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Patience is a virtue

Patience may be a virtue..

But given the pace, uncertainty, and intensity of life these days, I don’t think I’m alone in the struggle to be patient. We live in an intense, fast-paced world. Everything is about speed, scale, and execution. Instant gratification has been engrained into our society at an extreme level.

Slowing down has never been a strength of mine in my life. Yet I strive towards this everyday. I try to live it, soak in it, teach it and practice it daily.

Patience to allow things to be as they are and trusting that things will unfold exactly as they are meant to.

(Sola as a young pup being patient for miles, at peace, fully content)

While taking deliberate action and being proactive are essential, finding balance is highly and critically important. In my life, I often live on the side of action and focus, but slowing down to strengthen the patience in my life is priceless to my well being.

Patience shows up in our movements. We much too often move with frenetic energy and tension without mindful awareness. It's definitely a learned movement that one has to focus on daily. So much of what I strive towards my dogs teach me constantly.

Patience is a virtue. Acceptance is key. Attitude in the midst, for what is, for what is ahead and what is truly meant to be.

As I sit here, Isla stares at the hundreds of leaves that still are clinging to their last hope of staying on their branch before they get munched up. Letting go of that frenetic energy I speak of and just waiting. Tonka lays on top of the spool having endless patience like I've never seen in a dog. Meiko leans into my leg not even giving patience a thought in the world. She is at peace. The others all have a soulful thought floating out to one another feeding off of everything around them. And we sit patiently wether we like it or are good at it or not. It's a choice.. a dedicated deliberate focused movement.

(Isla as a young pup practicing her patience)

And all the dogs move, deliberately in the right direction, their direction. The air is definitely shifting as the air turns cooler and the sharp breeze blows through the yard. I tighten up my zippers.

My garden is tired and yearns to be put to bed. 25 pumpkins are harvested for the dogs and given away to many. The lemon cucumbers continue to be backed daily depleting the spread. Everything else gets dried and put away. Fall is upon us making us practice our focused patience for what's ahead. I am at peace.

I always welcome and am ready for shifts around here at any moment. As Leia smashes into my leg as she whirs past she shifts her own air space and adds entertainment for hours. Sola is darling looking up forward and backwards at all times.

And my sweetest Tonka.. my grounder, my one that does his rounds checking on everyone and slowing everyone down. He continues to teach us so much everyday especially for his young age. Be mindful. Be thoughtful. Be centered enough to ooze influence.

A truly astonishing dog.

Speaking of astonishing dogs.... I had the honor this weekend to meet up once again with a bunch of my astonishing dogs and their humans for an end of summer bash. The dogs were entertaining and lovely but the company around us in my extremely special families was priceless.

I've been blessed with this great group of people whom I've had the amazing opportunity to not only work with but to continue to be part of their lives, hearts, time and space. From Gentle giant Finian to little building confident Jerry, to the rambunctious brothers that pestered their littler sisters to no end. Each one has a special place in my heart for different reasons. Homemade dog snacks were shared, human food got mixed up with the dog treats, pumpkins got passed out and drinks were shared amongst everyone. The rain around us had little power over our time and lost its battle as we continued sharing our afternoon. Our gatherings always win my time and easily slip into being a priority on my calendar.

What an exceptional day. As the air turns cooler and a bit less friendly towards gatherings, I'm not sure when another meet up will take place but I'll keep everyone in the loop as always.

Under another roof, 2 wee flowers reunited and had their own romp fest at their own speed. Still growing gaining strength and confidence, they teamed up and shared what they do best, their romp and rolls. Their humans ever so kind to transport them to each other, your welcome wee ones. Not a bad day to watch the rain come down, have some drinks with good friends and have 'the kids' continue to share sister time. Thank you so much for sharing the days photos.

I focus on my families ahead and how each of them has a story, details, eagerness, heart ache and desire to fill a dream. And again, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to add to their stories.

I think of Yona and the fur friend ahead. Sammy up in heaven not being replaced but a new soul being added to an exceptional family.

Emily's kiddos once again having a new best friend to love. Laurie's Goldens teaching a new baby, Rocky and ladybird also taking on this role each in their own way. They'll rock their roles.

I think of my patience as eagerness creeps into my thoughts.

I can't wait to see Delaney mold her new fur friend into the best therapist ever. They will go so far. Young toddlers, teenagers, young adults away in college, and many more. These pups are going to steal hearts, fill souls, refill empty beds, soothe nervous hands, touch unsure fingers, and wiggle themselves into lives that are just waiting to add these new chapters into.

And so now we sit back practice our patience, have faith for the plans ahead. Trust the process for what is meant to be exactly the way it has been laid before us.

All the dogs are smiles from ear to ear. They are strong and mighty as they tear after each other trying to connect to the next ones tail. I bring them hot rice and beans from the house, added broth, mama boosting vitamins and endless vegetables. They are thriving. I enjoy every minute of them spinning their energy around me, demanding their head under my hand, more scratches, more rubs, more snuggles.

I try to be this octopus mama trying to fulfill each of their demands as they only lead with their hearts. One by one slowly, patiently they listen for their name to be allowed back into their warm and cozy abode. Sola comes, Tonka waits, Leia comes Isla waits, Meiko waits, Tonka is beckoned, he listens with brilliant awareness. Meiko and Isla come on first gesture and are lightening fast to please. My pack is in unison, strongly knit, feeding off of each other and highly in tune to what is asked of them.

For what is behind us and for what is ahead, I send my best to you all. Enjoy the leaves falling, the time on a chilly patio and the vision of a new chapter hopefully being written oh so soon ahead.


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