to slow down to their level if they are going to be successful at all in playing with these wee little things.

Sola stops on a dime when the pups get close and lets them do whatever they want to her. Meiko is gaining her skip back into her step and playing once again with the other dogs. She is right back at my side like she always is as my die hard shadow.

Once the pups are back in their nursery napping, Tonka crawls into my lap thinking he still fits. He’s such a snuggler, so sweet, so calm. I know, I know, I’ve said this many times before! TOTALLY blown away by him!

Pups go into the vet for their initial head to tail check up next Fri. which at that point they will start to slowly go off to their new homes one by one. Into the newbies arms, into the older couples hearts, into the toddlers firm and secure grasp. Pups are getting quite eager to attach to new families so I have a talk with them daily about how lucky they all are to be going to these incredible people. ‘Not long now babes, not long now’

That's a wrap for this week everyone!!! We all send our very best to all the past, current, and future puppy snugglers ahead!


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