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Puppies puppies puppies!

My downtime around here is never that long, but really what kind of 'downtime' can one really have anyway when you own 5 dogs!

I was soaking up every minute of this 'downtime' because I knew a shift was in the air.

Sure enough, with the turning of the leaves and a new chill to the air... a new page has been turned, well a couple... ok a few!

Big news all around!

Let me fill you in...

Behind the scenes here, I made some 'magic' take place this week. Careful arrangements were laid forth, testing and health checks were cleared, many hours and miles were clocked on the road and dreams are currently being lit up like Christmas trees.

It is with great excitement that I bring you the ecstatic news....

Sola puppies are now on the way!

Of course confirmation in 3 wks. Will take place, but for now we celebrate as if these pups are a set reality. This is the only way I live my life.

New wee life is again going to fill our space through this holiday season ahead and give these months more joy, more love and more to look forward to as we jump into the new year. The beginning of Dec. will start new chapters in stories for so many families ahead. I am happy and eager to help write them into their lives. Older dogs waiting for a young friend to share space with and to teach the roles to, young children take on the opportunity to meet their very own new furry best friend as the holiday festivities swirl around them. Single souls looking for a lone companion to be by their side as they scale up mountain tops and bank endless hours together creating priceless memories together. Christmas puppy visits for so many!

My 'Mountain' Litter. Sola pups were meant for great things, to go far, to climb high. My big blocky stunning Sola pups will claim their 'Mountain' names with pride. Can't wait to meet you little Andes, Shasta, Mckinley and more!

My Sola girl has been an extraordinary dog, an exceptional mama, and the very best addition to my pack around here. Her joy of life brings laughter to my days and always a smile to my face. Her big floppy goofy self lifts anybody up that comes to meet her. Her pups have followed in her footsteps and I very much look forward to meeting more of those gorgeous giant paw babies ahead.

My darling Isla girl.... has shifted as well! I don't usually announce this step at this point just in case of a false alarm (it does happen) but with so much excitement in the air I thought I'd let you all know. Breeding will take place next week but again, I'm already celebrating as if these 'sweet' pups were already a set reality!

I knew she wasn't that far behind as when you have girls live together long enough they often sync up. SO many Christmas babies ahead!!! Calling off all my Christmas plans that I had in place....oh wait, I don't have those! My dogs, my dogs are always my plans, and of course 'my families'. My many amazing families that I have the honor to work with.

This litter is well over 2 years in the making and very much anticipated by many. I myself am getting a touch antsy to meet these glorious little honey nuggets! They are going to be drop dead gorgeous. Isla has grown into an astonishing girl who I am extremely proud to have here in my program. My 'Sweet' Litter. Can't wait to meet you my sweet little Sugar, Honey, Caramel and more!

Yes, there's more!....

My Leia girl has ALSO joined this trend of shifting, adding to the energy around here. Syncing up is definitely a thing. The energy of girl dog hormones swirls around my head like snowflakes in January!

I will not be breeding Leia this go round but whoever is following this perfectly perfect stunning girl, she will be bringing pups to us this upcoming spring for anyone who is interested. Her pups have already started to be claimed, which is no surprise as these pups are going to be knockouts. She has an incredibly strong pedigree, top notch health Clearances, a sweet endearing personality and looks to die for. I have a special outside stud lined up just to compliment her and her pedigree for this upcoming priceless litter. I'm over the moon excited to see what she brings us.

Then we have Meiko, she's currently enjoying herself mingling and romping with the other girls, taking some time off from pups. I anticipate her shifting in the upcoming months ahead to fill some more homes with those gorgeously perfect Smiles for Miles pups that Meiko has perfected.

Last but not least,

Tonka.... yes, he's been a VERY happy boy this week! haha! Smiles ear to ear every moment of his day. The week started off with slight hesitation in his step and wavering confidence, but that did not last long. He has been phenomenal to have alongside my last 2 litters to show the wee pups the way, teach routines, how to share well, and how to go about dog life in a calm, collected manner. Now it was Sola's turn to take the lead and take this young boy under her wing. She's older now and has experience in 'dancing'. The music got cranked up, the instructor was ready to teach and the 'dance' steps were taught. It was incredible to watch this partnership between these two go from a slow shy hesitation to following a strong lead and gaining confidence by the hour in the steps that were being laid out before him. I at least find it fascinating. Yes, instincts are strong in dogs but they vary dog to dog and their 'job' isn't always clear to some. Tonka was very clear, very quickly! But he had a great teacher which I now see is also priceless.

'Classes' got shortened, the young eager student got separated and sad eyes got shot like lasers through the fence. Sorry boy! not yet.

"Leia?", "Isla"? haha. Tonka's separate side yard is going to obviously be used a bit more in the weeks ahead. Didn't you all want to know about the 'dancing' that is had around here??!!

Tonka continues to show me in more ways than one that having him here is priceless. Not only for his job ahead but in the way he knits all the girls together. I sit for hours watching the dynamics of my pack and how each one of them add to the moments at hand. Tonka's calming presence brings everyone to a balanced state of being. In times of craze, he grounds and waits for the girls to balance. It's incredible. He gives a kiss to a fly by and a lean to a near sleeper. Every night he crawls into my lap as the twinkle of our yard lights fill these new dark evenings. He looks up at me "I've got the girls, don't worry" I've never quite met such a solid soul, an in tuned dog with awareness for miles. A sweetness and calm demeanor that blows me away. His dad was apparently like this, a step above, an extraordinary dog. I now know without a doubt Tonka will also pass this trait on to his future pups of being endearing, sweet, calm and a healing soul dog. Not every breeder keeps their stud on property as it can add in added dynamics that at times can be tricky to manage, but I couldn't imagine this boy living anywhere else. What he brings to the pack here is way more beneficial than anything else. Whatever may come in the future, we will adjust as needed without a doubt.

I very much look forward to continuing to watch this boy create his set place with his girls and to meeting his very own pups ahead.

So as we juggle these added pack dynamics this week, we give plenty of love to everyone as they all find their new groove in what's ahead. New roles, new titles, new chapters and new stories. So many pages turn over as I watch blank pages being filled with excitement, new plans, perhaps some nerves, but more so with dreams, wishes and hopes. I am blessed.

So many life changes ahead for so many. I will do my very best to support, educate and guide you through it all. Life is always changing. We accept, we assess, we alter and change when and what we can, we love, we change accordingly to what is presented around us, we adjust, refocus and accept again. It's a constant process that's always moment to moment. These chapters ahead are nothing other than this. I take a breath, I welcome it all and embrace it with open arms.

I am grateful for each of these moments, every family, every detail, every day that I get to continue to pass along these wee 'golden glitter producers'.

The months ahead are going to fly by as the hustle and bustle around here have very much kicked into high gear.

I send out my very best to you all as you dream of these little 'golden glitter producers' filling your home very soon.

Congrats to many!


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