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Puppies this week!

My heart tries to get attached but I remove myself so it doesn't split, shatter and scatter a million different directions. It's my heart strings that I do not connect from the very beginning.

My feet move forward in effort, shifts and maneuvers to get things handled around energy, around what I know, what I feel is best.

This most recent rehome I handled I was a tough one for me as this was my heart and soul puppy. The boy I poured everything into to get him to a place where he could thrive. The boy where I connected a few of my heart strings to.

I indeed succeeded in getting him to be big, strong and capable. In the end his placement was just not where he was supposed to be. His soulful eyes, his brief wag of his tail showed me the energy was just not right. In all I do for these pups the first 8 weeks of their life, if the placement or energy are off, it just won't work. Unfortunately this was the case this time round. I ran and played with this darling sweet boy for 5 days knowing without a doubt he was going to be just fine. He showed me potential courage, future confidence and such an eagerness for direction and guidance. These early attached heart strings were pulled from a depth they often aren't as these are the ones that I don't usually connect from the get go. This time this was impossible. The time I had with this boy was all I needed to know where he needed to be. Many great families and many great opportunities surfaced in finding the perfect fit for this boy and to all those great families, I thank you immensely for reaching out and offering River a loving home. In the end, he is now gone off to live with his big sweet loving half brother. I know these 2 brothers will bond like no other. He is in a loving, caring and patient home where I know without a doubt he will get the care and attention he deserves from here on out. I look forward to watching these 2 amazing dogs grow up together and have their bond blossom into something I know will be priceless. Take care sweet boy. Be good. Love like crazy.

My focus is now able to switch back just in time over to Sola's Gem babies. The nursery is getting worked in by Sola and sniffed by the other dogs. The altered space settles in as if it were there all along. The dogs know this drill, they live this drill. Sola all of a sudden got big these last few days and is finally starting to feel her weight. She's now gained 18 lbs. So now she is requesting more down time. She is an expert at knowing what she needs. She’s not up for very long before she’s right back down again. You do what you need to do girl.

My daughter (on the left) took X- rays on Tues. She showed us she will be blessing 6 very lucky families with her little potatoes. 6 families get this opportunity to have their heart strings connect to one of these babes that will change their life forever. Only.. 6 families but indeed 6 families get to be blessed. This just shows how mother nature is very much in control and how an opportunity like this should never be just taken for granted. I am honored to be able to bring these next pups into this world and work my magic into their little precious selves.

As I build these pups up and instill confidence, courage, patience and love into them I know these families are on board with great reason, with great dedication and love. I thank you to the Gem families on board. I know you will continue on with what I have started, put into practice what you have learned and will enjoy this life altering little pup like no other.

My additional kennel space is almost completed amongst the commotion of this week. Always growth around here, always improving for what is not only here but for what is ahead. I embrace it all and very much look forward to strengthening what I do and what I passionately love.

My dogs brought a light this week like they always do but I needed them the most these last few days. They brought entertainment, humor, a break in a heavy moment and a laugh to the surface. They love their sand day to day but when it's in a huge pile, oh wow what really could be better! There was extra sand brought in so it is being dispensed into the main yard. Leia turns upside down and slides down the pile on her back like it's a snow drift. Silly girl. Meiko of course is smiling from ear to ear kicking up sand in every direction. Isla is as happy as a clam working her toes into the pile hoping I'm sure it plans to stay. Sola tests this new game out but mostly flops off to the side contently watching the others romp and roll. I think at this point she’s beginning to think she would like to meet these babies now.

I take it all in and let them lift my heavy heart and get it back on track to where I know it needs to be. They are good like that. They are my balancers without even knowing it, without having to do anything directly. I love them for this.

Isla got a hose bath this week when the sunshine came out and the heat dried her quickly. The other dogs will have to wait for another day. Her fur is fluffy as ever and glowing in the light. What a beautiful girl!

The kittens are 2 wks. Old and looking a bit more like kittens and less like weird little smooshy mice. Oh so sweet oh so tiny and darling.

I’m ready for the warmth to show up along side these Sola pups. The days tick by as we monitor Sola’s progress. Her temp today is solid and steady meaning she still is just in ‘bake’ mode. I’m so incredibly eager to meet these beautiful 6 little potato babies and introduce them to you all. As they go home over July 4th weekend I know without a doubt that these families so anxiously waiting their arrivals will be in a state of bliss that weekend. They will have their first parenting challenge upon them immediately protecting them from the evening fireworks. With education on board, tender loving care, and their litter group support team members, I know they will do fabulous. By late summer they will be ready to hit the trails running as big kids. You couldn’t ask for better timing of a litter! Now we wait… wait for these little nuggets to show up happy and healthy. Soon little Gems soon.


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