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Pups 4 weeks old & VISITORS!

'To those who know how to listen are the lucky ones that hear their dog speak to them'

It flows off of them all the time, this ability to get their word across in the ways that they know how. The trick is, it's only the people that slow down and truly listen to their dog, that are lucky enough to hear their dog speak to them. If you take the time and put in the effort to actually listen, the bond between you and dog is one that is very difficult to explain to someone who simply has never had the honor of owning one.

I am blessed to be able to help people, families and couples learn how to do this.

Learn how to watch a wiggle, read a tail, listen to a twitch and stop to touch a very deliberate placement of a head or a paw.

Families poured in this weekend eagerly awaiting to get their hands intertwined onto these fur babies. Everyone melted because that's what these little ones do. They teach you to teach them. With a carefully constructed circle of support I am able to guide these brilliant little souls in the right direction so they are able to be set in the path for success ahead. These wonderful Flower Families that have come in have the hearts of gold and their drive to create a new chapter in their lives is as heart warming as it gets.

Thank you for trusting me, each and everyone of you, current and as well as my future fall/winter families... trusting me to create these little furry wonders exactly the way they should be molded. To be able to throw your hands up and give me full trust to care for these pups for you is an honor every moment of my day. Each one of these wee souls belongs to others that I have been blessed to be able to help guide, mold, lead, open up their world with a strong confident hand. So my gratitude goes out to you all as I smash my nose into these furry friends telling them all about how wonderful these new families are and how excited they are to show them the world. New fur friends to meet, new children to greet, new paths to romp on, new hearts to heal and new stories to be created.

Buttercup snuggles, Snowdrop asks for love, Azalea walks around looking for Poppy and where she walked off to. Lily tries to chew Bluebells face off but ends up just leaning into him in the end. Aster finds a cozy napping spot as Rhodi wiggles right up next to him and Petunia plays quietly with Zin. Each pup is blooming everyday into their own little selves. Showing me whos who everyday. I have no doubt that no matter what home these pups end up in, they will be smothered with love to no end.

This week the babes have grown leaps and bounds and are now capable little big kids. Climbing up and down the slide in both directions, chewing on dangling toys like pros and using their potty tray with near perfect skills. Time passes in a blur as I sit in their pen and lose track of time constantly. I watch their fat little tummies come off the ground and transpire into capable tall sturdy walkers. They find a straight line and then catch their foot and flop over sideways with a frustrated bark almost if it's simply laughing it off. They look around to see if anyone noticed and keep trotting onward.

Tonka continues to be an incredible role model for this litter. He slows right down to the speed of molasses with everything he does. Even when he is playing with them, everything is half speed with a soft mouth and slow movements. It's amazing to watch and captivates me all the time for way too long.

The pups are eating in their individual crates now and taking back their food like the mass foodies that these dogs are. They also have started individual time in their crates just to quietly be just to be. The quiet part isn't mastered yet but that's the goal and they will learn this before they go home. Water exposure and swimming starts this upcoming week which is always a huge hit for everyone involved. Outdoor play in the baby area will continue, car rides and stroller adventures will also continue throughout this week. So much to learn. so little time. Sitting on top of mom has been mastered and snuggling into a smash pile is definitely perfected.

The other dogs are all doing great, loving life and romping without a care in the world.

Heat cycle watch continues into the month ahead as this window of time is opening up right around the corner. No shift as of yet but for all those waiting for these next pups into the holiday season, keep reading, keep dreaming, keep following these current pups here and soon, oh so soon your pup will be on the horizon and fur will once again be in your home.

All my best to everyone!


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