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Pups 1st Week

Updated: Apr 7

So many toe beans each one personalized with a distinct splash of pattern on each toe.. an ear folded down a bit more than the next, all the tails vibrating at a competitive pace. Noses a little less pudgy and eyes a little closer to the world welcoming them.  Fat tummies,  strong sturdy legs and squeaks so darling that I'm captivated for hours.

Canary flips , Magpie plows, Wren looks for kisses and Oriole naps.. again.  The puppy pile grows in front of my eyes as tummies get wider and bodies get longer.  All of them have either broken the 2 lb. Mark or are very close to doing so.  The race of growth is very tight.

Their 1st week flew by in a flurry, little wings are emerging in the form of strong capable little legs tucking under them, pushing themselves around the box. Finch gets her toes tickled as she protests her ENS routine.  I adore these moments of ENS work as I sit in their box with them mushing and smashing my nose into smooshy little bodies. Upside down and right side up each babe is perfectly perfect. This ENS work starts their stress and recovery response. Slight stresses are applied and then recovery is discovered seconds Later and they realize they are perfectly fine.  Confidence building starts early around here.

Their eyes are not yet opened but indeed I'm sure it's right around the corner.  Their little radars are buzzing strong though. Oriole naps a little too long and wakes too late only to realize he's the last one up to the milk bar. 

Chickadee calls out, Oriole returns the call and with the team effort and a strong radar,  he's reunited in a matter of a few seconds. Chickadee meets him half way, does a lap around his brother and pulls him closer to where he needs to be. These are the moments that keep me glued to these incredible little beings. Whether it's my dogs or my wee tiny pups,  each one always reminds me to be more like them. 

Mama Meiko is beyond extraordinary and handling her active squeaking squawking pile of furries amazingly. Always carefully choosing her place to lie down and then once chosen her tummy never leaves the floor.  Only scooching if need be to adjust to avoid laying on a pup. Nose reaches out to connect to Raven as he gets turned around.  A snoot boop is all it takes to quickly turn him around. One week down and just like clock work she takes a short nap outside in the sunshine. 

She is now completely at ease in her space and around the other dogs. She trusts her pack and knows she can relax and snooze without any harm coming to her new additions.  Isla jumps in the box to check out the new squeaky toys,  takes a few sniffs and leaves "nope, not mine.  Bye!"

Leia stares very indecisive, trying to figure out if she should stay or bolt back to Tonka. Those 2 have become quite a tight pair lately.  Tonka lays in the tunnel very deliberately hiding and waiting for Leia to come back to find him.  They play this game constantly with each other.  If not hiding in the tunnel, he'll hide behind a stump or in between the fence and a spool.

Once spotted he'll take off in a flash with mad speed darting away before Leia tags him.  It's the best entertainment around! Isla flashes a glance up at me as if asking for my opinion on whether or not I think she should join in on this crazy game of hide and chase. Before I can chime in, Leia flops down on my feet giving Isla's answer for her.. "let's switch Isla"

just when I think Leia is my more playful outgoing girl she is right at my feet looking up at me with her sweet calming eyes slowly bringing me right back to knowing full well that each of them are incredibly tuned in and perfectly balanced. Isla bolts off in a frenzy chasing nothing but pure the pure joy of just the love of running.  As the pups celebrated their 1st week milestone on Thurs. I usually start getting them out in the stroller for rides around the property trail and quick car trips. This early exposure to movement and vibrations has proven to cut down on future motion sickness exponentially. This leaves them only with a love for adventure Ave the thrill of a good ride. These trips out were delayed due to rain, wind and chill but will for sure be put in place in this next week ahead. 

In addition to Isla meeting the pups briefly, the other 3 dogs also got to meet a few of the pups when I had them out for a walk about this week. 'We love new toys!' Is always their response to new babies.  I try to always tuck a babe under my chin, into my coat or slip one into my sling as I do my daily rounds throughout the day.  So many pups so little time.

I take full advantage of every moment, every opportunity to fill any and all opportunities with a new exposure. These first 16 weeks of life for these pups are incredibly important so I capture them all. Filling each day with something new and planning something for the next.  They are like little furry sponges, absorbing everything I throw at them.  Their speed of intake is incredible.  Always looking, always eager, always searching for the next task, the next thing to do.  Once these pups are into their 2nd half of this crucial 16 wk. Window their families will get the great honor of guiding their new pup out into the great wide world to start their new adventures. The weeks ahead will fly by so quickly and before I can blink we'll have families in with noses smushed into fuzzy little warm bodies and the magical energy of these pups will be in full swing. 

The excitement is high and the litter group chat is buzzing with anticipation.

Sending out squeaky love to everyone from Chickadee, Robin, Phoenix, Magpie, Canary, Raven, Wren, Finch,  Oriole and Sparrow. 


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