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NuVet Supplements and lots of rain!

The desperate rush of the gutters, the mysterious depth to the blacktop, the sheets of endless rain creeping amongst every plant and every building around here brings in what fall is really all about here. We all welcome it for many reasons and purposes, the cleansing aspect, the freshness, the changing of times. The smoke is diminished bringing a sigh of relief to so many.

My dogs don't mind the rain really, as long as I'm out there.. that's where they want to be as well. They shake all over me of course thinking that sharing is the best thing ever. I open the double doors to their house and they lay there watching the sheets of this endless rain drive into their yard as if it's trying to uproot everything that once was. They look up at me as if to say 'what is it thinking? It's not going to work' I smile down at them telling them that they are too smart for their own good.

The retrievers have been bred to love the water but they also have an incredibly strong will to stay cozy and warm beside a leg or on the edge of your couch. Such a toss up in their heads I'm sure between ingrained instincts and daily desires of faithfulness and loyalty. It runs thick and they follow through with both in the most beautifully balanced way. I let them be dogs and support both these aspects of these traits as balanced as I possibly can. I run with them through the puddles through the down pours and hours of endless sheets of fall moments. I also have stacks of towels, a really good high velocity blow dryer (flying pig) a good heater and the dedication and (always tested) patience to devote to all of this.

There's nothing more healing really than a good romp with your pup and the added extra energy of 'a little moisture'. So as the weather of WA is now upon us in full swing, my hope is I'm able to condition your new pup ahead to the best of my ability so they aren't really phased by the 'cats and dogs' outside or the hours on end that they 'have to' spend gazing out at the squirrels scampering around frantically looking for their last stash before they get swept away. Again looking at me as if to say 'it isn't going to work is it?' Ha! Again too smart doggies. 'Can I help them?' I chuckle as I see it in their eyes, trying to pull a fast one on me. Not going to work girls.

All this rain also brought in the wind. I hope everyone fared ok. We lost power for a day but we have a generator that kicked in to keep all the heaters running for those that don’t understand that a little chill doesn’t hurt anyone. I need the heaters for the newborn pups so we are set with all our winter routines for the babes ahead. Trees came down but my apple trees were spared and the horse fence barely got clipped so this time we got lucky. Most of the time it’s just mass loads of leaves covering the ground like the earth doesn’t exist. Into the winter we go but with fresh new upcoming life on the horizon it makes what’s ahead a little sweeter.

I have an exciting new addition to my program here that I am finally ready and eager to share. This is out of character for me but this is something that I feel is very important especially in this breed to implement into your growing dogs diet. These are big dogs and grow so very fast so after talking to many of my breeder friends I have finally decided to take it on here as well.

I been using this product for quite some time and am now excited to share the benefits of this product with you all.

All of our dogs here are on both NuVet Plus & NuJoint Plus.

We also will be using Nu-Vet plus powder on all our litters of puppies moving forward. It supports and strengthens their growth as their bodies are growing at a rapid rate the first year of life and will continue to do so in their years ahead.

Also, the transition for a pup from us to you can be stressful. This product sets them up to make this transition easier for you. I used this powder on Trooper recently and his digestion and transition was a lot smoother and easier than any of my other past litters of pups I’ve moved onward. So incredibly tickled!

Since starting to use this product our dogs and pups have gained a stronger immune system, improved behavior, better skin and coat health, more stable digestion system every day, and much more.

Once we started using the Joint supplement we noticed that our dogs were having better bone development, had quicker recover to minor strains, a stronger more balanced structure and I know without a doubt will have higher/better testing results in the future. A win win for everyone!

I’m always used vitamins and Glucose supplements on my dogs but this is the first product that I’ve believed in enough to share with you all. I’m ecstatic to see the results of these products over the next few years ahead as my dogs mature and your pups get on their way with stronger more stable systems and structures as they grow.

It is my hope that you as well will implement these supplements into your dog’s diet and you will also notice the huge benefits to having these on board!

You can find all this info. through my website

or online Make sure to use my discount code #521409 when ordering.

So excited to share this product with you all! 💕

So speaking of my dogs!!! Everyone is happy, cruising along, loving life, making the best out of all this rain and at times tearing up their pen at rocket speeds.

Sola always looking so regal and queen like, Meiko being clingy as ever more and more each and everyday and the younger dogs ripping around as if to make a track around the whole pen permanently.

Sola looks calm and content one moment and then is flipped on her back the next, biting at her tail for no reason whatsoever other than just to make me laugh.

Meiko, mama to be is on my leg constantly asking for love and/reassurance. Sola tries to tussle her up and she gives in here and there but then finds her way right back to my side pretty quick.

Isla and Leia are filing in and out a bit more everyday and turning heads left and right. SO itchy to get these girl’s on the books to finish up their health testing at the beginning of this next year! I am hopeful that this year ahead will bring nothing but amazing memories for so many, success at every turn, more than enough extra fluff to fly around and oodles and oodles of wet sloppy puppy kisses for so many lucky families.

Meiko’s most recent ultrasound shows ‘bubbles’ of pups even though it’s quite hard to see. She is booked in for her puppy count x-rays at the end of this month so we’ll see if those little babes will cooperate enough to get a good count then.

Christmas is so right around the corner and the vibe is definitely in the air as I notice more and more stores are filling their shelves with elves, stockings, ornaments, and trinkets everywhere. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to fill some of this Christmas holiday time with many of you, sharing the joy of wee new pups soon to be yours.

By next week I should have more belly pics. to share with you all as we are currently right on the edge of this growth spurt.

Take care everyone, stay dry, stay safe, stay warm and cozy.


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