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Pups 5 wks. old

These little puffs of fluffs are all of a sudden walking tumbling fuzzy big dogs. Between the 4th and 5th week they transform from round waddling squishy potato things, to very intentional romping running big kids that look like real life puppies overnight.

Each of them have crossed every milestone I've asked of them at this stage and are sailing onward full speed. I've already done assessments on them and note them as I continue to check off certain traits each day as they arise. This litter is incredibly similar so far though which is great. Every pup is sweet as pie just like their mama.

Crate time lengthens and potty training is perfected. Mealtime is always a hoot of a time and my floor space crawls like moving ants beneath me.

Outdoor playtime takes place more often and their confidence is starting to soar. Climbing up and over their stairs is a game they could play all day if I let them.

The big dogs got a chance to play with the babies a bit this week in pairs. I’m not sure the babies loved it but the big dogs were ecstatic, which cut their play time short!

Tonka Time continues and the pups love every minute he romps with them. Such a love!!! He teaches them to play calmly, to share nicely, to be gentle and when they aren't being gentle he swats them back and they take the hint very quickly. I love watching their interactions.

Look at these interactions! Teaching them so much!

Group visits with each family of these gorgeous pups have now concluded and individual visits start right around the corner. BUSY times around here! But hey, what’s new! The pups of course captured hearts and stole souls. A few new families on my fall/winter lists actually got puppy time this week as well as they came in to visit with the big dogs. BONUS!

I go through my photos of the babies from this week and like to wittle it down to 30-40 for this blog but I’m sitting at 85! These little polar bear pups are winning my heart and stealing every moment in front of my camera.

See?! How can I not just not lie down in there and get mauled all day long with them?!

Yes very much a flood blog of photos. Each 'Flower' has the demeanor to calm a child, to light up a senior, to melt a teenager and steal the heart of everyone.

ok, back to photos.....

Yes I am drowning in cutest in the best way possible!

Sending all my best to everyone!!!!


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