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Pack dynamics continue

Days are flying by and the dogs jump from one day to the next entertaining my moments and before I know it, another week is gone in a flash.

My pack dynamics continue this week and crazy antics carry on with having 3 girls in heat at once! Frolicking turned to romping, romping turned to drive and drive turned to obsession. Oh the lovely dynamics within a pack. Every dog got plenty of one on one time as they rotated between pens. I lowered energy levels and smoothed out antsy edges.

Moods swung and everyone got thoroughly annoyed with what was whirling around them. Leia's mood went down, Isla's went up and Sola's went way up. Meiko got caught in the middle and didn't really know what to do with herself. Tonka knew exactly what to do with himself! How's the separate side yard treating you boy?!

We're right in the middle of Isla's breeding week, once again miles being clocked and hours on the road being banked. The dark early mornings surround us with pouring rain, falling leaves and the quiet of the wee hours of the morning. Isla travels marvelously and is content as a clam to just be with me. Isla is doing exactly what she's suppose to. By next week we'll have completed breedings and hopefully have bushels and bushels of little golden glitter producers on the way!

In the meantime as our week rolls on, Tonka continues to stick to Isla like glue (just like he should) and tries to annoy her constantly. "Please put him away!" His attention shifted this week (again, just like it should) from Sola to Leia and now over to Isla, exactly like clockwork.

Sola is doing terrific and just never skips a beat. Happy go lucky, loves everyone kinda girl. We'll confirm her pregnancy via ultrasound in another couple of weeks.

Leia cracks me up as she flops over on one of the spools and pouts. She says no thank you no please no thank you to this big girl stuff. From every angle she shoots me a look to take away this moment she crossed from one chapter to the next.

My Tonka continues to do his job all while being more and more aware of his surroundings and what he has to do moving forward. He checks in with me constantly to see if I'm going to sit down in this pouring rain so he can crawl into my lap.

His furry chest mane is growing in with eager urgency and is obviously going to be a showcase for him. He sits and throws back his head in a way already that I have no doubt that he knows very well how handsome he is growing up to be.

Double nursery prepping is already taking place as added extras are going to be needed. Crate shuffling, nursery gates and spaces expanded. Creative rearranging of my nursery space is being laid out and planned to be re organized to accommodate some extra little ankle biters ahead. We will be ready with an all in mentality!

With dog dynamics this week, family dynamics also get juggled, shifted, tended to and taken care of along the way. Oh the balancing act of it all. I am aware, I note and then go with the flow. I accept it all and am grateful for every moment.

I very much look forward to having closer and more frequent communication soon with the families I have on board for these next 2 litters ahead. It'll be a spectacular lead up to the holiday season that will hold nothing but joy and cheerful smiles all around.

More pages have turned, more chapters have finished and great moments are ahead for stories to go down in history.

All my best everyone!


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